phpST - Schedule your Tweets on Twitter

phpST - Schedule your Tweets on Twitter

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    phpST – is a Platform where you can easily manage your scheduling for all your Twitter accounts in one place. It helps to send messages, events, news and so on.
It will be appreciated the ease of handles: set the tweet status, choose a photo if want one, set the publish date and your status will be displayed depending on schedule.
Your status will be tweeted according to the schedule, whether or not you are logged into your account. While you relax, your “partner” works for you. All is so easy…!

Post at the exact time
Never be stuck for Twitter to publish a specific time. With phpST, write the message to publish on Twitter, select a specific date and let the application handle the distribution of tweet.

Share your photos simply
The app hosts the images on the server and automatically uploads to the Twitter when the tweet is published. It allows you to load up to 4 images on tweet.

Tweet around the world easily
Whether you are at Home or across the world, your messages will be published at the time. You can choose the time zone adapted to your location.

Manage all your twitter accounts
Do you have multiple Twitter accounts ? No problem! This app allows you to manage all of them. All you need to do is to connect by turn with each Twitter accounts and schedule tweets however you want.
  • Admin – Username: admin / password: admin
  • User – Username: user / password: user


  • Dashboard
    • Check if Twitter user is logged in
    • Create the Tweet which will be sent
    • Upload/manage photos for the tweet
  • Schedules
    • Filter by all schedules
    • Filter by date interval
    • Listing with pagination
    • Platform user name
    • Publish date
    • Publish status
    • Tweet statistics (retweet/favorite)
    • Edit/Reschedule/Delete the scheduled Tweet
    • Queue/Send/Error information about the scheduled Tweet
  • Users
    • Listing with pagination
    • Add / Edit / Delete
    • Protection – first user can’t be deleted
    • Last login date
  • Settings
    • Twitter app settings (API key, API secret)
    • Upload limit (maximum upload file size)
    • Retry limit
    • General account settings
  • Other features
    • Easy to install and manage
    • Multiple users with level access
    • Timezone – each user can set his own timezone
    • Twitter profile picture
    • Modal system
    • Tooltip information
    • Passwords are encrypted with SHA1
    • Cron system
    • Keep me logged in (login)
    • Confirm delete
    • Datepicker
    • MVC software architecture (Codeigniter)


  • PHP 5.3.0 or higher
  • MySQL 4/5.x
  • OpenSSL extension
  • JSON


v.1.0 – July 1, 2014

  • Initial release