phpDictionary - The Ultimate PHP Dictionary Platform

phpDictionary - The Ultimate PHP Dictionary Platform

DEMO IS UP ⚠️ The Admin Panel is not accessible publicly, if you wish to access it, please message us and we’ll give you special credentials ⚠️

Welcome to the first ever completed php dictionary platform. phpDictionary packed with tons of features. And it’s regularly updated.

  • Users can Sign-in or Sign-up
  • Users can search for words that are only in the database and approved by the site admin
  • Users can add their own words. And the admin has to approve them
  • When a user adds a word manually, they’re required to supply [Word, Pronunciation, Two definitions of the Word, Two example sentence]
  • Users can extend their membership by upgrading their account. In return they have access to premium sections
  • Each english-words does include additional synonyms, and frequency which comes from our automatic API
  • Non-premium users are allowed to access basic details of words. In fact they’ll have to upgrade their account to unlock the premium sections
  • Much more (Please try the demo)
Admin Panel Features:
  • Admin can change the site description, site name
  • Admin can supply API keys directly from the admin panel
  • Admin can allow or disallow users from signing-in
  • Admin can allow or disallow users from signing-up
  • Admin can approve, or disapprove words
  • Admin can edit existing words
  • Admin can disable, enable users from signing-in
  • Much more.(Please try the demo)
Coming-soon …
  • Full native cross-platform mobile apps
  • Word view count
  • Like or Favorite a word
  • More info on the translation page

Non-premium user


password: 11223344

Access that account at:

TO test the premium feature, please make an account and upgrade to premium using the fake mastercard provided in the description —

Admin Account (⚠️ Not working at this moment)


password: 1234

Access the admin panel at :

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