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Good luck with selling! :)

good work, nicely done ! wish you big sales ;)

Very nice! This may work perfectly for a project I am working on. Good luck with sales!

Hello I’m always Looking for a good Nap script to test. I love testing map scripts and seeing they can do. If you would like a tester let me know To help test your scripts for maps.

I’ll keep you in mind.

Hello can we change maps to say like google maps? I do not know this mapbox. And it looks like not all street names are displaying on the map it’s self.

just change style to get street names.

I’m sorry what do you mean by that? Part of the street names show on and some don’t. – if you theme your map with the ‘streets’ theme for instance and zoom in you will see all the streets. Other seems support street names also.

Hi so how do we initialize the data base to create the table?

The script initializes the database. You just need to modify /php/config.php with your db connection parameters. Ninja

Yep got it Just a suggestion in your examples maybe consider a drop down list that will display a pop up of a selected map from the list Dont happen to have a piece of code to do that by any chance? It would be rather helpful

thanks for the suggestion. I don’t have code that does this. sorry -ninja

One of the best work, good luck with sales


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I sent a request to your email. Did you get it. Thank you.

You are not responding. Are you available for custom work?

sorry for the delays. Your emails were ending up in my spam folder for some reason. I responded. Cheers. Ninja

Thank you. I received your responses.

Hello, the Moving markers (UBER-style markers) map does not load and shows blank space when you pan away from the view that is already loaded. Any quick fix for this?

It’s a mapbox bug. I already reported it. Hopefully they will fix in the next release.