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Hi – I read that the script records messages but I can’t see in the demo where emails are collected so you can respond to visitor later, if needed. Also, is it possible to store variables (e.g. phone numbers, job title etc)? Can you clarify, please.

you cannot store variables at this moment

Man is possible to include html or php codes in the response? I mean with a little bit of programming

Hello my application is showing the following error exceed 50 characters in length I already tried to increase it in the settings and I did not succeed. How can I increase this?

try to increase chars limit on database

how can i change the name javris?

please edit the template application/views

Hello, Can you confirm me i can put answers that the bot will reply if he finds specfici keywords in the chatbox ?


Hi, sent you a message by email and Skype, could you please take a look, thanks

i did’nt seen this , what is your issue ?

ERROR: Feature only Available in the Premium Version, This error occurs in the version that understands and installs on my server

ERROR: An Error Was Encountered, Unable to load the requested class: bing

Erro, no class bing

send to me your purchase code please , it seems that you not buying the script

All you need just put the embedded code after install the script at the same website domain, to your website header <- how about using it on different domain? Can this be done?

to using it on another domain you have to installing it again at the new domain

I followed the instructions but is not working. I get the ‘Congratulation, Every Thing Is Ok’ message, but again it goes to installation page. Mod_rewrite is enabled on this server. I sent you a ticket. Please have a look.

can you please check the download package again? I think its not right. It has two instillation folders and no jarvis folder according to your Doc. i sent you my server logins via support. If you can please try to install it for my please.

jarvis folder === the codecanyon package folder , any way i installed it for you , and apologize for any confusing.

i found that your package folder should be change some permission to make install success like change the permission of application/config folder to 777 and when finish installing return it back to 755.


Thanks for the help and fast response ! Its all working !

hi man, one question, 1. could we add some action, such like, we want to set some action, ex : forwarding the chat through whatsapp or email, is it available? 2. are those chats saved on web data base?

If this is qualified, i will purchased it right now

Hi dear,

thanks a lot for your suggestion i will think in this. about the chat log , yes chat is saved in database.



fratella Purchased

Dear, we recently bought and send an support request do more than 1 week but we didn’t receive any answer… Our email is it possible to mk the Robot Chat chat with easy other that what i just want to achieve


rtt1969 Purchased

I bought it a few days ago and code canyon gave me a demo version for some reason, I sent the support email and no answer, maybe the response got lost somehow because I see responses on the comments in the last few days. I like this script, can anyone tell me how you switch it from demo to paid version because it won’t let me save anything in demo version.