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i want to add to an existing template but you show on your video a readme.txt where do you have a code for copy paste… i dont know where is this code

You can also look in the _Documentation folder too. I hope the two sources help you on your way.

Also, keep in mind I show how to add a custom code block to a home page to pull out recent entries too…. much like what Matt Cutts from Google recommends on a home page. This snippet is found on the item page at

excellent work, i did it and now works great… two more questions:

1.- when i enter to my blog, opens, static.php instead index.php…how i can change this…

2.- can translate?

In .htaccess, look for the line:

DirectoryIndex static.php index.php index.html

As you can see, static.php is first. Put index.php first. You may likely just want to delete static.php

If you want to translate, go to

It will make a plugin and you can add it to existing code.

I hope that helps. Maybe a 5 star for supporting an unsupported item.

Of course 5 star!!!!!

Hello, I purchased this as a way to add a blog to my portfolio site. After reading through the previous comments, I saw someone asked how to use this tool without the headers and menus to maintain the style and layout of the original site that I wish to have the blog be a part of. The link you replied with is broken and I was wondering if you could direct me to the video you linked there? As both my site and this blog each have their own style css pages, is there some form of blending that has to be done or do they operate as two separate styelsheets?

Also, I would like to have a sidebar with archive functionality (i.e. month links for past posts as well as an Instagram Feed). How can this be done?

Thank you


I bought your product today. It installed just fine. I was able to create a post without problem. But when I click on the title of the post to read it, I get a page not found error …. here is the URL for one of the posts I tried to read:

Can you help me understand what is going wrong?

Thank you.

I tried that. No progress.

At this point, I need server access. Send me a private email so I can login and see what’s up. Strange how it outputs a blank page without an HTHL doctype.

I have a subscription base website and I want to know if the blog can be set to appear at the back office of only the premium subscribers so they can receive their premium contents

Am not talking about users blogging but the blog post appearing only to premium users back office. Hence I will be doing the blogging from my back office.

Would need custom coding. I am CAD$60/hr

I just want to know if is possible to do that, thank you.

Hi, does this script support rss?

No. You would have to add a page that can grab info from the database and output it as rss.

Hey, just wondering if the front of the blog, which lists all the articles contains a short description of the blog entry and a photo, or is this not part of the functionality?

Tried the demo? You can add those when you make a post.

Ah sorry, no I just looked at the example. Yeah, should have done that first, sorry. But yeah, can see it’s possible, so thanks a lot, think I’ll be grabbing it. :)

I am interested in buying this script to convert the blog section of my website, Would this work if I wanted to keep the same theme (including header and most css) and how easy will it be?

Yes. Did you see the video? You can judge by that.

I purchased it, hope it works!

It works. Here are blogifying instructions at

Im having two issues, the CSS reset for the blog area for some reason when I changed my header;

Also, I tried to change my password using the steps you provided and now I cannot login anymore.

Finally, how do I make load without the “index.php” it loads the help page

How do I do it?

You can request one from your account.