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Can you entegrate a viral script to the frontnd of this script.. A category based viral script like image gallery, pools, list etc..

Hello, you mean that if you can embed a script in mine?

When is you next update?

When is the next update? Would be great to expand the chat feature to chat to specific people. Thats what its missing. Also if you can add a video chat that would be even great to add as paid plugins.

Hello, I could not tell when you can come an update

you can place a single language? already it integrated languages or need to add a plugins? I care that should be borne can choose English and Spanish?

You can choose the languages you want

I wonder if this platform has to place advertising banner with open source?

I do not understand your question

banner advertising are as suggesting the IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau)?

You can be a little more specific, and please you can ask all the questions in a single thread, thanks

Because this platform, as one writes a Post, allowed a URL or link out to another window?

That way almost all social networks work

Is this still in developement?

Hello, for the moment not only correcting errors, maybe you can add one or other functions that other customers have requested.

I can get several banner Advertising in different positions? open source, is a widget, to place the script Advertising

when a friend could give me an answer. regards

With minimal knowledge of CSS, you can place advertising throughout the site

any updates for this script planned or new features?

There is currently no update in progress

seem to have a bug with clicking someone’s profile image after they marked verified that stops the profile card from loading. it just spins forever. Seems to do it on firefox and Microsoft edge. and chrome.

You can send the address of your website to my email

Miguel, tienes pensado lanzar una actualización? Es importante que mantengas vivo el script así sean pequeños cambios, eso motivará mucho y te ayudará a tener nuevos compradores, te lo digo porque el script necesito mas vida, nuevas funciones

Hola Alex, tienes razón pero por el momento no hay una actualización en camino, he tenido problemas tanto personales y técnicos que me han dificultado el flujo de trabajo en los últimos meses

Vale entiendo, espero y soluciones pronto tus problemas y nos soprendas con una excelente actualizacion, feliz navidad hermano!

Gracias por tu compresión, Feliz Navidad y Feliz Año


Profile Summary Freezes and just spins forever. The only way to load another users page is to right click and say load new tab. Tried to email you for support but got a mail demon.

Send you an email

Bug with profile summary not sorted been waiting for 5 days for reply to your email. Please respond to reply asap. Script half usable till sorted out. Many users complain.

Hi, I just sent you an email, sorry for the delay

Is this script dead now..? Nothing happening…

Hi, what do you mean, nothing happens?...

What do you think I mean..? There have been no updates or anything to this script for ages.

Hello, sorry for answering you so late, I’m going to prepare an update with PHP7 and other improvements


eece90 Purchased

Private profile is not working. I opened a private profile and send request to this profile from another profile, ıt follows without accept request.

Hi, sorry for answering you so late, you can explain a little better.

When is it possible to edit a post ?

Hello, sorry for answering you so late, so far it is not possible


eece90 Purchased

Hi, we install your script to benimalan.com. But youtube and vimeo is giving Error. We say it our hosting company and they said us “allow_url_fopen is open”

You can see phpinfo() in here http://benimalan.com/deneme.php

username:emre password:12345

can you check it?

Hi, sorry for not replying, I’ll check what happens

redoing my site does this support php 7.0.3

I have to check because there are some functions not available or obsolete in PHP7

hi sir, after buy this script can you install for me i dont know about installation, and can you check https://hostripples.in/cheap-India-linux-cpanel-shared-web-hosting.php linux share plan 4 have all recuirment for this script,

Sure, no problem

are you review my hosting also sir. it is okey with your script

I do not see any problem

send me an email or skype id

Hi, can you send me an email from my profile

There is one way to increase the characters number bigger. Instead 150, 200 for example??? Thank’s