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Are you sure that it will scrap all the PHP files and HTML files along with CSS, JS files?

No, you can’t scrape PHP and JS with it. This plugin is designed to scrape HTML code. You can try it here:


The Live Preview resulted in this:

“[Please buy this plugin to view the code]”

That didn’t work…

So you will be selling plugins. If so, perhaps you should inform us what plugins will be available ahead and at what price?

To see the generated code you need to buy the item, but you can see how the scraped content look by visiting this page:


The wp plugin is still in developing stage and will cost $10.

Hi, Great Plugin, Can you add the feature download the html data as csv.


Hi kronit,

Sorry, this plugin is not designed to download or export data.


Could you please update the changelog? I have downloaded and dont know whats updated


Sure. I’ll update the changelog soon. In this update I fixed interface bugs, corrected a few typos, and improved the documentation. The generated code remains unchanged, so no need to update the code.


If permitted by law – it’s a grand revolution! It’s just great! Unbelievable! Millions of ideas how to use !!! I sincerely recommend

Thank you :)


I tested it on a property listing site and it worked there are 1800 pages I need. I read that an algorithm was made “distil” that detects scrapers. I saw this for example


So, do you have a timer that would permit me to have it scrape let’ say 50 pages, and do it in a non methodical manner such as wait 30 seconds, then, wait 45, then, 33, ...?



No it doesn’t have a timer. This plugin is not designed to rip a large number of pages. It’s designed to scrape pieces of HTML that are frequently updated.

Hi,one question.Is it possible to change and correct URL of obtained data later?

Hi, this plugin can’t do that, but it’s possible. You can write a separate JavaScript code to change the URL of obtained links.

Hi, does it provide dynamic content update if the content in the source page got changed? Or the user has to refresh the page to see the new scrapped content?

One more thing is still not clear, in which format we will receive the scrapped data? And how can we render them in the targeted site? Because the scrapper will bring the HTML without the CSS. How can we separate columns and do manipulation for the extracted content? We have to do that manually? Would appreciate if you explain further.


Hi, the scraped content is updated only when the user refreshes the page. You’ll receive data in HTML format (the same as source) and it will be inserted inside the element you specify on your page.

You can style the scraped content by adding CSS to your page (the same way you style other HTML element on your page). To do manipulation you’ll need to manually write JavaScript code and insert it after the plugin’s JavaScript file.

Thank you very much for your answer. I got you now, we should construct the CSS classes again as we wish to be in our own website, great, I will add it to the favorite for the near future use. All the best.

You’re welcome. Good luck :)


Looking to buy your HTML grabber. Can you tell me, if I will use your script, would the jQuery work with the loaded content?

I have some jQuery code that will replace some content. Will it work with your application?

Yes you can use jQuery to modify the grabbed content. To do that you’ll need to insert your code inside the generated JavaScript code. It’s easy. If you need help just let me know.

Hi, Can I use Php to modify the scraped HTML?


Yes, but you need to have a good understanding of PHP and modify the source code.

I purchased this script bu I have problem. I am scripting one web but redirect me to their login page. What I need to do?

This usually happens when the page you want to scrape is visible only to registered users (for example inbox, settings, etc).

Can you send me the address of the page so I can examine it?

This doesn’t work. Even your example doesn’t work in the item I purchased. Please either fix or refund. Thanks

Please respond and refund. Thank you

Ok, I approved the refund. Now you have to wait for envato to respond.

I advise buying this plugin for its great functionality as well as the support offered by the author. He is very committed to its customers.

Is it possible to make pagination?

It’s possible to use third party javascript plugins to add pagination to the scraped data, but the plugin itself can’t do that for you.

This comment is currently being reviewed.

Issue with sequence of scraping the data—I have added three difference CSS selectors by comma separator, however it’s not scrapping the data in given sequence.


Could you please send me the selectors and the address of the page you are trying to scrape?

I needed to purchase the script but I tried to scrape a page but it doesn’t work. Kindly try it on your end. Below are the details. Url to scrape: http://www.aaii.com/sentimentsurvey/sent_results

I would require a quick response as a client needs to get a feedback as soon as possible.

I get this error when I try testing the scraping script from the demo: Error: Maximum (20) redirects followed

Hi there!

That page blocks the script from scraping the page by constantly redirecting it to other pages. I’m sorry but my plugin can’t scrape that page.

I’m interested in your tool. I’ve watched the videos, but those dont answer my question. I need to scrape, but I need your tool to parse for SPECIFIC strings only!

Will your tool allow me to scrape for specific strings? If so do you have an example, or some hints for me to try a test at ur demo?

Hi, the plugin allows you to add you own custom JavaScript code to parse the scraped HTML. It’s very simple. You just need to know how to parse string with JavaScript.

I’ll give you a full refund if you can’t get what you need with this plugin.

Hi, PHP Web Scraper make autologin ?

No, unfortunately it cannot do that.

Ok, thank you