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radio player dont play sound in ie and firefox equalizer dont work

Hi there,
for sound issue please check support for “I have no Sound under FireFox after last Update?”
EQ is Flash option and if your Browser support HTML5 sound it wont show on player.

hey how are you. I can not configure the player, you could help me set

hey hello command you send the mail last week and have not received a response

please try to send your email again, last week we there was a problem with my host mail servers, maybe lost some emails.


In the Demo only works for me: Shoutcast V2.0 Beta version Sid1

What kind of settings do I need to implement?

Thanks so much

Hi there, source included seperate player for V2.0, there you should easily set radio url and port in javascript file as mentioned in helpf file.


hosting server, because host server should be able opening this port and communicate with stream server to grab infos.

but i have diferent players, that share ports, and i dont have problems with it

so contact me via my profile page and send me a link to your Radio URL+ftp access to your player folder, i still thinks your player has problem with javascript open socket opening your radio port, before contacting me, make sure your server is allowed opening your radio port, i will check it for you.

Hi Friends ,

The player works perfect with this streaming. The streaming from the user here ” freeminded ” port 80

I’m ussing version Shoutcast_Type2.0/black_skin/


I set the aws_api key and secret key, but no cover art shows up. Coverart is set to: True What can be the problem? And what is the AWS_ASSOSIATE_ID ? Your pdf is not clear enough in this case

Regards, Nico

Amazon has changed his AWS API services from free to charge one, so in this case Amazon needs a CreditCard setting to charge for using this service otherwise they will block access also with a valid key, because of this i released the player V3.0 using lastFM API however Cover DB is not powerful as Amazon but it’s free but many professional Stations still prefer using Amazon and paying them. AssosiateID is for Amazon Affiliate program and can be use on Cover Link, please read more infos under Amazon website how this works or http://m.wikihow.com/Get-an-Amazon-Affiliate-ID

Thank you for your answer. At this time i have a payed account at Amazon. I also used your player V3, but it has an other layout than this nice one.

Do you mean by a verified Amazon Key still doesn’t work? I already tested this with my keys and it worked.

how many I can add shoutcast radio?

This works with single station radio.

player working but Graphic Equalizer not working what can i do how can i fix its

Graphic Equalizer is a flash object, you need to make flash enable under player.js as:
soundManager.useFlashBlock = true;
soundManager.url = ‘swf/’;
containing SM2 SWF files soundManager.flashVersion = 9;
soundManager.preferFlash = true;
soundManager.useHighPerformance = true;
soundManager.flash9Options.usePeakData = true;
soundManager.debugMode = false;

and browser flash plugin should be installed.

Hi, Where do I add the stream URL please

I have now fixed this as well. For anyone else in the future: $radioURL = “”; $radioPort = “8000/live.mp3”;

The player always shows &amp in titles instead of &, I tried $RadioDetails = preg_replace(’/&amp/’, ‘&’, $data_array8); in songTitle.php but that didn’t seem to fix it.

didn’t test it by myself but use a replace key(like NHIX) as: in songTitle.php:
$RadioDetails = ”$text6”;
$newRadioDetails = str_replace(“&”,”NHIX”,$RadioDetails); echo $newRadioDetails;

and in player.js:
var _curSong = data.replace(“CURRENT BODY HTML”, ””);
var __curSong = _curSong.replace(“NHIX”, “&”);

Would it be possible to use LastFM to get the album art instead of Amazon as it is a free service?

only in V3.0 not here, it needs major changes in php and javascript.

works with radionomy?

This works with Standard Shoutcast server and needs a url:port

Hi, any updates ? :)

Did you find a Bug or better to ask update for what? ;-)

Yep for example when fsockopen is disabled You receive an error instead title. How can be song history disabled if host dont allow fsockopen?

This is not a Bug ;-)
Player need some server requirments as this one, otherwise it’s not able to grab songTitle or songHistory from shoutcast server.

Hello , I tried all of the EQ settings in the comments , but I can not run problem working demo What do you think That have sound Flash Off

How can I fix the Turkish character problem?


Hi there, modern Browsers support HTML5 sound and ofcourse without Flash so EQ as a flash object wont work there, but if you want to have EQ, first you need enable all Flash settings in Javascript file and make sure you installed Flash plugin for that Browser, after this it should works. About Turkish Chars, i actaully used utf-8 Code on this player, if you need other Code, you can simply replace it in player page header. If Chars issue persist, contact me via my profile page with your Radio URL and also a ftp access to your player folder, i will check this for you.

Any time table on fixing the HTML5 Chrome audio bug? Is this player still being maintained/updated?

unfortunately there was no update/fix from Sound Manager 2.0 on this case.

Hi there, I checked the code again, it seems the Bug for chrom is fixed, you can test it here: http://www.nhstudio.de/download/JS/JavaScript_Shoutcast/demo/

Hello i know i don’t have any support on the one i bought. But i have a small problem. I can not display the webpage of the player in my cellphone. i can display your demo page with no problem but not the one i uploaded. Can you please help me?

I’m able to get it to display in my mobile cellphone. But i can not get it to play on my desktop or mobile phone. If i open the html on my desktop that is not upload to my hosting it plays with no problem. But if i upload to my hosting i get nothing and i see this message.
Warning: fsockopen() [

sure you upload this under a share server, they are by default allowed only on opening port 80 because their security, in your case, you need asking your host opening the port you used for your radio, for example if you use port 8000 or 8269 for your radio, your server need to be allowed opening them, otherwise you get the fsockopen error.

Thought this project was dead, nice update. Is there any way to make it responsive for mobile devices?

as a fast solution, in player.css find and replace: #nhCastPlayer{ width:100%; height:100%; } and the Result: http://nhstudio.de/download/JS/NHCastPlayer/demo_responsive/
for AlbumCover in player.js: var curCover = '<img height="auto" width="100%" src=" + coverURL + " />'; $('#coverHolder').css("background-image", "url("+coverURL+")"); $('#coverHolder').css("background-repeat", "no-repeat"); $('#coverHolder').css("background-size", "cover"); //resultContainer.append(curCover); that’s it ;)