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inboxi Purchased

I want to list a domain name but it is stating “URL could not be reached”. Is this a requirement to list a domain name in your script? How can I disable the URL check? Thanks.

In order to check validity/ existence of a domain. If you want that removed contact me via my profile page with ftp login

hi, 1) can it detect traffic number automatically? if no, will you add analytic function in the future? 2) how to display site image on frontpage (feature sites) 3) it shows “Google PR -1” on Featured Listings but the site is not PR-1. can it detect automatically and correctly? Thanks

1) if enabled when adding a new listing in traffic details tab you’ll see a button to go to google analytics for syncing.

2) in user account -> my listings you have a link to screenshot preferences . 3) no.

1) it shows “Error: redirect_uri_mismatch”. The redirect URI in the request,, does not match the ones authorized for the OAuth client. 2) where is it?


1) error is on your side by misconfiguring api. go to and make sure is in your allowed URL list. for 2) it says “settings” with red underneath the thumbnail.

hi, 1) how can advertisers delete the website listing? looks like only admin can delete it 2) how advertisers can re-list the site if the site is not sold? 3) do you have any plan to add payment function that we can charge commission for every product sold? 4) can website screenshot shows on all listing such like feature listing on homepage..etc? Thanks

Why so many questions from you? I’d appreciate if you explore the script yourself and play with it to discover the features.

1) contact admin for deletion to avoid abuse. 2) after expiration there’ll be a link to relist 3) no 4) no.

I did explore the script and questions came out. Oh I don’t allow to ask some questions after purchased? That is new though! Thanks for your support anyway…

Can anyone share the url using this software?

does this user have the rights to sell your script on flippa?

Thanks for letting me know,

But yes he has rights to sell his website. It’s forbidden to sell it in mass as a copy instead.

Are you able to make the listing fee free, and instead take a percentage out of the end purchase. For example, if someone is auctioning Item A, and it ends up selling for $100, you automatically take %10 from that, instead of making them pay a flat rate fee?

No that’s not possible in the current configuration nor I have interest in adding this feature. If you want something that works like that check my PHP Auctions Script.


love the script man. Any chance of twitter share buttons being placed on auction listings?

You can add the code from or your own in application/views/single-listing.php.

I have a problem with API google analytics

Error: invalid_request Missing required parameter: redirect_uri

Please answer my question

Sorry, you won’t get a reply while your support is expire. Please renew and come back.

Some Suggestions :: 1 ) Disable payment ( It is a great responsibility that can end up in serious problems for the owner due to scams, only scammers and newbies domainers, want to publish their domain in sites like this ) :: 2 ) Add space for advertising and pay for premium listing in home page and categories. :::: Change style, In this world it is not good to look like Flippa, is not professional. ::: 3 ) Make it possible to disable web selling.( Again, many problems with this )

Disable which payment? No advertising space will ever be added, this is so unprofessional to show ads on an auction site. No style will be changed, this is what users are familiar with already and it itsn’t that similar.

Hi Alex, thank you for these wonderful Script. I just want to listing websites not domains. What must i do? Thanks a lot for help.

Hi there, there’s no shortcut to do that, but in general you can remove domains from the menu (application/views/header.php)

1- verification email not sending to the users. 2- How to translate or add a lang file in details please? 3- purchase code not working. 4- alexa traffic not showing.

1, check your spambox, it’s up to your email server. 2- all files in application/views/ folder 3. what purchase code . 4- will check that.

i trying to upgrade but it says I’ve inserted the wrong license. but I’m copying and pasting it from the downloads section. Please assist

I have exactly the same problem. When I’m trying to upgrade, it says “Sorry, This is not a valid purchase code.” I’m pretty sure that I inserted a correct purchase code.

Please contact me through my profile form @ codecanyon with your purchase code.


inboxi Purchased

Hi, it would be great if you can add a search page with filters and increase the price. I will buy another license. Thank you.

There is search & multiple filters feature already. Thanks.

hi, the email confirmation link is not working, when i click the link, it shows “We could not find an account for this activation hash.” please advise, Thanks

All right contact me with your URL and I’ll create an account to check.

Hi, some registered users cannot receive confirm email and Few can receive but link is not working~any suggestion? Thanks


lyynx Purchased

I have sent you the ftp details as you requested on 6/7 to fix the dns verification bug and have not heard back from you.

Hi there, sorry was on holiday! Catching up with all emails now. Replied to your email.


lyynx Purchased

Still waiting for you to fix. f you can’t or won’t fix, please refund as this is what Envato suggests I request of you. You have been provided sufficient time.

Works now, sorry it was just a typo instead of ‘txt’ it was ‘TXT’ File: application/controllers/users.php line 1392 Will update this for everyone else as well.


poundy Purchased

1) email validation is not working.

2) Also CAN NOT UPGRADE because the license code is not accepted and its a second week now.

3) Dashboard limited features


prolanse Purchased

hi i need help the website not uploading properly

replied to your email, talk there or here, no need to duplicate requests.