PHP User Registration and Management Framework

PHP User Registration and Management Framework

ChinaTown is a Light, Fast and Secure LAMP based Rapid Application Development (RAD) Framework with CRUD API for bootstrap your next SaaS project. ChinaTown has many features like user authentication, user account management, multi-currency accounts and many more.

ChinaTown build using MVC and consists from self extending plug-ins.

There are few reasons why you may consider using ChinaTown for your next application: first of all it is standard PSR complaint framework, it is small, robust and secure. ChinaTown has list of build-in features such as user management and payment handling that will bootstrap any PHP application development. ChinaTown is RAD, there is many RAD methods available to developer, ChinaTown will take care of form creation and processing make entire coding process from idea till release much more productive.

List of Features:

System Features

Light, Fast & Secure
Easy to Configure, Modify and Extend
Translation Ready
Examples and Tutorials Included
Installation Wizard

User Registration & Management

Protected Pages by User Level
User Dashboard, Settings & Forget Password Pages
Public User Profiles with separated profile templates
View last login TimeStamp

Account & Payments Management

Multi-Currency Local Account Balance
Multiple Payment Gateways Support
Easy plug-in based Payment Gateways Extension

FrameWork Features

MVC PHP Framework Engine – Plug-ins based, easy to modify & extend
RAD Form Builder & Processor + AJAX and Server Side CSRF and XSS protection
Template Engine - any page can use different template; Dynamic header and footer
CRUD User Management Engine - 
Multi-Currency Account Management Engine – User and Admin can add funds to account

Security & User Input

Cleaning all user input to protect from XXS and SQL injections
Strong AJAX form protection to replace CAPTCHA for better UX.
Optional CAPTCHA
Automatic AJAX form field validation
Secure Contact & Registration Forms


HMVC structure
PDO CRUD + OpenSSL Encryption
Font Awesome 4+
HTML5 valid & fully responsive

More Options & Features

Custom sign up fields
Encapsulated functions for Rapid Application Development (RAD)
Unlimited User Access Levels - add as many as you need
Registration email with temporary password and welcome email on first login
Add / Remove funds from any account
Enable / Disable new account registrations
Add & Delete any account
Edit account level
Modify account status, Enable / Disable any account
Reset account password
View list of users
Statistical charts – number of registrations per day
Live AJAX user search, find users by part of the name, email, date, ID, etc..
User Access Logs
Access to transactions and Payment Gateways logs

What is NOT included:

ChinaTown is 100% MVC Object-Oriented, it also follows KISS principles therefore CT doesn’t have following:

1. CT NOT requre Object-Oriented coding within the script, any code can be included!
2. CT NOT requre (H)MVC structure, hierarchy applies only on top level and does not required on plug-ins level, controllers and models are there but they are not required, for fast results only views can be used.
3. CT NOT extend any classes, all classes supplied with this script works independently from each other.
4. CT NOT use any PHP frameworks, that keep ChinaTown fast, RAD, and concept independent.
5. CT NOT use any single database JOIN statement (nor select within select) , not one single time, all system uses simple, optimized for production queries. Different CRUD approach makes it possible: database structure and managing classes.
5+1. CT NOT contain huge files, we try to keep all files (including main and API classes) under 250 lines of code for better readability, most of the files has less than 100 lines.