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Please, help me on this topic:

I have some problems with proxy. I tried about 30 different HTTP proxies and none of them are worked. Please, give an example with working proxy.

I tried it in my project and in your demo. In the first case it doesn’t make any effect, the IP is the same. In the second case, the page starts to load, but never stops (actually it stops, after 5-10 mins of waiting and throw this err

Thanks for your message. We also received your email message. The proxy feature should work just fine, we will come back with an email message soon as response to your request.

Hello and tank you for getting in touch,
It should work if you use a simplest url:
Google is a little picky with grabbers. You can play / test with the grabber here:

Question about caching feature. When the caching time expires and we load the new version of grabbing page, what happens to the old cache?

Hello and thank you for buying,
A cache file is derived considering the grabbed url and the grabbing parameters submitted. The same file is reused if the same url and parameters are used when grabbing. Of course, it is very possible that somebody will never use the same url and parameters and the cache file will just stay there. In order to control this, the developer can decide based on own judgement to use the wlWgUtils::clearCache() method that will clear the entire cache directory. This method will clear entire cache but if a specific logic to handle cache is needed, the developer can use wlWgUtils::getCacheDir() in combination with his own algorithm to implement the cache handling.

I mean, what happens when CACHE_TIME_1_WEEK expires? The old cache of the same page will be deleted or we will have 2 cached versions?

When the one week expires, then the same cache file will be reused. You will never have more cache files for an url and a set of grabbing parameters.

What’s new in the last update please? Thx

Here are the news:
- added wlWgContentProcessor class that allows grabbing and parsing custom content;
- documentation update;
- FAQ section for the documentation
For more information please check or the included documentation.


First of all, I want to say a BIG THANK YOU for adding the post curl class. I made myself learn more about PHP tonight (took one energy drink and 5 hours) so I could finally use this software. I’ve always known it was super powerful but I had to learn about multi-dimensional arrays and PHP classes. Your updated documentation, demos and FAQ helped tremendously.

I normally build scrapers with python or curl but this script allowed me to avoid python completely and make my current curl grabbers extremely more powerful.

As far as inserting into databases. I almost got it! I’m currently grabbing from ‘’ fields and I am at this point: $databasefield1 = $result[0][0]; $databasefield2 = $result[0][1]; ... $databasefield5 = $result[0][4]; // one database row ends here. I need to keep grabbing in sets of 5 until I reach the end of the array. Only problem is that I never know how big the array will be!

Please bless me with the answer mighty one.

Hello and thank you for buying and for your very kind feedback,
As far as I understood your question, the answer is pretty simple: count() function. Please have a look here:
Hope it helps.

Hi, the demo is down.

We just fixed it.
Thank you! :)

Hello, before buy I want to know something. I can put what I grab from websites in a database and then display into my website? Thanks!

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Yes you can, the grabbing engine is “transparent” enough and give you acces to the grabbed information so that you can do whatever you want with it: dysplay (by default) or even store it into a database. You must realize that the database saving mechanism is not included in within our product as the grabber deals only with grabbing; that small task shoul be carried on by the developer using the grabber engine.

Hi man! This script is supported yet?

Hello and thank you for buying,
Yes it is still under our care … :)

The yahoo search result grabbing not working. It showing just errors!!!

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This is because probably yahoo changed the way its search result are displayed. The yahoo search is there just for demo purposes and it is not the actual product. Thank you for letting us know, we will fix that soon.

I have purchased this your php parser, my use case is very simple .. I have to find a text in HTML page source .. Can you please provide some sample ?

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There are examples in the downloaded package. Also you can find them here (click on view source):
Good luck!

Hello there i like your crawler i think its maybe something i am looking for. But it would be really helpful if you can answer the following questions.

1. Lets say there are 2 sites. Site A is not mine but site B is.

2. Can this crawler harvest the images + description data from “Site A” lets say they have buy and sell ads. Can that data be harvested from Site A and bring this back to Site B and insert it.

3. Can it take urls of the Site A ads that it harvested so it can check those ads later and if any of the ad is removed on Site A it also removes the ad from Site B which is mine to keep the data fresh?

I also have a developer (who is currently working on other bits of my work) can he further built this bot by adding removing features from it to suit our needs ?


Hello and thank you for getting in touch.
2. No. I grabs only html contens and no media files.
3. Yes, but you have to do some additional work.
Regarding modifying the code of the component you should check the that with envato as they are responsible for the licensing.

Hello, this is a great web scrapper. However, I am a bit concerned that it has not been updated in 2 years. Does everything still work? Why has there not been an update in that long? Thank you for answering these questions!

Hello and thank you for your interes in our product. Beeing a quite stable product, the updates are now based on user feedback / requests and this is the reason why it hasn’t been updated for a while. Cheers!

Demo website is not working …? 504 error

I want to use it with Udemy to grab some info from any course. I want to give it a course URL then I want to grab title, description etc. Is it possible?

presale question, can i use for grabber BTC price and put in my website.thanks

Does this app work like


I was wondering if this plugin can get videos embedded in a post such as this post.

I tried with the demo website but it looks like the video was not imported. Hope to hear from you. Thanks!

hello… can it grab content from tripadvisor and store it on my website?