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where is the documentation for cronjobs?

Nevermind, i found it


System does not accept my Purchase Code, the following message appears, License is not installed. I was a long time without using the system, Can you see me with the problem?

I wait, thank you


calasans Purchased

Friends, after upgrading to the new version 1.9.6 Every day is now giving the following error:

An Error Was Encountered

Unabel to load requested class: facebook

Then I resend the file below and the system returns to normal operation.


- But it works fine for one day, but the next day it returns the error again …

So I send the file and fix the problem …

But one day passes and the next day the error returns …

How do I solve this?

Thank you.

Hi, send me ftp access to phpsfp folder through my profile


Hello dear Litech, i finally upgraded my script to the latest version..BUT the big problem i’m facing now is facebook banning my accounts. I scheduled my first post and set the “SEND INTERVAL” to 300 sec, and after 1 hour of posting to about 8 fb groups, my account was banned..i try again with a second & third account and they all got banned(even though the send interval was 300sec and the posting was done in a day not night.) Please how do i make this script start working perfectly again without getting my accounts BANNED? Please help!!!..Also, is there anyone here facing this same problem? Regards!

Hi again, please respond!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi, the update has nothing to do with this. Don’t use multiple scheduled posts at once with one Facebook account. Post relevant content to groups. The idea is not SPAM the Facebook with the same message over and over again. In the latest version there is a function autopause, with this function you can autopause the scheduled posts. For example pause the scheduled posts for 20 min on every 20 posts. Another problem could be users reporting your posts to Facebook.



ivan37 Purchased


I need to inform the domain where I performed the installation for phpSFP to run?


Hi, no, you just need to enter the Item Purchase Code.



jovasurm Purchased

Hello, good day, I hope you find it great. Could you please help me solve this error:

“Error validating access token: The user has not authorized application 179375112119470”

Success and many blessings.

Hi, try to change the access token. Regards


MaxxPost Purchased

Hello. My system does not appear anything. He stayed like this for no apparent reason and I did not make any changes. Could you please help me?

Hi, renew your support and then send me the details through my profile



MaxxPost Purchased

Hello. I already sent the information through the link you sent. I await your return. Thank you


vuekai Purchased

Please add expiry date for limitation time for user

Hello Litetech, my phpSFP script/domain is no longer accessible. Here is the error message i am getting: “An Error Was Encountered Non-existent class: facebook” Please how do i resolve this error? Regards!

Error message: “An Error Was Encountered Non-existent class: facebook”

Hi brother, I use the FB Video Downloader extension to capture the videos. I copy video url and paste into PHPSFP space, this saves time, and space on my server. That worked 100% perfect. But now it does not. The message is “Unable to fetch the video file from the URL.”. Can you solve this? Thanks for the plugin

Hello, I changed domain and my license says: Regular License can be installed on single domain.

Hello, i have a problem, “Regular License can be installed on single domain” Please cancel the license in the previous domain, the one I am using now is

key: a05eb193… ..... ......4117320a5bbc