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How do I delete groups after being imported?

Hi, you want to delete the imported groups ?


Yes, I want to delete and include when I find it necessary. Thanks!

This option is not available.

When will be released a version to automatically enter the fields below:

- What are you selling - Add a Price - Describe you item


Hi, it’s on the suggestions list, I can’t give you an estimated time.



paulorpc Purchased

Hi friend

please check your email

What version is the program and API?

Do you have an authorized seller in Brazil? If you do not wish to be an authorized dealer, what is the procedure?

Hi, there are no authorized sellers, you can purchase this script only from this site.


What version is the program and API?


maxpingo Purchased

Dear Support, I could deprive the Licenses of the domains by kindness so everyone will be ready to be linked in a new domino. Thank you.

Hi, no problem, all your licenses are cleared. You can use your new domains on your licenses.



draive Purchased

installed the latest version and I can’t import groups, pls help


draive Purchased

I just said that I have the latest version and you haven’t updated since 2016

Send me the link to the script + phpsfp admin user/password through my profile

I have sent you a private message, please take a look.

Hi Dear.

Want post live video on my fanpage, then take the link of the post, and share that in groups. The same want share on groups the link of my fan page post. How to do that, i the way it take the preview image or video from post?


Another request. Could u include event, carousel, slide show, and canvans in the next release? THANKs

Hi, try to share it with the Link post type and fill in only the URL field. Facebook should get the preview. I will see what can be done about the other features.



Hi, I already added Purchase Code: But only get this error here

Regular License can be installed on single domain.

Hi, your license is installed on this domain “”. Regular license can be installed on only 1 domain. Do you want to remove it from the mentioned domain ?


Yes Yes remove! I want this one here (

Done. Regards

How is possible to make default input radio checkbox to “Link” on Dashpoard page? Wait for your reply… Thanks a lot! ;)

Hi, go to ../phpsfp/application/models/schedules.php on line 417 and change the value 1 to 2.


Works! Thanks a lot! ;)

Hello, can u help me? I changed my website to, and now i have to put the purchase code, all is ready, but I have this message: License is not installed.

How can I fix that? because I cant post and use the phpsfp … Thank you!

Hi, domain changed successful. Regards


James_D Purchased

I installed this on a local server set an alias to i get a blank screen, can you help?

Hi, can you give me FTP access to phpsfp folder ? Send the info through my profile


Hello, there is a problem to publish in groups that are owned but are “Closed Groups”, only published in public groups, is there any solution? Thank you,

Hi, starting with Facebook apps v2.4 you can’t post to closed/private that you don’t manage. This can be done via third-party apps using the ”Login via access token”

Also notice that your support period is expired. Please Renew it to get your support questions answered. Thank you for your understanding.


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Hi, don’t post your item purchase code in public comment. Your license was installed.


Dear, have problem to import grups. Tried two times. Receive this error

then for this profile was not imported the pages the profile own

Hi, get the latest version and also notice that your support period is expired. Please Renew it to get your support questions answered. Thank you for your understanding.


Hello. Please I need to change my domain to

Thanks in advance

Hi, domain changed. Regards


I have tried to contact you before and I haven´t succeeded. I didn’t know. I also knew that support expired in one year and I have a problem with the phpsfp script for a considerable time. The script phpsfp doesn’t import the updated groups. I send some photos where you can see the message that tells me error.

I am grateful if you can tell me something about it. Please, I hope your answer.

Thanks a lot

A regards

Hi, send me the link to the script + phpsfp admin user/password through my profile


Hello my Item Purchase Code: c4a7d151-d5c5-4ffc-a135-7ea9bd5ea078, Appears that is no longer valid in the application, may generate a valid code again plis

Item ID: 5177393 Item Purchase Code: c4a7d151-d5c5-4ffc-a135-7ea9bd5ea078

Purchase Date: 2015-09-02 16:36:39 UTC

my new domain is

can you give me the correct location good for cron job

I can not log in token manager