phpTube - Video Sharing Platform

phpTube - Video Sharing Platform

phpTube is a PHP script that helps you create a Video Tube community site similar YouTube. ( witch is also the remote source of users videos in the current version it [ 1.0 ] )

A phpTube community user starts publishing videos from his YouTube channel ” or any video that they liked on youtube “ and see the comments about that video on his activity feed. He also can discover what other users who he follows are watching in the current moment.


Admins Features :

  • Set welcome videos for login page.
  • Manage Users Videos ( View, Edit, Suspend or Delete Videos ).
  • Themes System (No PHP required and easy to understand system) – Activate or Deactivate themes from Admin Dashboard.
  • Multi-Language System multi language platform with one file translation.
  • Set the Default Home Page for users [ Activity feed, Profile page, All Videos or Last Video page ].
  • Enable / Disable. Video Monetization for users .
and more…

Users Features :

  • News Feed (Friends Activity): displays videos posted by friends, friends comments and replies on community videos.
  • Profile (Public Profile): Displays your public videos, comments and more…
  • Notifications Center: Get notifications (red notification with counter) from your friends when they: Comment your videos, Or reply to your comments and replies.
  • Emoticons (smiles) in Video Comments and Replies.
  • Ads Banner / Slot Ability to add your banner ad code to all your Profile Videos.
and more…

Demo Credentiasl

Admin User :

  • Username : phptube
  • Password : phptubepassword

Regular User :

  • Username : JohnDoe
  • Password : alex

Demo Link :


  • PHP >= 5.6.4
  • MySQLi Extension
  • GD Library
  • CURL Library