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How much would it cost to implement this into my version of phpstreetmaps –



Sorry should have said – would like to do this pulling data from MySQL.


can we integrate it with google map ?

Yes. you’ll need to reprogram but you have the source code to do so. Ninja

Hello, can we simple using your osm script instead of Google maps in our php scripts? Any assistance for doing this from your support? Let me please know. Thank you.

What do you need it to do? So long as what you need it to do is covered by the features listed in posting. My script is designed to simplify the process for php developers. -Ninja

Hello, simple question, can we replace Google maps to OSM easily with your script? Without any API troubles. If yes and you can guide me how to, I’m ready to purchase here. Thank you.

Sorry cannot guarantee one for one match of functionality between Google maps and OSM. I would hold of purchasing if that’s a requirement. Best, Ninja

Is it connected to a GPS device or mobile app? How do you track the movements?

All smart phones these days support geolocation. This script just provides access to this functionality. The script asks for permission but once granted by cell phone owner they can be tracked.


I misspoke. This script only allows you to map coordinates once you have them. Check out my other scripts – and if you need code with the geotracking logic.

- Ninja

can I use markers with text, such as prices for hotels

Yes. An experienced PHP developer can modify the pop up with any data you want to display – text, images, video – html formatted

I got the 403 error. Can you help?

Forbidden You don’t have permission to access /phpstreetmaps/php/phpstreetmaps.php on this server. Server unable to read htaccess file, denying access to be safe

Additionally, a 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

The demo shows things moving but no Map.

What browser are you using? Also try refreshing


Hi! I love your work and have purchased multiple scripts from you! I did find a few flaws I was hoping maybe you could look at.

1. When trying to enter locations for the directions maps, the script gets confused when you are interacting with one of the location boxes and the actual map.

2. When hovering the generated directions on the right side and using a scroll-wheel, it does not go down.


Send me examples that recreate problem via email?

My website running on php codeignitor so please tell me this map will work on codeignitor or i have to modify more on codeignitor to run this map or you have seperate file for codeignitor

will track driver real time?

I added host/dbname/user/pass to config file but sql is not writing to db and no maps are showing On 2nd attempt added my Mapbox Api and still am having the same issue.

I have contacted platform supporr for refund.

I bought the php. The code is not compatible with secure sites (https). I’m modifying it, but you should improve it. Cheers

is it possible to put a map, markers as if you were drawing an area? each marker the possibility to insert an entry as coordinates, to form the points?


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Hi, in demo I can’t close popus in mozilla after open, this a bug ? Thanks


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can we work with leafle instead mapbox?


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I need help, your script appear deprecated in some browsers, and cant run, can you help please ??

hello, i bought i need to send the demo database to test it