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Hi,nice script!

I have 2 questions. I am sorry if there has been on the manual described.

1. There is display limit of view in a day in the Twitter API (such as a search)?
2. Is it possible to set the default language (such as French) in ?
  • I want to search only in French



Twitter does have API limits and those limits are explained here:

As for search in French, it is possible by setting the language code to ‘fr’ in the search function.

Hi, is it possible with this script to show replies or retweets containing a URL? For example, everytime that I generate a news article with its own link, with PHP I give it the instruction to search for tweets containing that link in order to create interaction

It’s currently not possible to search by a URL.


I need to change the time in search results to Brussels European time (GMT + 2:00). What do I need to change in the code? How can i change the time displaying to something like this : 13:25 ?


In functions/twitter_user_timeline.php and functions/twitter_search.php you will see date(‘g:ia’, change the g:ia to H:i which will be in 24 hour format with leading zeros. If you want the time without leading zeros, change the H to G

As with the other fix, Codecanyon changed the single quotes so when searching for date(‘g:ia’, be sure to replace the single quotes by typing them in.

Thanks! It’s working!

Is it possible to show pictures from Twitter in search results? just like Twitter does? It would be very, very useful!!

PS: Just a suggestion. If you need some inspiration for developing of new products, I am looking for a script like this Of maybe you know where to buy a similar script? Thanks in advance!

Hello Piska, At this time, the Twitter API doesn’t return pictures or videos so I wouldn’t be able to implement this feature into the script.

As for, it seems like a project that would take a while to develop and I have very limited free time on my hands at this time. As for other scripts, I haven’t seen anything similar to


As I understand, via jQuery there will no be limits, can you help me with following:

If i buy and use your script, I will need send a search query to him via ”?search=Hello world” and show results via jQuery. (as in your example with word “traffic”)

Also can you make a pagination in script for search results?


Yes, you can search any term. The jQuery version uses the API to retrieve data for any search term.

I would add pagination but due to the way the Twitter API works, it doesn’t make sense to do so. Here is what the Twitter dev team has to say about pagination:

Hi, I would like to add an extra function to this script, and don’t know if I can do this already, if it’s easy to implement or is even possible. I want to create a ‘Reactions’ or ‘Responses’ area, where I can list any replies to tweets that a user has responded to through this script, possibly via hashtags or their url. So rather than log in to their Twitter account to check for replies to a thread they’ve found using my site – they can do so from the dashboard on my site. I am going to add Twitter login authorization, so a user’s details will be available. I hope I’ve been clear? Many thanks in advance.

Hello and thank you for your interest. From what I can see, this wouldn’t be possible due to the API not providing this information.

Does it work with Wordpress?

To integrate with WordPress, it would require programming knowledge. Therefore it wouldn’t integrate automatically.

Hello, i have just bought your twitter search script and i must say i am impressed how easily it can be installed and functions properly compared to others i have tried, however, i have a problem, i am trying to display the search result based on the page title of my website with this code

<?php echo twitter_search_php(’<?php echo $album->title; ?>’,’mixed’); ?>

but this is what i got “We were unable to retrieve Twitter search results for the term of title; ?>”

i am sure is something with the way i am using the php code, i am not that good with php, can you help me with this?, here is an example of the page i am trying to use the script on:

Thanks in advance, Ayodeji.

Thanks for purchasing the script.

It should be like this:

<?php echo twitter_search_php($album->title,’’,’mixed’); ?>

Make sure the apostrophes (‘) around “mixed” are correct because for some reason CodeCanyon messes them up. Also the second variable in the function must be either empty or contain a value because that is the variable for the language code. The results type is the 3rd variable.

I am sending you an email which will be easier to understand.

Hi, I want to test this plugin on a windows environment using wamp, which directories i need to change?

Regards! Kristy Noms

Hi, I added the twitter credentials on twitter_config.php but i’m still getting this error:

“Twitter user timeline example We were unable to retrieve the Twitter timeline of google

Twitter search results example We were unable to retrieve Twitter search results for the term of New York”

Do you know what can be wrong?

Thanks in advance, Kristy

Forget the last reply, i found the issue here:

it was a certificate from curl that i had to download to work in localhost, if anyone else has this problem it’ll have to download the certificate from here and add on php.ini!

Thanks for letting everyone know what caused the issue. Glad things worked out.

God day I buy and configure as say in formantation but iever have the message: Could not authenticate you. Can you help me please.

This might be due to not entering in the Twitter API credentials correctly. I recommend double checking this info.

Hello, your script really works good for me but the twitter search api does not return results when i use the ‘popular’ term, it works for mixed and recent.

any support on that?


I see nothing in the code that would prevent this because popular was implemented the same as the others. It might be that Twitter isn’t returning the results as expected.

Hi, It works fine until I change my location or choose a location to search – anywhere – it doesn’t return any results. Any clues why?

Explain in detail what you are entering in for the location.

I searched for “google” in the search term box and then entered my location in the search box which is above the map. After selecting the location from the Google search suggestion box, I clicked on the search button and got results.

BTW, for popular I didn’t get anything when entering a location but without the location I got results. This is likely due to too many filters. For example, there might not be much buzz going on for a specific term in a particular location.

Keep in mind that Twitter is about current events and not a regular search engine like Google. For this reason, there isn’t much content for Twitter to show for every term and location out there. Try searches for common things and then narrow the searches down to see what happens.

is possible fetch all photos of my following / followers / contacts ONLY tagged WITH SOME LOCATION? please advise i need do this customization, thanks!

I’m looking to buy the script, but it looks like it will only pull results from a specific timeline with tweets that are very recent. I tried from: and then from since: and both only pulled a tweet/s from a specific profile if they were less than a week old. Any older tweets from a week or older didn’t show up on search results. Any idea?

Hi, I need make a database with tweets in an area, with coordenates and time… may be 200 tweets by hour every day in a week (for a research). Its possible?