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Whats new in this script also demo url is not working.

Fixed, thanks.

Hello, Thank you for your excellent work, this script is a marvel! I want to know how to create licenses with keys locally and not create a license file? Thank you for giving me the step by step, please

Explain better please. Store the license key locally?

does this product still have an API in the latest version?

The demo is not working…. with current login info.


I need some questions answered before buying the script; 1- Can I customize the script for my own needs ? 2- Does it supports api ? I want to integrate my own payment gateways to it. 3- Is there any encoded part in the script ?

Please let me know your e-mail or skype name so I can contact you directly.

I have purchased it anyway, I hope to edit it for my own needs.

Yes, you can edit it as you want. Yes, It supports API. Yes, you can integrate your Payment Gateways, with just a piece of code to handle the success or failure return of your payment gateway. If success, call API method to create or unlock license.

Hey I couldn’t find an access to your api documentation. Could you link me ?

Hi there,

I have installed the new version, but when i enter my purchase code then show error “License number does not appear to be valid.”

Please fix it forever, I always always see that error when i install the new version.

Please reset my license help me, let me install the new version

Hello. PLease, i want purchase this product. How to integrate License key in my php script?

In PHPMyLicense dashboard, generate your protection class, and include it into a central part of your PHP Code.

demo not working


I have one Query…

Example:- we will protect our software by using PHPMYLICENCE.

And my competitor also using same software (PHPMYLICENCE) and make the licence active then

You need to protect your logic with obfuscation. If your competitor can’t read and change your code to point your protuct to their PHPMyLicense installation, you are protected.

Hi, First of all, good luck with your sales! 1-) Is it possible to work offline for a short period of time when our servers get offline? 2-) Are the codes encrypted that you send us? Can we edit things or something else? (i.e. if the codes are not encrypted I can integrate my own offline-license system.)


Yes, is possible to use the new version offline.

Yes, you can edit the system.


LedzCop Purchased

Hoooooow to updatee!!!!? from panel i cant, from /install i cant… WTF?

The update is avaiable in the Update Center and in Auto Updater.


LedzCop Purchased

Updater You are using the latest verson!!!!! But im not using latest version!

The file you uploaded,, contains a virus so the upload was canceled: {HEX}base64.inject.unclassed.6.UNOFFICIAL FOUND

cPanel may give you this error, because base64 encoding of PHP Obfuscator. Ask your system administrator or hosting to whitelist the file.

When I tried to install the newly downloaded file I am getting this error

“URL is currently unable to handle this request. HTTP ERROR 500”

Send me your installation URL to check.


basen82 Purchased

Hi is it possible to check for license number instead of for a domain ? As i understand it verify the license with domain, but if i just want it to verify the license code only is that possible ?

if needed here is my email: Best regards Andreas

Will be avaiable on the next update, that will be released 08/03/2017

I know i have configured it right but i am getting this error “You don’t have permission to use this product. “

I have emailed you my purchase code and URL just now. I hope I will hear from you soon.

I have emailed you once before after one month of purchasing your script. But I didn’t hear from you through email. So please do reply what needed to be done.

Thank You for resolving my issue.


Mitzellp Purchased

Hi, is there a documentation available :-)

hello, I have purchased your product just now, but every screen is very laggy. Is it connecting outside from my server (e.g. to your servers) or not?

My second question is about downloading license. It shows me error 500 page when I am trying to download generated license key.


Please send me your installation details via e-mail, to check.

Send to

Hello, I was found it, and I was fixed it. Thanks for your time. Great software guys!!!


123kay123 Purchased

Hi again,- ‘cause no answer on emails… Where can a documentation be found? We do not know how to work with this script at all…!

I’m preparing the new documentation, in text and video versions. Will be avaiable in few hours.


When will be done this version?? CHECK OUT WHAT IS COMING: HTTPS://YOUTU.BE/NBXIBWQY6ZE

I am very interesting about automatic payments API . Also I need to know if just with paypal can this be done? or maybe with bitpay, skrill, etc. too

Please give me a date to waiting for buy it


LedzCop Purchased

Respond me!!!!!! WTFF?? See my questions.. you are responding others and why not responding mee???

Sorry, send me your installations details via e-mail to check.


LedzCop Purchased


Hello, i update script, no need to enter on my ftp. i have another questions also and please respond me on mail or give me your skype