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If I have two subscription levels, say a silver at $10 and a gold at $20, can the user change their plan and how will billing be handled for that?

Thank you.

Stripe handles that difference. I believe there are a few options within their api you can customize. I think if you upgrade it charges the difference right away.

I keep on getting this error message when trying to go to the General settings page to add the APIs:


Sorry to bother you, but I purchased this some time ago and the Stripe payments just aren’t going through.

Everything else is working correctly – its posting the customer data to Stripe, the Plans are being passed over but the actual payment bit is not working.

Web hooks is configured, the site is on HTTPS. Can you please spare some time to take a look at this?


Hi, I installed the software but the General tab is blank and when I viewed my error log, this is the error:

Please advise.

hi how to cancel subscription ?

Hello my lord, when you have time to support, can you check this issue ? I can’t pu API key because it’s blank

Hello, I’ve send you a email yesterday can you please help me?

Hi, Just bought the script and there a few issues straight away, firstly: DataTables warning: table id=subscriptions_table – Ajax error. For more information about this error, please see

Also it will not add subscription or social login data. After clicking save nothing happens. Please can you get back to me asap

Also when I visit “General settings” there is nothing there…

I have managed to get the subscritions working however there is 2 issues? 1. New users cannot login and after an account is created there is no redirect to account it just sticks on the register page.

2. Does the stripe checkout in this script use the js pop up modal box?


is there any update to be expected to address the recent changes in Mandrill being now a paid feature of mail chimp? Also what about the issues that have been mentioned here? I purchased this script to save me time and struggle developing my project, but as of now it only causes more work and is not really usable like this at least in my case.

Also there are several little issues that are quiet important. See the blank page issues, difficult user experience when it comes to choose / pay subscription plans… Looking forward to see any result.

Thank you.

hello, is there any updated version of this script?