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for Bugs

WARNING! BUYER BEWARE! Product does not work based on current out of date Documentation.

Updates by Facebook have left this product NON-WORKING!

I will post this WARNING to future buyers that the documentation is OUT-OF-DATE for installation of this products and it does not work using the current version of their installation video which is from 2013 (4 years old).

I have seen several people purchase in the past week and all have complaints about errors and bad documentation.

My first attempt to get a solution to our installation problem was met with a request from the author to pay for support, however support should not be needed with proper installation documentation.

This author seems to push everyone to pay the support fee however can not provide current and accurate documentation. Simply browse and read many of the numerous comments to see for yourself.

The author provide a half-hearted attempt to produce a short video that did not address the issue and since then has been non-responsive.

To the Author: I will clean up this comment if you handle you responsibilities and produce a COMPLETE and UP-TO-DATE installation documentation or video.


Author response

I do not understand your aggressivity/hostility. You are very offensive to me, despite the fact that you had my help even before I mentioned your expired support.

By the way, CodeCanyon has imposed the rule with paid support, so it is not right to accuse me of such things.

Show me where I have told you to pay for support for helping you!!!

Trust me, you will not find it because you are a liar who failed to follow exactly the steps mentioned by me and instead of paying attention to what I have explained to you and in tutorial, you started threatening me because I did not solve myself the problem instead of you, although you had my help.

It’s easy to pass the blame when you’re not really good at that.

Those who read the commentary will see an example of bad intention.

for Bugs

I was a fan of this app, today I do not recommend your purchase: It stopped working.

Your developer claims a change to the Facebook API and advises that manual changes should be made by us. In addition to not knowing how to do them, we no longer have any relevant guidance and update the app, which corrects.

If it works again, it’s worth your purchase. Otherwise, do not waste your time and money.

nunca funciono para poder anexar clientes, y presenta errores constantemente, es util cuando puede.

for Other

Leva muitos blocks se não souber usar com moderação... mas funciona :D

for Bugs

The app never worked and the developer promised to fix in future versions which after a year there still were no future versions. Facebook doesn't like the use of these kind of apps very much and since then has introduced some similar features.

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