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Bro did you forget to update the code or I am missing something?

Whre is new updates?! Fix bugs and problems!


False, there is no answer yet

Oh, maybe replied to other user. Can you again reply on the ticket ?

I have a problem when I add new songs it shows me in the app track not found

Its all I made i your app, there is no limit to everything. https://imgur.com/a/5iFAV Fix this.

I wrote to you, you did not respond to me, you ignore new messages.

You did not answer and closed my ticket

Closed it as there was nothing to tell at the moment. Just cleaning up things. And do not open multiple threads here.

Hi, I need the api folder. A suggestion, it would be ideal to improve the documentation, which should be very detailed so that any user can adapt it to their needs.

Hi, the documentation is very straight forward with the screenshots attached. Please open ticket at http://support.desk87.com/ to receive the API folder.

Thanks, Sandy


Please check our reply.


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If you have how to put it!

If a user follows a person, he or she receives push notification for all music the person uploads

pre sale question I want to change or delete some features (upload, recoard function want to delete and need to change colour) from app for my personal use as customization?

Yes will do it. Open ticket at http://support.desk87.com will let you know the cost and duration.


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you never answered my messages, I opened a ticket without success, wa it’s really hard for me, more than tired

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