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Thanks Saboace

Very good work here. I am actually looking for a script like that. But here is my question : I have multiple domains and subdomains also. I would like to have the same form on all those different domains and subdomains whenever I want and would like to receive the entries from those different domains. In other words, I want to know where the visitor filled out the form (on which domain, with the visitor IP address as well, also, I need to know from which domain the entry comes from.). The idea is to have the same form on those domain and received the entries in one place. Is it possible to do that with this script so that we can use the same form (probably copy the form) into those domains and then use the ACTION attribute of the form to indicate which php file is going to process the request? and if there is another solution, I am open to hear more.

Hello rfassinou,

First of all thanks for give interest on our script. Yes its possible to use this script in multiple domains and sub-domain also. Here your question like the visitor filled the form in which domains ? Yes its possible for this script. You just add one field in table and some sort of easy implementation of short code gives all the right direction to your script as you want. You can easily know the contact or newsletter form request was from which domain. If you still any question feel free to ask us or contact us on our support http://support.phoenixcoded.com/

Thanks and regards, Phoenixcoded

Also, 1) are the fields (name, email, tel, etc.. on the form) required ? and is it easy to customise those fields to adapt to my needs? 2) Finally, is it possible to add some other fields (for example if in a future, i want to add a new field in the contact form).

Also, is it possible to remove the phone that displays along with the form? I think some people may not like we know their location. Thanks.

I just bought the CodeIgniter script. After I typed the necessary input in the config.php and database.php, I tried to launch the url as mentioned but the page was blank. In other words, nothing was displaying (I tried the modal version which I really like) and also I use the base url as well of my life host server. Any help is appreciated

Thanks for writing issue here. Here we trace our script but doesn’t found any error like you mention here but don’t worry please send me your FTP details at http://www.support.phoenixcoded.com along with your envato username. Thanks and regards, Phoenixcoded

hi there, Is that possible to add
full mail configuration /integration
for outbox, gmail, and other networks
something like receive mail and send, compose and junk folder

Hello, Phoenix_Team
Thanks for give interest on our script
It possible to send mail and compose mail for outlook, gmail and other networks but for receive mail its not done here. It’s based on provider and such type of features not supported to this script
Thanks and Regards,
Our Support here…

Hi, prepurchase question:

Your script supports attachments uploads?

Thank you in advance

Hello Clevrlake
Currently script doesn’t have attachments upload feature. You can add this feature in some sort of time

Can I add as many fields as I want to the contact form?

Yes you can add any number of fields using few lines of code customization.

Can i choose to hide email addresses from clients when sending newsletter to multiple recipients? I did a test newsletter, and in my inbox I can see the email addresses of other people subscribed to the same group. Thats not good for privacy. How can I fix this?

Hello nigpino,
Thanks for purchse our one of script.
For the email sending the script have PHP mailer features you can modify it as your way kindly follow below link for more about email settings
If you still face any issue than let us know
Thanks and Regards,

Hi prepurchase questions: - possible to translate the forms/panel, .. myself? - can I hide a few fields like location? - can i add own fields? thanks

Hello Averdt
Yes you can translate form manually and hide location field too. If you want to add more fields than you must change DB settings as well as minor code chage.

Hi I tried to import the SQL but it says:

Error SQL query:

CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `tbl_admin` ( `ID` int(4) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, `Name` varchar(255) NOT NULL, `UserName` varchar(255) NOT NULL, `Password` varchar(255) NOT NULL, `Role` varchar(255) NOT NULL, `Status` tinyint(1) NOT NULL DEFAULT ‘0’, PRIMARY KEY (`ID`), UNIQUE KEY `UserName` (`UserName`) ) ENGINE=MyISAM DEFAULT CHARSET=latin1 AUTO_INCREMENT=1 MySQL said: Documentation

1046 – No database selected

What is the problem?

Create the new Database and try again to import the Provided SQL file .If any issue then mail us on admin@phoenixcoded.in along your FTP and Database access details. So we will fix it from our end.


Thanks got it to work. May I know which file and code line I can edit to remove the Phone and Map for the form. Appreciate yr help!


Remove below block of code from your contactus.php file line no : 151
<div class="iphone span5">
    <!-- <img src="assets/img/iphone.png" alt="" /> -->
    <div class="img_frmae_block" id="img_frmae_block" />

and update the next register div class
<div class="register span6" />
<div class="register span12" />
<!-- For full layout-->

Thanks and Regards


Unfortunately there are lots of issues I get with this script:

1. Form not calleable: http://forms.hard-media.net/contactus displays this error: Unable to connect to database [Access denied for user ’’@’localhost’ (using password: NO)]

The data I put into connect.php are correct as the admin-panel is working.

2. If I put the Re-Captcha Public & Secret into the fields everytime the following error appears – and the settings are set back to “without recaptcha” This error appears: Site URL field is Required.

Where can I set this field? In the recaptcha config the URLs are included…

3. your documentation video seems to be unusable – the screen gets black after some time and the connect.php info restats several times. Is that what you wanted to publish?

4. where can I change the fields etc of the form? There is no such things in the backend available at all.

Thank you very much for your fast response in advance – I really need that form get up running today.

With kind regards Ingo

Hello, First of all thanks for choose our product.
we are here for your entire issue. Kindly share your FTP details along Database access authentication so we will resolve it from our end ASAP.
Mail address : Phoenixcoded@gmail.com

Hi I would like to embed the contact form within a page, how would I go about this without having all the inline php scripting? Many thanks Christina

I’m not getting you. Can you please share the screenshot on our mail :- Phoenixcoded@gmail.com

Hi I managed to fix things,Just in case anyone else gets this problem, it was a mod_security issue, as we have a firewall it wasnt liking the links being embedded in the newsletter/email send out. I am now having to look into a way to Bcc the subscription list as it is showing everyones email when sent? I will email you regarding this as this would be a useful update if implemented, at least for the privacy of the newsletter subscribers. If you know of a way please can you let me know, I will try to find a way around this and will let you know also. Thanks

Thanks for you suggestion. We will improve it on our script

I have a client who wants to offer book chapters as pdfs. Can the submitter complete the form and be sent an autorespond with URL to the free chapters page? Can the submitter’s submission data be used as a future newsletter list?

Hello warthogweb,

After form submit you may send free chapter page URL to mail on few customization.

and you also can use newsletter list in future.

be happy to purchase script.!!

Regards, Phoenixcoded