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Hey this is pretty cool. I wanted to see if you would be able to create a script for me similar to or

I want a simple sign in with twitter button which will auto tweet to the persons account a pre set paragraph.

hit me up if interested,

Hey Lochie, just wondering, would implementing this into a wp theme be simple?

let me know, thanks

Good question, and to tell you the truth I really don’t know the answer. I don’t use wordpress so I’ve never tried.

I should clarify – this would probably be very easy, you would just need to add the JS file as you would with any other website and it should work.

I’m gonna buy this very soon. Awesome job.

this one is cool. buying soon!!!!

Thanks guys!

Thank Kevin! Hope you find it useful!

Page seems to be back up now, not sure what happened there.

I got the script uploaded everything, and followed the instructions… But, when I select something on the page, login with Twitter, after, it just takes me to a blank page with a text field on.

Check your email please.

Love this and would love to purchase.. After selecting the text I want to tweet, clicking the button, I was hoping that I could edit the tweet before it went live. Is this possible? If it is I’m a buyer!

Peace, Dustin

Well, it is possible but some modifications would have to be done to the code in order for that to happen.

Cool! If you come up with some ideas drop me a line. I think with that mod you’d have a solid product, I’d promote it. Coming from a social marketing perspective, allowing the user to add their input is key! Also, you’d want to make sure that if you’re a twitter user that the tweet is including your twitter @username to insure an official mention in the network. ;)

very nice file, superb concept and very useful but only when it counts and shows selected character in real time .. currently you have to select character again and again unless its exactly or less then 140

hi great idea… a little prob tho.. installed ok.. registered ok… when run, it connects to twitter and posts in my twtter account this text “tellus rhoncus a. Ae” which is text copied from the demo in the installation folder… so it works fine for the demo but not the site.. does the web page need to be in the working directory of twitselect.. i’d rather it not.

i have twitselect installed in a sub-folder to the actual site and changed line 58 in the js to the sub folder path..

any ideas??

i thought the twiter window which opened up was their own account…


thanks, lance.

That is an odd bug, please email me with any details that may help and I’ll get back to you ASAP .

thanks for your help.. working great using sub directories too!!

Great! Glad you got it worked out.

Your hosting is down again… the live demo doesnt work.

Thanks, I’ll get it up ASAP !


Is it also possible to include the link of the page in the tweet?


Yes, with minor modification. :)

Thanks for your fast reply,

If I purchase it can you help me with that or supply the modification? And will the link be a http:// or a link?

Yes, I should be able to help you provided it doesn’t take long.. Which I don’t think it should. Send me an email if you choose to purchase the script, and I’ll help you with this request.

Live Preview is a spam site…

live preview does not work

Demo isn’t working, I’m interested in this.

hi, demo lik???

Any available demo link?