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Can I change the Seat Design (Square Boxes) to my own image? If yes, then how?


Hi is this compatible with wordpress 3.9.1 ? Thanks, Groggo

Hi, just purchased it. In installation instruction line 3 says “Upload the ‘in-chat’ folder to your plugins directory (plugins/in-chat).” but I don’t see that folder, where is it? thanks.

What are the differences between $16 and $80?

This applies to all products on this website. if you are charging money from your website users using this plugin, you should buy extended ($80) license otherwise $16 license. Both are same code & files, nothing different.

Hi, If i purchase this plug in can i use it in my simple html php site(not some CMS like joomla or WP)? I want to use this for educational purpose only so will it be ok if i take 16$ plan? Can i set different price for different seat type with this plugin? Please reply ASAP as I have to submit assignment for this!

yes you can set different seat prices. Yes it is okay to buy $16 version, extended version is for those people who wish to integrate and sell as part of their product.

Yes this is ideal for html-php-mysql site.

Your previews aren’t working

yup….i am fixing them

plz reply with your email id , if you can

I have downloaded this. How do I configure this? Does it have a database?

Please read full documentation and downloading file to check mysql database file then import your data base

Hi, there,

I am wondering if you have a back end demo for this seat booking system?

Cheers, Zoe

ok i have give back end demo screenshot url ( and you can read documentation or setting seat-config.php page and this is work fine, thanks .

Dear Satish, I purchased PHP Seat Booking system from evanto, I am facing a issue when ever i select the row or column as a blank or disabled and saved as a template, but the same template when i access the row or column which i marked as disabled or blank can be marked for seat selection, but my condition as to be as to be disabled and the user must not be able to select those row and column. I need your support.

I don’t see any function for editing already created seat plans. It’s written below the select.php page (“Note : You wont be able to delete, create or modify anything in this demo. They will work well in real version.”), but this IS the “real” (paid) version… To me it seems a bit incomplete.

No you understood wrong. it was meant for that particular demo pages only, not the seatbooking system.

Hi Satish, I purchased this and think it has a good base principle however I am hitting a limitation on the grid sizes. If I enter 45×45, save it and then view the grid on the customer level it shows but with missing rows, columns and the lower portion of the grid unset to seat type. I need to resolve this. Thanks Peter