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Nice. Might buy it.

can this be added to an html page as well?


Unfortunately PHP scripts cannot be included in an html page unless you use an iframe but that’s not a great solution.

The alternative is to simply change your .html files into .php ones and use the include code as described in the readme. Changing your files from .html to .php will not affect how they function at all, the only difference will be that they now understand PHP code and the script will work.

Thanks for your interest, Jigowatt

Does that count all users that are online anywhere on the web site (on any page) or only users who are viewing that particular page? For example, I am on the home page, other user is on “about us” page, is it going to display 2 users online, or will it display 1 user online on home page, and one user online on about us page?


Thanks for your interest, the count is for users anywhere on the website.

It’s best used in PHP websites (included in the header.php file or similar so the function is included for every page load) if the user visits the page that includes the script (header.php would be requested every time a page loaded), a record for that user is entered into the database and will remain there for the time period you set.


hey jigowatt

i like the look of your scripts, just wanted to say well done,

you really have pushed the boat out with your user managment system and users online

i am working on a big golf project at the moment, meeting the client tomoro , think i will be pushing them towards a login system now

please keep up the good work

respect for SCOTLAND

Been cranking out some solid stuff lately. Keep up the good work!

Very nice script. Easy to add to your site.

does it also reports the “most users online” as well?


This isn’t a standard feature however in this script, however with little PHP knowledge it could be adapted to suit your needs. You could use it as both or adapt it to be a ‘most users online’ script.

Thanks for the interest, Jigowatt

Hi Jigowatt, I want to use it to both, most ever users online and currently users online? Can I purchase assitance for som cost?

thank you for great script.

This is awesome. Will be buying soon. You have some really great scripts.

Just tested the Live preview with from my Home PC and Work PC, i see 2 users are online. How long does it take for the user number to change back to zero, when closing both browsers (home and work pc).

Should be five minutes default. You can modify that in the file directly.

Hi, My website is running asp.net? Can i use this script ?

Only if your website can handle PHP .

is this site wide or i can use it page by page like…

Total users online: 20 (3 viewing this page)


This is a global script, it combines all pages.


Interested, but found it looking for a script that finds out what country the IP address is from.

I want to be able to serve up the correct currency for the User, via their IP address…

can your script do this? can it differentiate between England, wales and Scotland?? That would be cool!

looking forward to potentially using this, if such a feature can be added??


The script only uses the IP to determine that it is a unique visitor and uses it to count the number of users online. Its doesn’t do anything else with the IP (other than store it to the database).

It is possible to modify the script to then check where the IP is coming from but it not something built in currently.

Hope that helps.

Thanks sort of, need to re-consider as I have now created a IP/ Country analyser myself, but need something like our tracker – so will re-evaluate and hope to take it for a test drive…

No Problem. let me know if you need any more help.

Is it possible for me to install this on 1 domain (company website), but insert the php code onto our different URLs in our network of websites, so that it’s 1 install, but it tracks the users (as a whole) on all our sites together?

Can it do this “out of the box”? As I have little php coding knowledge to alter the script.



Nope, it doesn’t do it out of the box and will require modification to get it to work how you want.

Purchase this script. Installed it and I can’t get it to work. I place the code in a file named online.php.


Disregard the above, I figured it out.

you say this will work globally throughout a php website. I believe you are saying that is if it is templated and calling a header.php file am I correct? What if I have simply a few php pages that are basically html that I turned into php pages. Will it still work globally “that” way? like home.php, about.php, contact.php all simply have html and css and are not really calling echos or includes? thanks

If its not a PHP site then it wont work.

can I use this in conjunction with this mod: http://codecanyon.net/item/css3-fixed-slide-out-tabs/1470793 for notifications on the slide out tabs


I’m afraid we can’t say that our script will work with another script as there may be classes I’m afraid.

Thanks, Jigowatt.


We upgraded to to PHP5.5 and are getting this error:

Deprecated: mysql_connect(): The mysql extension is deprecated and will be removed in the future: use mysqli or PDO instead in /home/httpd/vhosts/website.com/httpdocs/inc/online.inc.php on line 6

Is there a way to upgrade this script?