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Discussion on PHP Soccer

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Hi, is the field prerendered asset, or are using Babylon or some code to generate it on the fly ? I ask as i would want to modify for the likes of netball, rugby which have different layout / lines

Hello webpixie,

this product uses raster images embedded in the package and CSS/JavaScript to position the images on the field.

Let me know if you have other questions.


do you intent to have an update for PHP 7.x?

Thx in advance

Hello wizardgr,

I confirm you that it’s already compatible with PHP 7.x.

Hope this helps, if you need more info feel free to ask.

is it support with angular ?

Hello PreciseDevelopers,

this item make use of PHP and jQuery.

Hope this helps, if you need more info feel free to ask.

Nice script, can i purchase and do customization as per my requirement for other sport and use it for my project?

Hello gaurang4,

for your personal use you can certainly modify the plugin and use it as you prefer, but note that support does not include help on the customization of the plugin, so you would have to do it alone.

Check out this page if you need more details on what you can do with the two licenses available.

Hope this helps, if you need more info feel free to ask.

Hi, can this script be used to show the home and away team formations at the same time

Hello mikehobson, if you want to show the formation of the home team and the formation of the away team you have to create two fields. The fields are responsive so you can for example create two of them side by side if you want.

If you need more info feel free to ask.

Excellent job! Can I buy all the uniforms with the PSD to create the custom uniforms? Do you have this a separate package? Thanks

Hello grilosape, the 200 uniforms and the PSD useful to generate more custom uniforms are not available as a separate package.

Hi, it is possible use this plugin with kunena forum on joomla?

Hello francescoloria, if you are going to implement the PhpSoccer class in a specific piece of software ( like the kunena forum on joomla ) you have to know how that software technically work, because you have to manually load the class and actually use the class where the specific piece of output you are interested in is generated.

Hope this helps.

Hi, may i use it on my wordpress blog? Thanks

Hello cittasport76, this product is not a WordPress plugin and its use on a WordPress environment would require many changes and additions.

If you are interested in WordPress plugins with similar functionalities ( see the item description or ask again for details because every plugin has different features ) check out this list:

If you need more info feel free to ask.

hi, may i install it as a plugin in worpdress or it’s managed in different way?

Hello, this is a PHP class with related jquery script and graphical assets and can’t be used with WordPress. If you are interested in a soccer/football plugin for WordPress check out:

Hope this helps.

I’m going to agree with others! Would love to see a basketball one.

Hello , I want to use drag and drop and export for a mobile app , you think this is possible?

Hello GiruMedia, this is a php class with related jquery and css, a drag & drop editor is not included. If you are planning to include a drag & drop editor you would have to start from scratch, keep in mind that I don’t provide any kind of support for this kind of customization. Please add more details if you need a specific technical answer.

how to print the soccer field? If you divide the html php?

Hello GiruMedia,

how to print the soccer field?

Please see the “Basic Implementation” and “Advanced Implementation” paragraph in the item description.

If you divide the html php?

I’m sorry but I don’t understand this question.

Can i set another formations? I need formations for 5/7 players.

Hello ppineda123,

Can i set another formations? I need formations for 5/7 players.

Yes, you can create your custom formations by adding new elements in the $formations two dimensional array.

For more details see the “Create Custom Formations” chapter available in the documentation that comes with the product ( there is a practical example ) or contact me via my profile contact form after purchasing.

If you want to hide specific players from the field ( example with formations for soccer 5 vs 5 or 7 vs 7 ) you have to set an high value ( like 1000 ) in the player x and y coordinates.


 'custom-7-vs-7' => array(
        '1v' => '28.7', //y position goal keeper
        '1h' => '15.2', //x position goal keeper
        '2v' => '3',    //y position player number 2
        '2h' => '36.3', //x position player number 2
        '3v' => '20',   //and so on ...
        '3h' => '32.3',
        '4v' => '41',
        '4h' => '30.5',
        '5v' => '64',
        '5h' => '31.3',
        '6v' => '3',
        '6h' => '55.3',
        '7v' => '20',
        '7h' => '52.3',
        '8v' => '1000', //hidden player
        '8h' => '1000', //hidden player
        '9v' => '1000', //hidden player
        '9h' => '1000', //hidden player
        '10v' => '1000', //hidden player
        '10h' => '1000', //hidden player
        '11v' => '1000', //hidden player
        '11h' => '1000' //hidden player

Hope this helps, if you need more info feel free to ask.

I forgot to mention that the $formations two dimensional array is a static property of the PhpSoccer class and that once you create a new formation you can reuse it. ( this means that you don’t have to set the position of the player every time you create a formation ) If you are not familiar with OOP PHP feel free to ask via my profile contact form and I’ll be happy to help.

Wow, excellent product!

Good luck with sales. ;)

Great, but if you’ve the same thing for NBA League… :)

Hello daext,

I confused. Does your script do any animation of the match? Your description says “preview a match and show the possible lineups” – what does it mean preview and show? Just static output with position of players on the field? Or it could be animated with movements of the players on the field?

Hello greatstuff,

this statement:

If you have a website about soccer you can finally preview a match and show the possible lineups, review a match and visually represent the formations

simply means that a typical usage of this script would be for “Match Previews” ( posts/articles about a match that take place in the future ) and “Match Reviews” ( posts/articles about a match that took place in the past ). There are no animations.

Hope this helps, if you need more info feel free to ask.

The obvious question – can you do the animation for the players? I have a prediction if combine php and javascript the animation could be done.. So do have an idea about it and will it possible?

In general with JavaScript/jQuery you can do this kind of stuff but I don’t provide ( paid or free ) customization on my products.

Can you have one for Rugby? I am ready to buy.

Hello blooperg, i’m sorry but i don’t have a similar product for rugby.


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