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I did all necessary settings but my player doesn’t show SongTitle or SongHistory?
Error Type: fsockopen, 111 Connection refused

The reason is, your web server is not allowed opening your radio port, most servers allowed only opening port 80 by default, just ask your host to open your used port and after this it should works.

I did all necessary settings but my player doesn’t show AlbumCover?

Amazon Album Cover needs:
- valid Amazon IDs
- A PHP server with SOAP Enable, if you are not sure about this, just upload phpinfo.php under your server and if it was not enable, just ask your host to do this for you.

How can I add a link on noCover.jpg in right side of Panel ?

For this, open js/player.js, line208, change the function to: $(’#coverGlass’).click(function(){ window.open(YOUR URL ); return false; })

How can I Hide song history?

The easiest way is, open css/player.css and for #songHistoryBtn: set visibility:hidden;

How can i use this under a WP Template?

First important to know this is not a WP Plugin.
To install this under your WP:
- Customize and upload the player under your webserver
- Install an IFrame Plugin under your WP and set the player URL as IFrame source

Do you have a Glitchy Radio Streams?

Here are some tips from Sundevildaddy:

To everyone having ‘skipping/buffering’ issues with their players on Shoutcast streams. First thing to check is whether or not you are using a Roll-In file (Audio file played anytime someone connects to your stream, played before the Music starts ie. Station ID – Client Ad -etc). REMOVE THIS FILE /DISABLE ROLL -INS. I have had issues with ANY and ALL players connecting to our Station (except Installed/Hard players – WMP ,iTunes,RP,WA,etc), yet, I had no issues with other Stations. The problem lies in the Server side switch. Once the Roll-in finishes playing, it switches to the Music – this creates a Buffer Over or Under Run, both of which create “Skipping” Didn’t even think of it until I realized I NEVER had an issue playing the full Roll-In, and only experienced the problem immediately on the switch. For those of you Selling Roll-in’s, it can be encoded in the Players files and stored locally on your sites server.

Also, re. Flash Player Issues-

For anyone having issues with this – I hope it helps! Two other notes for anyone having issues listening to ANY flash player on any stream: As Stated on Adobe: 1) RealPlayer plugins cause conflict with Flash under the most recent updates. Disable this plugin if you are having problems. 2) Recent Release of Flash Player (v.11.4.402.XX) is now experiencing Buffer issues with Shoutcast Streams. They know and are working on the issue, yet, no current update is available to fix this.

I have no Sound under FireFox after last Update?

It’s because FF still use Flash for sound streaming, just open player.js and change:
soundManager.useFlashBlock = false;
soundManager.preferFlash = false;
soundManager.useFlashBlock = true;
soundManager.preferFlash = true;

Do you have problem with AlbumCover settings?
Here is a useful post from altadosis

GUYS I want to share HOW the API album or cover art works with me. After a long time (to be exact 3 o 4 week) a was looking for the solution, I found this. First IMPORTANT Step: You need to go to Amazon Web services and register here: https://portal.aws.amazon.com/gp/aws/developer/registration/index.html Then when you already register, go to this link (log-gin required) https://portal.aws.amazon.com/gp/aws/securityCredentials

Search Access Key ID for AWS_API_KEY and Secret Access Key for AWS_API_SECRET_KEY.

For the AWS_ASSOCIATE_ID (it’s no necessarily to have one, but if you want you can go and register to the next page: https://affiliate-program.amazon.com/ and JOIN to the program. Then when you access to your account, you will found the Associate Id on the left top corner, it ends with -20 (example: username-20)

The user your AWS_API_KEY, AWS_API_SECRET_KEY and AWS_ASSOCIATE_ID and put them on your SEARCH.PHP file. Second IMPORTANT Step: Register on Amazon Advertising Program here: https://affiliate-program.amazon.com/gp/flex/advertising/api/sign-in.html

And thats it! Try your script before this and please let me know if running well. Thanks for read this!

By the way nhstudio, I am a graphic designer, I already did the Photoshop PSD files of this script and I would like to share for free, let me know if I can share with the other people.

This is my test page http://www.altadosis.com/player/

IMPORTANT! Make sure you have SOAP activated on your hosting account, and another thing, make sure you have the shoutcast port unlocked on you hosting account if you have the service out of your hosting. How to now if you have SOAP on your server?

Create a phpinfo.php on your html editor and then put this inside the file and then run it.


// Show all information, defaults to INFO_ALL phpinfo();


Search on the result the SOAP and if not, contact your hosting and ask if they can install it.

Thanks for the time guys!

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