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Hello, how are you? I sent the email to the folder of the API, I’m waiting for :)

Hi, sending it shortly.

Okay, I’m waiting to get the APP working.


Can you send me in more detail which data to insert into the database? with pictures if possible?

Thank you so much.

Send cpanel details to our email support@desk87.com

I have now sent the cpanel details by email.

Got it.

where is the app logo and the cover for modification? I can not find these 2 image files to change.

Another question, what is the way to leave the whole APP with white background, and the black letters?

Check the layout xmls and all images are in drawable folder.

Where are the categories?

Next update.

Hello I downloaded your app from Google Play for testing But I can not upload any audio in the app! The recorder works but upload no! Is there a quick and easy solution to translate(rtl) the program?

It is uploading, we checked it already. Translating is simple. Just need to change the text in layout XML files.

Hi Im interested in purchasing. Quick question Just noticed that after the track has been download the album artwork No longer shows on the “My Downloads” tab. Is it possible to fix that?

This is not a bug. You can not get the album art once you download the music file. Both are separate things.

Hello? About that when you download the song after it doesn’t take the artwork or cover of the song can it be included because even on ios i have tested it doesn’t thank you.

and also on Ios demo on itunes why when you close the phone it doesn’t display the player like as we know on iphone when you are playing like a song and close the phone screen steal it shows the songs on the screen but in this it doesn’t thank you.

Yes, will be updating tomorrow.

When are you changed the Ads because i think google also stop some type of ads

When you will make a purchase, will change it. :)