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Presale question:

Do you apps support private and public key ? If yes, is it changeable ?


djnerk Purchased

my license number does not work, I get an error: License number does not appear to be valid.

I have the license purchased since: 2018-04-05 20:47:47 UTC

Thank you


Send me your purchase code to:

hey there! presale question I have a Codeigniter module. Uploading this to your module will obfuscate my script , yes? Also do you provide support?

Are there any updated tutorials?

I’m all alone in the dark now PML, documentation link broken. ( or, hacked:

Hi, my license number does not work, I get an error: License number does not appear to be valid.

Olá! Me mande seu Purchase Code por e-mail:


stan8837 Purchased

When i select php7 for this script to load i get the following error

Error! PHPMyLicense can’t verify if the API Response is authentic. Get in touch with us.

Error ID: 2974ae


stan8837 Purchased

Also getting in my error logs

[23-Nov-2018 18:11:25 Europe/London] PHP Notice: Invalid signature in /system/libs/phpseclib/Crypt/RSA.php on line 2443

An Update to support PHP7 is waiting for Envato Review.

I have been observing this Script dose not allow to login or install with License Key when site is down..

Please, open a ticket at

Site is down, Its not opening.. Please check..

Hello! The Support Center is working fine. Please try again.

i dont understand what is new??? i try to update from the script nothing happing no changelog?????so do i need to update or not?

At least read my last response for you. Is a different platform. CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT.

My friend i already make a new account but the sistem dont send me the activation link…that is what i say

Please, try again. Or send me an e-mail:


Aregver Purchased

Hello I installed PHPMylicense but when I login it doesn’t work. I get no error message or something and css not loaded too. I have PHP version 7.2 but I already tested with 7.0.

Please send me your ftp details on


visionto Purchased

Still not version 4, olso I dont sie it any more ??

Not yet. Soon.

Demo Offline


your demo is not working

Fixed. SSL Error.

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is this multiuser access dashboard ?

This weekend.

Primary way is Remotely, always checking to your server. But there’s a way to Check locally with Signed License Files with validation.

Yes, you can sign every API response with your RSA Keypair.

thank you, I have few more questions:

- so the license will check from local file first if failed will check from remote and vice versa?

- the public/private key only for signed API response or we can use for license as well?

- is this app will work without needed 3rd party services or any services from your server? for example, we want to install this app internally without internet access, and all licensed software work in internal only

- do I get the source code in full?

- we allowed to generate our own private/public key?