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What are the UN, PW to log in?

Hi there, user is tests and password is tests

Nice script, good work crivion! :)

thanks buddy!

seems to fail with https. Any idea?

yes, included, sorry for the hassle, seems a lot of people miss it!

any plan to add a user register form? Thanks.

not really.

What information I can get from this test?

The status is complete but seems there’s no result at all

it only adds last backslash if there isn’t one already. I am not here to battle on coding knowledge

I am not here to battle, too :D Just because of my lacking knowledge about php so I ask you how an if condition work without do statement, I did some search but no help, if you don’t want to answer it’s OK, I’m flying out … :silly:

you first check there’s a backslash or not then add it depending on the result

This requires a VPS/Dedicated with Apache (not nginx), PHP 5.3+ and MySQL.

not correct :)

apacheab program for php.ini settings and put the section required have been installed. I got powers like sh .. But somehow it did not work. I saw I could not get them earlier. You writers need for this setup?

Hello, replied to your email.

It does not matter. You’re throwing at or mail. brother important to make the right promotion. give correct information.

what’s wrong with you? i am willing to assist to make it work on your server. requirements are the one specified

If someone buys this and hosts it for free with maximum amount of requests please reply with the link so I can try it out :)

does not work at all. Shows no information

contact me with ftp via my profile form here for debugging

Can it work on shared hosting?

no sorry

Can you send me the documentation.? I want to read the guide before buy this script

does not work \\

contact me via my profile form with your hosting info and I will review

hi , is it possible to detect the limit when requests is failed ? example for detect how much Max user can use in same time ? regards

Hi there,

Unfortunately it will only say how many requests fail instead of when it failed.



kricena Purchased

Security concern! Remove file install.php after you have completed install process. File has been deleted but still displayed

Contact me with hosting login and I’‘l review.


96pgoel Purchased

what is the benefit for developer or hosting company

the target server, which server A in your case. It is NOT guaranteed to crash, this isn’t a server hijacking tool. If you don’t know exactly how this works better stay off, it is not meant for you.


96pgoel Purchased

it’s help to find proper not request server can handle


96pgoel Purchased

it’s help to find proper request server can handle

your screenshot doesn’t help. you should contact me with your server/vps details so I can check you went through installation correctly and all requirements are met (like having “ab” installed and access rights to it)


96pgoel Purchased

Security concern! Remove file install.php after you have completed install process. | Already deleted