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how can i stop users from uploading the songs and i upload it myself

Need to make changes both in website and app.

Hi , i need the api folder, please check your email

Will be sending it shortly.

Make fuking updates and fix bugs!

Mind your fuking tongue and move on.

Please I want to change the ui material design. Please I need a quote asap

Send email at support@desk87.com with the design, will let you know the price.

Where can we test this app before purchasing?

If you carefully read the description, you will find the demo link. :)

Hello @Desk87 is there any news about Ios please?

Not at the moment.

Will this work with my heavily-modified phpSound website? I’ve made a lot of modifications to classes.php, etc.

Make sure database fields remains the same, it will work then.

Any news on iOS? it has been a long time and no news. Please let us know if you are working on it or no. I have to find another solution if if its gone be long

Yes, it’s under development and soon be posted here. It is delayed due to some other projects in pipeline.

Hello Desk87 isn’t there a date which is fixed or month when the iOS version is going out?

Hi, not yet out.

when the update comes, radio streaming

how much does it cost to add streaming

How much does it cost to add emotions to chat and radio streaming?


tony7pt Purchased

Please fix PROBLEM with S3 FILES not working with your APP.

I´ve email you +45 days ago and still no solution – PLEASE ANSWER.

Hi, please send the server details, we have to create new APIs for S3 bucket as currently we do not have Amazon account.



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Email re-send!

hello i created with the demo link but i see the download options for the visitors, my traks remain private the users can download them, and the same for all the users of this app. I can not download any music on this demo

ok thank you OK. and the apple version I’d like to have?

Apple version will be ready this month.

Ok thank you i wait

HEllo? When is Ios coming our?

Hi, we are onto it now and will soon be launched.

Upload infinite when I try to send a song, even concluding the upload the upload message does not close. I send you message buy i don’t have answer in email.

The problem is with my website by with my android App

The problem is with my website by with my android App

Let us check it today by inserting the url in our app and see it.


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Hello, i have one problem with facebook login http://prntscr.com/h8vjfz > click login > http://prntscr.com/h8vjqi and did not enter the account

Hi, it looks like FB login has not been implemented correctly. Checked the package name on the FB app ? Added circleactivity for the main activity ? Added the keyhash properly ?


It seems to be no working in Studio 3 and gradle 4.1

I sent you a Skype message.

Could you help on this?

Very thank you

Hi, let us see it.

Ok thank you. Let me know please.

About month and a half ago I asked for an app for phpSocial. You said it’ll be done within a month. Hows it going??

We are onto another big project and will be soon published on codecanyon. :)

Hello? is the IOS app going out this month or?


Please i need assistance editing the icons in the app and the launcher icon. ive tried using new image asset. but still not working

Hi, all images are in drawables XML files.


Last week I sent this message here >> It seems to be no working in Studio 3 and gradle 4.1

I sent you a Skype message.

Could you help on this?

Very thank you