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Can’t get this to run.It seems just a bunch of PHP MVC framework files. Can you pls advise?

It’s released with Framework. What error do you see? check if your server supports mod_rewrite.

OK, this is a bit of a bait and switch, I think. The script sold here seems to be only the front end files, without the administration area? They charge $49 from their website for the complete script, which I think is very reasonable; I wish they had mentioned that the version sold here is only the front end.

This script is full web-solution, including admin panel and all settings. Exactly like you may see here on our LIVE DEMO:

OK, my bad! I found how to get to the admin url. It is like domain.ext/phpsurvey_folder/backend/login and I have no idea why I was having trouble getting to this previously. (It must be “virtual” instead of literal folders?) My sincere apologies. I have flagged my post and asked for it to be removed. :-)

Ok, no problems.

I was using the script. Collected replies of 100 users the script was resected. I bought the script to take just this survey and now i lose datas. I’m asking for refund.

What do you mean resected? Please contact to our support : and we’ll help you to find the error and fix it.

Hello, is there a way to skip the initial introduction page for each survey and jump into it directly? Like http://localhost/survey/surveys/show/code/3/page/1, it always redirects me back to code/3. Is there a line I could change? Thanks

You may define in config defualt controller and action

Is it possible to anticipate more dan one on a survey? when i fill in the test survey en try to do it the second time it won’t go to the survey area

quite unstable to ,unfortlately

But are all developers dead? I have problems with your script and nobody answers in the tiket

Please all technical questions refer top our support: