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Really cool!

Is it possible to embed Google Docs, such as a spreadsheet in a tab?

If so I’m buying! Thanks

It’s a PHP component, so you may display inside of Tab any content from external PHP file.


I am not a developer.

Can i use it on my existing website?

But it is truly amazing script indeed.


Sure, you don’t need to be a developer. You must upload the script to your website and define all needed options in code. The template already done, you need only un-comment appropriate lines of code and assign values. http://www.apphp.com/php-ajax-file-uploader/examples/sample2/code_template.php

The PDF prewiev dont work?

This is not preview – this is just possibility to see PDF documents. Check if you have Adobe Reader installed on your computer.


Is posible download one test?

Our script is 100% open source and we have no test version. You may check how it works on our Live Demo.

hi want to buy the script but few questions before buying, in the pdf viewer can i disable the print and the download button – the user must not see these buttons

These buttons are part of the browser’s PDF component, not a script.

I have bought the extension and I love it. Only 1 problem though… when I load php documents into tabs the initial load(on page load) works fine. But when i try and browse to other tabs(also php) It just keeps loadin… Did notice this error: “http://website/includes/tabs/inc/getcontent.php?filename=%2Fuser_management%2Fuser_profile.php&password=apphptabs

Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 500 (Internal Server Error)`”

I am using AJAX because post loses the get data I am already posting to the form… SO Ajax is my only solution…

Is there a solution to this?

check your server error log file to understand what exactly is happening