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Hi, I have a wordpress running on a localhost, want a license key generator for users, can your software do this?

Yes! Check out the demo:

Pls can we discuss this on skype or any chat app for more details, integration into my localhost server is where I am looking at.

First of all, if you plan to distribute this Wordpress plugin, you will need a hosting plan. PHPMyLicense must be on a public address. If you don’t have one, we have a Managed PHPMyLicense Installation, just ask for more details. The tutorial of how to integrate it is in Support Center. Open a ticket there and sure we can discuss more about it.

hello please i am not understand when paid 30$ it for monthy or 6 month or what ? thanks

You’ll pay $30 once, and you will have free support for 6 months.


zabos13 Purchased

the License verification for this script doesnt work

Can you explain better your issue? Open a ticket:

this script doesnt seems working , is there any documentation?


Hello, presale question. I have a php based software that I sell to 100s of clients, if I want to use your script to manage the license on all of my software installations (with internet connection) will your script be able to connect with my software and authorize/deauthorize the license of my software ?

Yes! Check out the demo:


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Hello, I the problem that I have is that it does not connect me with the api I create a php file to protect and it comes out I get the error: “You do not have permission to use this product.” The message from server is: Contact the product developer. “I followed the video step by step doing what the video says

and I always get the error this

Thank you

P.D: I am available for you to support me remotely with teamviewer


Please, open a ticket with futher details and we’ll schedule the TeamViewer session. :)


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Where does a ticket open here in codecanyon or

Please send me the link to open a ticket, thanks

Greetings from Valencia, Spain ;)

i want to buy your product. my before buy question is is it possible to create like this'+accessToken+'

can you guide me how to create like this and valid check in your demo.i want to know is it possible or not before purchase

ok when will v4 enveto release.. i want to buy enveto edition now asap

if i purchase today . can i get v4 update

The Version 4 Update is not ready yet.

When I disable a license for a plugin or theme, does the plugin or theme still work the same? If yes, how do you do it? Thank you

Open a ticket at:

i want tp buy – but i dont undersand this product- u mean if i have script AND i want to sell my script to many people SO what i do not unsredtans – this product will generate licens ? then i give the buyer one licens? or what ?

Sorry, I can’t understand your question. :\

Hi, I saw this on your page :

Coming soon: PHPMyLicense for Envato Market and PHPMyLicense version 4:

Is it a new software, or an update of the current software, please respond so I can make my decision of buying or waitig for the new software ?!

Any eta on when it will be released ? Thanks in advance

No ETA at the time.

Welcome back phpmysecurity

Thanks :)

Uncaught ReferenceError: UpdatePwd is not defined at HTMLButtonElement.onclick (VM350 profile.php:96)

Please, open a ticket at and describe better.

When are you thinking that version 4 is coming out


i want to know all the php pages is readable or encrypted one. I want to buy the script. Please conform me there no encrypt pages in the script

I’m getting this when I try to upload the script into my hosting !

The file you uploaded,, contains a virus so the upload was canceled: {HEX}php.malware.fopo.541.UNOFFICIAL FOUND

What should I do ?!

Ask your hosting company to whitelist the file. This happen because one file containing the Encryption Keys to protect your products is obfuscated.

hi phpmysecurity Great work! Keep it up! Really nice work! can this script generate offline lic ?

I’ll release the tutorial and the Support Class today. in

Thank you Team phpmysecurity ;)

hi team i still waiting nothing show up

Friend, besides php it has protection and obfuscation coding to protect html ??

Not at the time.


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When com thate a New update, its a long time ago


oziyweb Purchased

ı want to buy this script . but ı dont known stil this script working ?


oziyweb Purchased

I wait still support.

Yes, it’s working perfectly. If you have any issue with it, get in touch with us.


oziyweb Purchased

ı open ticket at your website. Thank you Sir