phpStatistics - Social Tracking Tool for Twitter, Twitch & YouTube

phpStatistics - Social Tracking Tool for Twitter, Twitch & YouTube

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phpStatistics is an online social tracking tool that gives you the extraordinary ability to track unlimited accounts from different social networks ( Including YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Twitch, Tumblr ) including day by day tracking, premium accounts, top lists, favorites system and a beautiful and complex admin panel that you can manage the whole website with. It also comes with a Paypal and Stripe payment gateway so that your users can purchase benefits from your website.

Instagram tracking will be removed from this platform, please check out my other product -> phpAnalyzer for a more advanced system that handles Instagram as well after the changes done to the instagram api

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phpStatistics Demo
Username: admin
Password: admin


  • Check out the demo for a full feature list
  • Paypal Gateway: PayPal ready for your users to buy stuff from you  :)
  • Stripe Gateway
  • Youtube Tracker: Track detailed statistics about your Subscribers, Videos and Views count day by day
  • Twitter Tracker: Track detailed statistics about your Followers, Following and Tweets count day by day
  • Twitch Tracker: Track detailed statistics about your Followers, Views count day by day
  • Tumblr Tracker: Track detailed statistics about your Posts count day by day
  • Live Social Counter: Live Followers/ Subscribers counter for any accounts on the website
  • Pro Accounts Subscription based on Credits
  • Future Projections: Get future projections for any account on the website, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube..etc
  • Top 10 Lists for every Social Network: Get a detailed list view of the best accounts you are tracking
  • Facebook Login / Registration for users accounts
  • Instagram Login / Registration for users accounts
  • Favorites System: Any logged in account can keep track of their favorite accounts listed on the website
  • Responsive Design: Perfectly working on any screen size
  • Clean and modern design
  • Evolution Charts Statistics
  • Cron Job available for keeping the stats updated
  • many more..
  • Admin Features

  • Automatic Payment System: Earn money with packages sold through points ( Paypal )
  • Custom Pages: Easy add / edit / delete custom pages directly from the admin panel.
  • Users Management: View, Edit, Activate / Disable, Delete Users
  • Links Management: View, Edit, Delete Links
  • Dynamic Titles: Each page has a dynamic title, with the option to change your websites name
  • Analytics Ready Just enter your analytics tracking id and you’re ready to go
  • 4 Ready Adspots
  • reCaptcha: Setup your recaptcha directly from the admin panel
  • Multi Language System: Easy 1 file translation
  • Statistics with Charts: Great overall and monthly statistics
  • Complex Settings Controler: A lot of admin settings possibilities for your website and api’s implementations.
  • Reset option for each of the account sources and logs

  • and many more.. please check the demo


    Please read the whole documentation along with the readme at phpStatistics Docs
  • Recommended VPS Hosting: DigitalOcean
  • Recommended Domain Names: NameCheap
  • Disclaimer

    Please read this carefully in order to understand. This is a tracker which uses different API’s to get the data for the user (youtube, twitch..etc ) and has the possibility to track data for any user after it has been added to the database with the CronJob functionality. Each of the API has the possibility to break, change, deprecate, disable or ban you at any time depending on the companies ( twitter..etc ) and I have no control and take no responsibility for this matter. Refunds due to mentioned API problems that might occur used within the script is not viable.

    This script is in no way affiliated with, authorized, maintained, sponsored or endorsed by Twitter, Twitch, Tumblr, YouTube or any of its affiliates or subsidiaries.


    Update 2.3.2 – 24 April, 2019
    - Cronjob bugfix on some cases where it would not check properly users
    - Improvements on dropdowns look and behaviour

    Update 2.3.1 – 12 December, 2018

  • Fix PayPal payments not being inserted into the database bug
  • Store page now only shows the payment methods which are available
  • Now the no funds error message when user is trying to purchase is more friendly and displays as an info message
  • Bugfix on Pro users not getting removed after the Pro due date
  • Update 2.3.0 – 30 October, 2018

  • Replaced the packages system ( premium and no_ads ) with a new Pro Account mode which a user can purchase as a subscription ( a month or a year )
  • Price of the Pro account per year / month can be changed from the admin panel
  • Added Pro Accounts only features ( to be selected from the admin panel )
  • New page to access and purchase the Pro Membership
  • Added Possibility to send a notification to a Pro user when the plan is coming to an end to make sure he has enough points in the account
  • Redesigned Dashboard for logged in users
  • Admin User Edit now able to make a user Pro and set their expiration date
  • Menu small changes to improve the look
  • Added Logo Uploader in the admin panel
  • Added Paypal Mode switcher in the admin panel ( sandbox or live )
  • Paypal checkout experience improved to be more specialized for Digital Products checkout
  • Update 2.2.0 – 29 September, 2018

  • Admin dashboard menu redesigned
  • Enabled login via Username OR Email ( not just username like previously )
  • Added another chart for the admin statistics page
  • Visual improvements on certain parts
  • Update 2.1.1 – 7 July, 2018

  • Improved overall security of the script
  • Update 2.1.0 – 4 July, 2018

  • Added CSRF Protection to all the logged in forms.
  • Optimized a lot of logs querying and improved speed on the reports
  • Removed the IP logging of the user
  • Added the option for the user to delete his account ( the script is now GDPR compilant )
  • Fixed some problems with fb and insta login
  • fixed some small errors in live checking page of twitch and youtube
  • The user can now see all the data that the script is storing and delete it any time ( GDPR Compilant now )
  • Small phpMailer change to the charset encoding to UTF-8
  • Update 2.0.2 – 17 June, 2018

  • Fixed bug when sometimes when you logout of one tab and try to access previous pages, it would redirect infinitely.
  • Fixed potential recaptcha problems from old versions
  • Update 2.0.1 – 27 May, 2018

  • Fixed bug where you could not access the sources admin panel settings
  • Fixed bug where the favorites would not show up when selecting a source
  • Update 2.0.0 – 26 May, 2018

  • Added Future Projections – Implemented future projections based on average values of that specific account. Implemented in all the sources ( instagram, twitter..etc )
  • Redesigned admin experience
  • Reworked overall feel and look of all the pages outside of the logged in accounts.
  • Account Settings Page Reworked
  • Added the possibility for the user to change his Username
  • Whole Passwords System reworked
  • Admin User Edit – Now it will show that specific user’s transactions, if any
  • Admin Dashboard Page Reworked
  • Admin Statistics Page Reworked
  • Admin Pages Page Management Reworked
  • Bootstrap upgraded to 4.1.0
  • FontAwesome upgraded to 5
  • Admin Panel Pages Management – now they won’t strip html tags causing things to not work properly once custom html is inserted.
  • Many bugfixes on the overall product
  • Update 1.6.3@ 2 April, 2018
  • Fixed problem with cronjob where sometimes it would add new logs instead of updating the current ones, problem caused due to different dates between mysql server and actual server.
  • Update 1.6.2@ 18 April, 2018
  • Fixed access problem for logged in users where they would not be able to access basic stats if they did not have premium account.
  • Update 1.6.1@ 13 April, 2018
  • Instagram API Change: Since Instagram’s public api is getting shut down and it is not reliable anymore, I changed the way the stats are gathered for instagram accounts.
  • Update 1.6.0@ 12 April, 2018
  • Big Performance Optimization – mysql querying performance increase. This was done and tested with over 500.000 logs and users in each of the sources ( twitter, instagram..etc ). After the improvements, the increase in speed is over 90-95%
  • You can now see the last online date of each user in the admin panel
  • New admin page – Extra Settings where you can reset / delete logs and accounts
  • Small code improvements, clean ups and translation fixes
  • Update 1.5.3 @ 22 March, 2018
  • Fixed Facebook Login issue with the new Facebook Login Strict URL Announcement
  • Update 1.5.2 @ 15 March, 2018
  • Fixed some potential issues with the CronJob processing file
  • Update 1.5.1 @ 14 March, 2018
  • Remade instagram checks for the new Instagram API changes
  • Update 1.5.0 @ 8 March, 2018
  • Fixed the order of the latest logs for all sources available ( previous it would show first 15 insted of last 15 Descending )
  • Added Premium badge in the account’s sidebar if the account is premium
  • Added more style to the favorites page and also added a total amount of numbers for each Source
  • Improved overall look of all the charts available
  • Fixed small bug where the end date would not display the current day’s log in the Detailed Stats Page of the User
  • Update 1.4.2 @ 3 March, 2018
  • Improved mobile experience on the index page ( Search submit button was added when on mobile and it is more responsive now )
  • Fixed some possible issues with the timings of the users checks ( very important to update for a more exact timing on the logs )
  • Added tumblr to the cron job
  • Fixed cron job timing checks
  • Update 1.4.1 @ 22 February, 2018
  • Fixed some potential bugs in the resend activation page and lost password page
  • Update 1.4.0 @ 18 February, 2018
  • Instagram login implemented
  • Improved admin panel workflow
  • Improved code performance
  • Small fixes on template ordering and structure
  • Update 1.3.1 @ 9 February, 2018
  • Fix for some Tumblr users who don’t have a title
  • Fix for some instagram private profiles
  • Update 1.3 @ 2 February, 2018
  • Tumblr added fully
  • Added CronJob possibility ( check documentation for a more indepth understanding )
  • Upgraded bootstrap files
  • Update 1.2 @ 19 January, 2018
  • Top 100’s for every source added
  • YouTube users can now be searched by their channel name ( after it’s been added to the database, it won’t work if the channel name you are trying to search is not already added )
  • YouTube user’s are now having their names in the title instead of the channel id
  • Fixed facebook registration bug
  • Fixed issue with views numbers for Twitch and Youtube, if views are higher than 2 billion
  • Update 1.1 @ 15 January, 2018
  • Stripe Payment Gateway Added
  • Removed the requirement of mysqlnd ( mysql native driver ) due to refactoring of the code
  • Fixed some permissions issues
  • Added extra checks and notifiers for different situations
  • Fixed a few small visual problems
  • Removal of a lot of things that are not useful / used. ( Code cleanup )
  • Updated Google Analytics system code
  • More stability improvements
  • by