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Could you provide a simple example. There is a url that has two .jpg images on it.

Grab it and show the image (or string). In other words, how to loop through the array?

I can see the array has fields that I’m interested in like Src, Url, and LocalUrl (although I don’t the file name it is saved as).

I feel as though there should be an easy way like $ig->getImageUrl.

Hello and thank you for buying,
I’m affraid we really do not have time to provide such an example but using just some basic PHP skiils anyone can parse some strings and iterate through an aray.
Good luck!

Is this script still supported?

Yes, it is.

It is possible to follow url amazon s3 mp4, without using my server?


It has a video player with url dynamic Amazon S3

And get a url that I can use in other flash player


Error 500 on your site:

Can this class grab img tags with base64 encoded image src?

hi i have a queastion is it posible to use this script as a fusker system after grabbing save the image to a gallery (with database) in the past the fusker was verry great but not from this time annymore i search for a script that can do

i hope to hear from you

Hello, it could be possible but this feature is not offered out of the box by the component. You will need to code the gallery and the database as our component just deals with the grabbing.

Hello, can the downloaded image be renamed automatically? Thanks