PHP Video Search Engine

PHP Video Search Engine

PHP Video Search Engine is an advanced video search engine based on YouTube’s Search API it’s a powerful tool for searching for videos, it includes a series of filters and two types of displaying the results which are list and grid, also it’s Adsense Ready (3 ad spots).


  • Video Search Engine (YouTube API)
  • Playing videos without going on external link (FancyBox included)
  • Two display types: grid & list
  • 8 Filters, Sort by & Upload Date
  • Sort By: Relevancy, Date, rating, View Count
  • Upload Date: Today, This Week, This Month, All time
  • Tooltips included
  • and more…


    Update 2.1 (11/22/2017)
  • Fixed info pages content not being centered
  • Other minor improvements
  • Files affected: style.css, /sources/search.php
  • Update 2.0 (12/2/2015)
  • Added dynamic copyright year
  • Update 1.9 (5/11/2015)
  • Added cURL support.
  • Minor improvements to the interface and code
  • Update 1.8 (5/10/2015)
  • Fixed an issue where long titles would appear as numbers.
  • Update 1.7 (4/8/2015)
  • Migrated to the latest version of YouTube Data API v3 (v2 is now deprecated)
  • Added Likes statistics
  • Improved the Admin Panel
  • Update 1.6 (1/6/2015)
  • Added sub-folder installation support
  • Migration from MySQL (deprecated in higher PHP versions) to MySQLi
  • Update 1.5 (5/15/2013)
  • Improved the Internet Explorer support.
  • Files affected: /skin/wrapper.html, /js/source/jquery.fancybox.css
  • Update 1.4 (4/6/2013)
  • Improved the /sources/welcome.php file (added the API key to the request).
  • Update 1.3 (3/2/2013)
  • Added YouTube API Key option in config.php file as YouTube now requires API Key.
  • Files affected: Documentation.html, config.php, search.php
  • Update 1.2 (10/2/2012)
  • Removed some .css classes
  • Fixed the search button style (the height was modified on the last update)
  • Update 1.1
  • Added new filter (Category)
  • 14 categories added – available to be searched (YouTube doesn’t have this feature!)
  • Fixed some minor bugs & cleaned parts of the code
  • You can search now using 2 filters at the same time Category/SortBy or Category/Upload Date
  • Requirements: cURL, OpenSSL, MySQLi;