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Is there an easy way to make sure the site uses HTTPS and not HTTP when using an SSL cert other than manually changing all the HTTP?

You could do a 301 redirect to the HTTPS version.

Presales Question: error when I’m going to add new listings as

that’s my own server error I didn’t had XML extension as I recently ugpraded to php7. but now because you reported its fixed

Hello! I’m very interested to buy your marketeplace websites script, and I’d like to know if you have it on WordPress theme. If not, in case I buy the script could you install it for me in my server? Please let me know.

thank you Marcos

Hi there, yes sure, I’ve replied to your email.

Hello, I want few features to be added. Can you customize too ?

I do, contact me with details and I’ll provide a quote.


verosca Purchased

Hi Alex, I left an email with my Cpanel login informations to upload my Website & Domain marketplace website Please.

Thank you so much Marcos

Thanks, I’ve replied , talk either there or here.


verosca Purchased

Hi Alex, No, not yet. I don’t know how to do that. But the domain name is, and I registered it yesterday on Godaddy and already did set DNS. Please contact me if you need anything else.

thank you so much Marcos

Hello, i’m looking to integrate your WP GeoIP Country Redirect script with this one, could you please make install and configure it for me ?

you can’t, wp geoip country redirect is for wordpress.

Okay thanks, wonder if you can provide or could know what script this website is using ?

Sorry I have no idea, please limit queries regarding my items only.


verosca Purchased

Hi Alex, Please I’m still waiting for you to install the script for me. Please let me know if you may need any more informations. The domain name is, and I registered it yesterday on Godaddy and already did set DNS. Please contact me if you need anything else.

thank you so much


Yes you have to wait until Monday as I’ll have my team do it for you. There’s a lot to do because you didn’t even add the vhost entry to host your site onto the VPS. Thanks

Sir, the adding websites or domains for testing purpose doesn’t work at all, also the traffic + Validate domain ownership doesn’t work..

everything works perfectly. be more precise when saying “doesn’t work”

The whole Verify Ownership doesn’t work at all! i’m testing it and can now explain and share with you live on that…

1) Website cannot verify links after asking for verify, ex: i’m selling of domain

asking for verify downloaded link verify_1.txt and once i upload it there it doesn’t verify

also i want to change the way of verify by put a random number starting with 100320, ex:


Verify Meta tags doesn’t work

Error: We couldn’t find meta tag ‘marketplace-site-verification’


Also DNS tags doesn’t verify.

No TXT DNS tags detected. Try again later as it may take up to 24 hours for DNS entries to propagate depending on your provider.

// Finally after testing all these issues once again, there is another issue in completing % display bar above the verification forms: ex: If you complete 80% then press on it’s back to step 2 or 1 and make a refresh it’s come back to 20% ( data is saved but status of complete does changed ).

I’m paying extra $ for my developer now sir to complete the verification system for email also, because the security system allow someone to cheat on us if he registered with many emails with same IP address or even i didn’t test if he change his email … but i did try to register with many emails ( same user ) and also i can bid on my products which is not acceptable on bidding system ?!?

Please if you wont the live demo link send me your email and i’ll be with you or by Gtalk online to fix these issues right now…

I’m waiting you, Regards.


verosca Purchased

Hi Alex,

Please I’m still waiting for script installation in my server which I already gave you my login informations. Please very becareful because I have another website runing in that same VPS droplet digital ocean.

Looking foward to hear from you thank you so much Marcos


verosca Purchased

Hi Allex, So I left you an email with new domain name and hosting account in hostgator. I also left you all Cpanel login informations. Please let me know if you need more informations.

thank you



verosca Purchased

Hi Alex, I’m still waiting for your help on uploading the script, I bought the script only because you told me that would be uploading it for me, and now I’m waiting for about a week and nothing. Come on my friend, please I hope you can consider this support requested.

thank you Marcos

You’ve got an email, sorry for the delay, it’s holidays period

Any new features and bug fixes coming? Been six months since last update

Kindly add Social Login, Social Share and App Listings

Looking forward to bug fixes and new features soon

Domain ownership confirmation is not being triggered also for all domains this is defaulted – Estabilished Dec 1969 Google PR -1 Revenue Avg. Traffic Avg.

Dear any respond on my bugs above ?? the domain verification system not work at all with me..

Also what your recommendation for me if i want to add a new language for this script.. should we have it in separated folder or make a new language.php with keywords ?


verosca Purchased

Hi Alex, how are you? Just touch base, So I’d like the following details: 1. Deactivate email confirmation action for new members, and also 2. Please let know if you can create an add-on to charge members by commission on sales instead fee to posting. Something like a seeting in Admin Dashboard which I can set Ex. 10% or 15% in commission over sales. Please let me know the price for and also your time frame for that.

Looking foward to hear from you. Thank you Marcos


Sorry if you want to customize something to fit your own needs you’ll need a developer as I can’t teach you how to code, I don’t have that gift, I wish I would. 2. At the moment until Sept we can’t discuss any custom work because it’s holidays time.



verosca Purchased

Hey Alex,

I think you didn’t understand my questions. First of all I’m not asking you to teach me any code, it is not my intention. Again, what I asked you in previous email is:

1. Can you deactivate the email confirmation from script, 2. Can you create an add-on which I can charge members by commission on sales instead fee to posting.

Of corse I know there is cost for that. Please let me know your price for that, and also your time frame.

Thank you Marcos

Hi Marcos,

For 1. I can help myself for a small fee, contact via email for pricing. For 2. it’s too much work and I am really busy nowadays sorry. You can use for custom work instead.

Thanks, Alex

Kindly add Social Login, Social Share and App Listings with success fee model in the next update soon

I keep getting URL could not be reached for trying to add a name for sale?