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Miguel hope you pass your exams . The script is not important than your future dont forget that. Sorry for negative comments before.

The update has been sent to:

Version 2.0

  • - Added the function Repost (retweet)
  • - Added Soundcloud
  • - Added Multi Language System, 12 languages:
  • Catalan – català
  • Chinese
  • Deutsch – German
  • Dutch – Nederlands
  • English (US)
  • French – Français
  • Italian – Italiano
  • Portuguese – Português
  • Romanian
  • Russian
  • Spanish – Español
  • Turkish – Türkçe
  • - Real-time notifications, messages and interactions
  • - Email notifications when you follow or send you a message from your profile.
  • - The user chooses who can send private messages
  • - Autocomplete ajax.
  • - Emoticons in reviews and posts
  • - Avatar and cover can be extended
  • - The gallery from the profile is activated with videos and music.
  • - Profile Summary in style popout twitter
  • - Simple Email template
  • - Added page “Interactions” and “mentions in comments”.

  • PS: All files were affected by the incorporation of multi languages ??and new features.

    Thank you very much

    nice work man

    Amazing!I’ve been waiting for the update.Your script is the best in here.I will purchase it once the update is available.

    Congrats Miguel :)

    Well done. Can you explain more about “avatar and cover can be extended”

    You mena it looks like same as twitter profile style or old version of your script?

    edit : means*

    @zeraking I believe it means when you click in the user profile picture and cover you can see a bigger version of it.

    It is correct

    First #Bug

    When “1 new post” after click it. Can not repost .(Favorite is works) After refresh page i can repost . (Using browser Chrome)

    Bug 2

    “Autocomplete ajax” is not complete when i start @someu…. (@someuser)

    Bug 3

    Seems script have a date problem. It shows every post sent 1 hour

    Hello, and send the update correcting that and private messages.

    Relating to “Autocomplete ajax” http://bit.ly/1bfqcvghttp://bit.ly/1cgtvGh

    Tell me where in the world you are to solve the problem of time

    Sorry miguel i thought autocomplete works text box also when try to publications.


    Private Messages still not able to delete by reciever

    And one more . If some user sent me a private message and after than i block him/her he/she still can send me private message with comment

    Saludos, felicitaciones excelente noticias que al fin tengamos la actualizacion 2.0, una pregunta como hago para hacer que los usuarios no necesiten verificar el perfil mediante correo electronico, osea que ingresen directamente al registrarse, disculpa las molestias es que eso me interesa y mucho jeje :) ah cierto tambien ceria excelente si el script soportara imagenes gif :) Gracias y felicitaciones de nuevo porfis digame como hago que los usuarios no verifiquen su perfil, que ingresen directo :) gracias

    ya encontre el hilo de mis preguntas jajaja ya solucione el error, de las paguinas, una pregunta si esta trabajando en la proxima version o ya solo hasta hay se va a quedar el script jeje es que usted eleva una version cada mes jajajaja :D el script me gusta solo esa es la pequeña falla…

    Hola es que estado ocupado con los estudios entre cosas, si viene otra actualización espero que antes que se acabe el mes.

    ah bueno, encerio excelente que si venga una actualizacion gracias…

    Awesome update :)

    Hi Miguel,

    1. How to change the email template for notification and for validation?

    Hello, I was replied through the email, please read your email.

    I just sent you an email

    Replied again.

    do we have to re wright all file ?

    Yes, because all files were affected by the incorporation of multi languages

    Miguel you should connect my website and see some errors

    I have found interesting one.

    For example

    A) User1 mention user2

    See below

    @user2 hey

    And user2 repost this publication

    and then user1 blocks user2 and delete that publication

    i see that publication stay there on user2 profile.

    If you have a time connect my pc via teamviewer or contact me via email.

    I will review all the queries again, to see if I can optmizar more

    wanna have my sql query log ?

    What do you mean?

    various aspects home for twitter :(

    The design is inspired by Twitter, but with a little CSS knowledge can be changed.


    Hola Miguel,

    Felicidades por este gran trabajo.

    He comprado el script y lo he instalado de acuerdo a las instrucciones. Los requerimientos se cumplen, incluída la extensión PDO.

    Todo parece funcionar correctamente tras la instalación. Sin embargo, al intentar acceder al panel admin, el sistema me indica que el nombre de usuario y la contraseña no son correctos.

    Tengo la versión 2.0, y según el manual de instalación, el usuario es “Admin” y la contraseña “12345” pero nada, no puedo acceder. He probado incluso con “admin” en minúscula.

    ¿Alguna sugerencia? ¡Gracias!

    Gracias por tu palabras @tonimad, con la ayuda de todos podemos hacer de este un gran Script, tengo grandes planes para este Script como ya lo he dicho.

    ¡Saludos! :D

    Estoy seguro de ello. Aún más, vale muchísimo la pena continuar con el desarrollo de un script que tiene tan buena base como este. Será un placer aportar sugerencias y demás :)

    ¡Mil gracias!

    Todas las sugerencias serán bienvenidas ¡Saludos!

    Wow Amazing job Miguel. Only the Language Dutch – Nederlands needs more improvement But still Awesome update ;) Thanks

    Thanks, any improvement is welcome :)

    Hi, Miguel the Language file Dutch is fixt ;) il send you a PM

    Hi @speeky thanks when updating I’ll upload the script again and will put your credits.

    Thank you

    PS: I did not understand the last thing I wanted to say at the end of mail

    How do you change the email and add SMTP for it so the email become’s trusted. I use GoDaddy for emails on my install domain.

    Hello, in the application / DataConfig.php from line 23 are the three emails.

    Hi Miguel,

    I love this script,the best microblog script ever made.I have 2 questions. How hard is to make the posts load opened like facebook without having to click in the expand button?

    Second is thing is,is it possible to implement mp3 upload in the script?I plan on making this a musician social network.

    Thanks for the awesome work.

    Thanks for your comment, of course you can implement but it would be a customization

    Thanks for the reply.I sent a message to you.

    Best regards, Robert

    A regular license is complete with the 2.1 update and more?

    I just bought your script, it is not an update, but i am unable to login the admin panel. Please let me know how to fix this

    12345 that is

    Also how much would it cost to customize this script for me?

    I just sent an email