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Installed this, ran the wizard, let me login, everything looked like it good, BUT.. When I filled out the form to create a new Quiz, click saved, NOTHING is added to the database? Sent you an email. Please help me as soon as you can, need to start a contest before the weekend. Thanks.

i answered via email.

Great work here! But now I want to customize it a bit (shocker)...

I would like to add different question types to add:

Multi-Choice (you have) Multi-right Ordering Fill in the blank matching essay etc….

any chance you have something like this in the works??? or can you assist with additions for extra $$$

contact me on skype please

Hi, can this script be customized to record the time used by the user to complete the quiz and then display the result. Can a live scoreboard be displayed at the beginning of the quiz to show the user who is the best ranking with the fastest time.

I don’t mind adding extra $$ for customization. Thanks!

Hallo thank you for interest

Sorry but at this moment i have no time to implement this script. I ll do it in the next future.

Sorry again

I have a quiz with 1000+ questions/fact patterns (100-300 words) each with 4 possible answers.

Can this program be used for it?

this script at this moment allow you set one right answer, i’m sorry

Mr. Plugins.

I have a couple of questions. 1. In your second live example where there are a few multiple choice answers, you have a name field and an email field. Is it possible to validate those field with another users table?

2. Secondly, can the answers be submitted to a database for and then aligned with the user who took the quiz.

lastly, is there a way to maybe record an essay?

hi, for the question 1 these fields not required existring validation, their purpose is to sent email to admin and to client.

for the question 2 and 3 at this moment is not available this feature, but if you know php it’s should be simple to do

OK I managed to install the script. But backend login is ith admin/admin How can I change the loginname and password? What file to edit? In the DB I can not find an User table.

i don’t understand what you are sking for. the admin login is stored into database and you can change it by admin control panel. no data into php files, i don’t understand.

when I login into admin, there is no option to change admin login. There is only the ”? QUIZZES LIST SECTION” for creating and editing quizzes. The file check.php contains the admin login. In what table of the DB should I look for the login details?

oops you are right i forgot this plugin login. the credentials are into php check file. to make it with db just create a table into db and than into check file make a query, so if login is ok at the end of this file write “echo ‘ok’; “

it appears that there are no instructions

no need instruction mate. it’s very simple to integrate. just use generated quizzes like shortcodes

can this be used to hide the page until quiz is solved? Or only display content shown in a small white box like on demo?

hi, unfortunatelly it’s not the script scope. it can hide only the content that you write from control panel. if you want you can change the code to do what you’re asking for.

can we embed PHP Solve Quiz and Unlock Content into BootCommerce – ECommerce Twitter Bootstrap Based as a plugin?

and did you use a prefix in the sql stractur?

use PHP Solve Quiz and Unlock Content into BC is a good idea, but at this moment i can’t develop this plugin.

for the request on the sql, yes i use a prefix for the tables

I can’t get the wizard to run, it keeps spinning ..wait….Please help

please give me the link where you installed the software so i can see the problem