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In addition to above comment :-

I want know in your script is their a facility to execute a mysql command or in other words do you use this command :-

ALTER DATABASE database_name CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_general_ci;

I want to execute this command during installation. Please answer my all questions.

Yes, you would place this SQL code at the top of the installation SQL script that is executed in the “Install Database Tables” step of the installer.

However, if this command is not allowed by the user installing the script it will fail. Not because of the Setup Wizard but because of database user grants etc.


I bought this script and trying to make it run but I’m getting error at the step where script executes SQL file to create tables. Here’s the error :-

There has been attempt to setup the database on utable but failed!

I already went through GettingStartedGuide.html and Implementation.pdf and followed almost all the required steps.

It’s good script and I want it should work so please reply as early as possible that’s why I bought it.

Since morning I’ve been working on it and it’s now almost 6 PM, I also tried to debug and enabled show_database_error_messages, debug_sessions => true, debug_posts => true, debug_gets => true,

and came to know script is unable to execute the queries (all the queries). I myself exported the .sql file from phpmyadmin so I was pretty much sure it was error free but then I cross-checked it. I deleted all the queries except one table query and even then I got error. I executed the same query in phpmyadmin and it executed without error. Then I started debugging class.databases.php and printed the query from script and executed that query in phpmyadmin and it executed without error. Then I stopped because now it seems error is in the script so please fix or let me know what should I do.

I bought this script to make my life easier by saving development time, if I had to spend the whole day on making it run, and debugging then it was better I’d have written the code myself and saved the money.

I have not received any files yet, I cannot verify that there exists a bug without them as I am unable to trigger the bug on my side. Please send me the files, thank you :)

Thank you so much for your patience and great understanding. If you trust me I’m still almost at the same position and had no clue when the work would be over and I’d get back home. But today when I got your email, at that time I had loads of work but I paused everything then and there and tried my best to create the work environment so that I can do something for you and others to benefit them (You had no idea the phase I’m in – we’re not SUPPOSED to do any personal work in working hours but even then I did that at stake of my job because I committed you that I’d do that) hmm anyways, in order to recall I had to go through our conversation and found it’s so easy to generate the error (Have you really attempted?) even then I thought lets be a layman for few minutes and make it more easier. I did this :-

1. I didn’t use my modified configuration file, I used the fresh copy which I downloaded. In installer archive there is a folder named :- Installer Examples > normal : Use this

2. Download this file (contains .sql) put it in the masks folder

3. In index.php (root file) I added those lines which your provided in doc (started with this comment :- // Installer Code) (you can find it very easily)

4. Now run the index.php file (we’re using installer with default configuration) you’ve to follow all the steps :-

    Select Language
    Server Connection
    Database Selection
    Table Prefix
    Install Database Tables
Either leave Table Prefix empty or enter something doesn’t matter. When it comes to “Install Database Tables” press the button you’ll get the error.

5. In order to see the mysql error, go to configuration.php file and just make one change :- enable database error messages

and you’ll see the mysql error.

Hope so far you and I are on the same page and you’ve got the error. Although I did few more changes (temporarily) while debugging at that time when I got this error for the first time, to find the cause why is it being occurred and I explained in above comments which I analyzed.

6. Solution :- In order to fix the error you have to make a change in the function which I mentioned above with solution. If you need clean code of that function then let me know I’d send it you (this time I’d do that in a day :) )

Hope it was helpful to you and a hand folded sorry for delay in replying. You’re most welcome and contact me anytime.

Have you gone through my above comment. Hope you got the success, do let me know.



Please how can setup the license number activation online so when they enter it, it can be acknowledged on my database and activate on the clients side?


Hi mnwuzor

Please note that this is simply “config creational tool” for when your own script is run for the first time somewhere. It is intended as a graphical database configuration and setup for new deployment. That said, if someone is installing your script on their own server … it is quite difficult for the script to insert something into your database somewhere else.

1. Someone creates account on your website and get’s activation key. 2. Downloads the script and installs it on some host 3. Puts the activation code in the “Php Setup Wizard” installation step 4. The wizard completes and creates a config with the value in it 5. Some “code” or what ever in your own system then checks your own server if the code is valid or not and acts based on results from it.

Step five in this example happens after the Setup Wizard has completed and created the config needed for your system to function.

In order for all of this to work you need, firstly to obfuscate or encrypt your PHP code so it cannot be altered by the one downloading your script. Secondly, you might need a web service (developed in another language perhaps) or some exposed PHP file like “**” that checks some code against your own database.

What ever you intend to, you will have to code it yourself as it is outside of this item’s functionality and purpose. I wish you good luck with it :)

Best regards.

Can you please make a video tutorial how to add installer in own php code we have two config file one in main folder and one in admin folder. We want video tutorial then we will buy it !


Sorry guys, I don’t have the time to create a video that simply narrates the already existing tutorial. If you end up buy though I will help you as much as I can. Good luck.

Please delete this comment, it was done by mistake

I cannot delete comments :)

In helper.functions.php, the function DeleteFinalOutputConfig dont work! You take the var $stepsSTEP_WRITECONFIG, but the correct way is get the $stepsSTEP_WRITECONFIG and make a loop to delete files.

How can I contribute to your code? Because I maked a internationalization for your script, a integration with the PostgreSQL, if you have interest.

Hi there, and thank you for letting me know about that bug, I will add the fix to the upcoming version. Sorry, but I have no knowledge nor experience of PostgreSQL so I couldn’t maintain or extend it. Besides, I didn’t write it so it feels wrong to add it to the item for my benefits.

I also find it amusing that you know so much about my script (and apparently worked for some time on it), yet you don’t have the “Purchased” mark besides your name. Still, you are kind enough to report a bug to me and offer an integration with another database so I thank you for that. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy my script :)


Installer Files are not deleted after installation

Hi. Are you sure the script has permission to delete the files?

I want to add your installer in my commercial script. What license do I need?

Hi, please refer your question to Envato FAQ for more information regarding that matter.

I just want to point out that your documentation has alot of awesome in it.

The demeanor you use is very cool. A casual cool language.

Reading it was easy peasy. :)

Had to mention it.

Thank you! You, my good sir, are awesome! :D

its seems like the script is dead ?

Well, I admit I don’t have much time to work on it, but it surely isn’t dead. I can still help you if you have any problems.

Hi, seems like the preview website is dead

Thanks for letting me know, I’m fixing that at the moment :)


I would like to ask if the installer is able to check if IonCube loaders are installed and if not to install them.

Also is there any update for the script coming?

Thank you for your time

Like to purchase but have questions and also worried no longer supported? Seems like little activity…

1) Is it possible to disable the database setup requirement? No need for a database on my project.

2) I have many steps (questions) that need user to answer before installing. What is the limit of steps I can use with your script?

3) Does the setup script require ioncube or similar to run on server?


blows me away that CC allows unsupported scripts like this to be sold. What about security issues and such?

I have a question about this product.

I am looking for a PHP installer to package with a free PHP script I am updating, can this be used for that, as it will be available to download by anyone.

Sure! Personally I don’t mind You bought the source code so you can do with it as you please. Thank you for your purchase :)