PHP Weather Script

PHP Weather Script

PHP Weather Script offers advanced statistics for current weather conditions of a requested location. The script auto-detects the user’s location, it has a fully compatible design for iPhone, Android & Windows Phone. The script is also SEO, all the valid locations are 100% indexable, it runs automatically. Also has a built-in API so you can create your own applications based on the script.


  • Advanced Weather Stats, with option for °C or °F unit.
  • 5 days forecast for each location, with descriptive icons.
  • Google Maps Integration (see the requested weather location).
  • JSON API (location, temperature, conditions & much more).
  • User Location auto detection (using GeoIP Lite).
  • SEO Ready (100% indexable locations).
  • Adsense ready, 2 ad units.
  • Mobile Compatible (responsive design).
  • Cross Browser compatible (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera).
  • and more…


    Update 1.9 (8/30/2015)
  • Added the city searched within the title tag
  • Update 1.8 (7/14/2015)
  • Improved the way the degrees format is changing (now it remembers the current location)
  • Update 1.7 (4/14/2015)
  • Migrated to OpenWeatherMap API (old API is deprecated)
  • Added new icons
  • Other improvements
  • Update 1.6 (3/19/2015)
  • Migration from MySQL (deprecated in higher PHP versions) to MySQLi
  • Update 1.5 (12/12/2014)
  • Updated the API requests.
  • Update 1.4 (10/14/2013)
  • Added KM/h format to the WindSpeed when the users uses the °C format and MPH when using °F format.
  • Files affected: /sources/welcome.php
  • Update 1.3 (5/28/2013)
  • Improved the script to support accent characters.
  • Files affected: /skin/wrapper.html
  • Update 1.2 (12/24/2012)
  • Fixed minor issues with the style sheet
  • Files affected: style.css
  • Update 1.1 (12/15/2012)
  • Improved support for iPad
  • Cleaned up some code
  • Files affected: style.css, welcome.php
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