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I don’t see an example in the code of how you populate the tree (i.e. AddNode) by using node data retrieved from a mysql database to build the tree dynamically?

Can you just put your code inside a loop that populates each addnode with values from a php/mysql data array? If so can you provide an example? Thanks.

Hi Is there a way to open a tree branch when opening the page ?


Yes, simply add to your URL &node1_1=e or any other number of your node

Will this handle PDF ’s and Video Files?

Is it possible to set it up for downloads?

Does it restrict top-level folders?

1. Explain please in more detail. 2. How? 3. It shows the structure you create or shows the content of the current folder, not top-level folders

Is there an other way of opening a tree branch than with the url nodetree_1=e ? maybe in javascript ? Thanks

Currently only if you know node ID. We’ll try to develop something for the next version – thanks.

I have paid ,But why can’t I download the file?

Did you received it?

I have paid ,But why can’t I download the file?

Did you received it?

no I can’t download the file.

You may download it from your downloads page – loot at the top menu :

If you don’t see the script there – please contact to codecanyon support.


Could you tell me if this does exactly like the the link below?


So for example, if you click on: Pictures>>Europe>>Eiffel Tower which currently is showing an image of Eiffel Tower.

So instead of the image I could have a links of a files (in this case pdfs) where users can click on and the pdfs open?

you may have any HTML code you need.

hi is it this script still work? and how about PDF file? is it can put at this script?

Yes, it works. You may show any content you need.