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OMG! WORKS! I have a question please!!!

My page php calls to multiple API (youtube v3) hundreds, it takes 3 minutes to load. I thought it would be impossible to fix this, I’m still learning php, this is probably the best fix script I bought ever. Forgive my little knowledge, my question is … every time pass a specified time (Where can you change this?) Cache reloads, but of course don’t want someone to come and wait 3 minute again for new data. That person probably close the page and following too (nobody waits 3 minutes). This means someone will have to wait those three minutes long each day? for the data cache can catch again or how works this exactly? I would like this to be automatic, but I understand that someone must run the page or how?

the script the first time I had to wait 3 minutes, but now loads instantly I want to know if this will be forever, or have to go back to wait 3 minutes when the cache expires. I would like the cached data updates possible changes in statistics every 24 hours.

Thanks for all Have a nice day!

I just discovered the Cron Jobs. So everything is perfect now. Thanks for everything! :)

Glad you found the solution.

Why is the HTML content is not readable like this? I put cache.php and siteCache on root folder

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What is this? Please explain more about what is problem or what do you want to achieve?

Hi, i integrated your cache plugin. worked great on homepage and article pages, like:

but, as soon as I went to another directory, like ”/blog/ or /news/”

It went back to the homepage.. ?

Do you know what is going on ?

Thanks for purchase. Please check how you are using url rewriting. You will have to investigate problem yourself. I can look into it but i will have to see your code. Turn cache off and see what happens? Try changing the page name that is saved by cache.

Thanks for that. I think I saw your FAQ right after this post and I believe it fixed it ( cross my fingers )—Anyway to check in “view source” code that the page is cached or not ? maybe a developer comment saying .. yes this is on.. ?

Hi, when would i need to implement this with Sessions / DB file ? How to Use Cache Script with DB file and Sessions..?

Would this just be useful if I call a session or have login area ?

I am working on an update that will cover the sessions.

Hi, me again. Having strange 403/04 page not found errors randomly.. ?

Have you experienced this ? How does this handle a long variable string attached to a URL, like a tracker or robots hitting the site ?

I asked, because if I get a “page not found” error, then I “empty the cache” then it solves the problem ??

The above issue (404/403 errors) is not the cache script issue.

You are correct, sorry. It was a user error on my part. My htaccess page was a bit messed up. sorry for the inconvenience.

I am glad the problem is solved.


>I am working on an update that will cover the sessions.

Is it soon available?

Thanks again! Mick

Will take some time but once its available you will get notified. Sorry if its taking too long.

supported this also browsercaching

Can you explain it some more? Do you want browser caching?

Hello, can I cache api calls (json, xml results) with this tool, Im using cURL php library ? thanks.

Anything that is being rendered into HTML is cached.

Hi, your script is not working currently on my computer

when you online, i want you remote to my computer to fix that

Please see how to set the correct path for cache files in documentation.

I integrat the cahce.php in my coding but , I dint see any pages in sitecache folder

I implemented the script in my site , but the “siteCache” folder is till empty

its worked for me, thanks

Sorry about late reply. You should check the cache files path.

Is there a way we can “timestamp” a comment in the source to show when it was cached ?? That would be great !!

Right now there is no direct way to do it.

it only cahces the base php files , it could not caches the all pages based onb the query strings ( i used url rewriting technique for seo in my site ). Please Help me other wise it is waste for me .

So, if we have a very large MYSQL query, we could use this to “cache” the query and page, so it would “run the query” every time ? Right ?

Yes that will be cached and query will not run everytime.

Hi sir, Can I use PHP simple cache for my php website? My website is MySQL database driven site, sometimes queries are really slow,

website url:

I need cache for each page for life time, is it possible?


Hi thanks thanks thanks for your work, working 100% fast fast fast not need cdn. Demo But In one of my project i can’t integrate, how i can include in laravel and codeigniter framework? I cant find any solution. Can you please share how.

CodeIgniter and Laravel have their own cache mechanism.

I know but i love your script work 100% i will like to use in any project. I have purchased because in the description you have said simple cache can be use in any project.

Thanks for support. It works, but to make it work anywhere, obviously developer needs to see different aspects and understand its logic and implement it accordingly.

Before I purchase can I know whether it’s a server side or browser? Thanks

server side – page cache – it creates cache pages on server.

Hi! I love your codding bur there is a problem. After someone logged in, cache stays that way. Anybody came after that person see that person’s cache. How can i fix that?

After user signin and signout remove the cache.


filmizz Purchased

it is not working for me , caches are not creating in both local and remote


filmizz Purchased

No I am using xampp in windows , and debian in remote hosting

Can I have access to the server to see the problem? Is Cache directory writable?


filmizz Purchased

It is working , it is the problem of path of Sitecache folder, But it taking the caches of the base file name of the php files but not dynamically created pages.

for example I worte the code in bank.php and filling the page with database values

like (the related code page for mthis is bank.php )

it caching the bank.php but not “usa-bank-america” page , it means if call thousand banks it the sitecache folder showing only bank.php page only.

then it is useless for me , can you guide me for creating the cache pages for every dynamic generated pages.

Can you refund me phpsimplecache. I took the wrong product.