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I like the idea!

Good luck with sales. :D

Thank you!

Looks Awesome, Will purchase it very soon for testing my own script.

Good luck with the sales :)

Thank you,

One can never have too much luck!

Interesting concept and will bookmark this item could prove quite handy.

This is an interesting script, but I have a couple issues with it.

First, I tested it under WAMP and get a lot of notice messages for undefined variables.

Secondly, what do you mean by the following line in your help file?

“You are not allowed to share access to this script with the public! Make sure you use .htaccess (or another form of authorization) to secure the directory!!”

Does this mean that you can’t offer these services to people who visit your website, or are you talking about protecting the source code? If it’s the former you need to add that to the item description as it contradicts Envato’s license which allows use in a website (commercial, personal, client), or intranet site project.

I think you’ll need to ask for a new type of license for your script as the current ones are incompatible.

I do agree that Envato does need to get involved as we have every intention to keep developing applications rather than plugins. Envato does recognize a difference between the two when I comes to “acceptance requirements”

I also do agree with you that we need to mention something in the description about the licensing. We have asked for help early this morning but have not received a response. When attempting to contact Envato Support in regards to licensing issues they “hide” the contact form and say to seek professional legal advice. I’m sorry, but its just not practical to invest thousands of dollars for legal council on an $11 dollar application.

But we are working on it and hope to see a resolution to the hole in the license – if there is one. This is all so confusing!

Very fresh and interesting idea.

It would be nice if the script could highlight the faulty/ specific code in the text it says i have a php v5.3 array function but it dosen’t not give me much info other wise…

I created the script on version php v5.2.11. Is the array detection a glitch?

It would be nice if the script could highlight the faulty/ specific code in the text
PHP Version Finder does not check/validate php code. It determines the minimal version of PHP required to run that code. After submitting code, a new button appears “Highlight In Bigger Window”. Although this is intended to highlight php syntax, (not necessarily look for errors) it can help determin if there is improper coding, but again, that is not its intended purpose (sometimes the “error hilighting” is a bit wonkie).

it says i have a php v5.3 array function but it dosen’t not give me much info other wise…
What other info are you looking for? Letting you know what version of PHP is required to operate that function is what PHP Version Finder does. If there are attached notes, or if the function is deprecated, or experimental, let will let you be aware of that as well.

I created the script on version php v5.2.11. Is the array detection a glitch?
What array function are you using? array_replace and array_replace_recursive are the only two array functions that require 5.3 to operate.

If you can send me an email (via our profile page) with the code you are processing I will take a look and see if there is an error in our script.

It has errors on the one with the database and the one without the database

with database: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_VARIABLE, expecting ‘(’ in /home2/XXXXX/public_html/tools/php-version-finderDB/index.php on line 285

Without database: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_VARIABLE, expecting ‘(’ in /home2/XXXX/public_html/tools/php-version-finder/index.php on line 299

What is the fix here????

We’re sorry about that. The corrected version is still in the que. We have emailed you the latest version.

The version you sent me works 100%, thank you for the help.. I love this product it helps me update and upgrade my scripts. This system short cuts to a lot of info that used to take hours to lookup and find

wow that’s sweet..a must have

Yesterday our latest version (1.0.3c) was accepted, so if you have any version prior, please accept our apology and download the latest version.

I would also like to say that we are very embarrassed by the number of issues we have had with this script. Due to our lack of organization on this particular project (and because of its enormous undertaking) we have made a few mistakes that we have undoubtedly learned from. Our obvious goal is to produce 100% bug/error free scripts. Even if we don’t get it right the first time, we will work night and day to meet our goal – and your expectations.

As far as licensing issues go, we are still working with Envato to come to a clear understanding and resolution.

If you have not already done so, please download the latest version (1.0.3c) as it should not contain errors. In the unlikely (and further embarrassing) event that it does, please let us know so we can get it fixed immediately.

We thank you for your patience and understanding,

Just to tell you it works like a charm : it’s worth saying it I think :-)

I flooded it with my CMS : hehe ! not so bad!

Thank you!!! Always good to hear positive feed back!!

PHP Version finder is designed to handle a huge load – in fact, our testing grounds were composed of Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, Concrete5, Vbulliten, phpBB, IP Board, SM, 3D Cart, x-Cart, etc.

It appears that even big companies just guesstimate as to the required version of PHP !!

Can this check a bunch of php files at once, or would I have to submit each php individually? Will this script show me why my site isn’t compatible with the latest version of PHP ?

It looks from the screenshot, your script gives a suggestion on a replacement. If I’m not a programmer, and your script only finds a limited few statements that aren’t compatible with the latest version of PHP , would it be as simple as for me to replace the variables that your script marks, or is there more to it than that, where I would need a programmer to fix my script?

Please let me know, as I’m interested in this script if it would help me make my site compatible with the latest version of PHP .


If your script is on your server, you can install this script on the same server and it will check all the files at once.

Yes; it will show you which functions in your script are depreciated (not compatible) in the latest version of PHP .

PHP Version finder does suggest replacements to make your script backwards compatible with older versions of PHP .

As far as ease of replacing depreciated functions with their new equivalent, it can be as easy as renaming the function, but it can also be as difficult as re-writing part of your script.

If you need someone to update your script to run on the latest version of PHP , I’d be willing to take that on as a free lance job.


Hi Have you an update to analyse PHP V5.4 ? Or instruction on how to do it … Thank for great tool