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I am testing this PHP app of yours on my MAMP server on my iMac locally, what do I need to do to set this up below to run the search engine routine properly?

Set “write” permissions via FTP remote view on the phpsearch_files/search_cache/ folder (contact me if you get stuck doing this)

You’ll have to use the chmod command in a terminal (e.g. chmod 777 /path/to/phpsearch_files/search_cache/ ) or try clicking on the folder in finder and changing the permissions that way (I’m not sure what is possible in finder)

If that still doesn’t work then best to jump on a MAMP support forum somewhere and find out how to change permissions correctly.

I already looked at the folder in Finder by right clicking on it and selecting GetInfo and looking at the sharing and permissions levels on that folder and it says that everyone, has read/write permissions on it. So will that do?

Yes sounds good

The script can search at all sites in the world? (Like Google)

Will this script work with PHP 5.4? I have it working on a server with 5.2 – but I’m not sure if the issue is with the version of PHP (not working on 5.4) or just something with the settings of that particular installation. I will ask the hosting company, but curious if anyone has this working with v 5.4?

Should work fine. Most likely a curl issue or the hosting provider is blocking “loopback” connections

Warning: strtotime(): It is not safe to rely on the system’s timezone settings. You are required to use the date.timezone setting or the date_default_timezone_set() function. In case you used any of those methods and you are still getting this warning, you most likely misspelled the timezone identifier. We selected ‘America/New_York’ for ‘EDT/-4.0/DST’ instead in /var/www/vhosts/dtbaker.net/tf/widget_search2/search.php on line 228

Thanks for reporting this.

Thanks for the great application. Is it possible to search directory specific? (ie. only search http://mysite.com/my-section) without returning any other results from http://mysite.com.

Hello, can I use the search on a website with more than 20.000 pages?

It probably wont work very well / fast / completely. Best to use a more professional solution.

HI, I have this installed and works good. I tried to do some searching but not seen a solution. Can the search engine exclude <meta name=”keywords” content/> and <meta name=”description” content/> ? I remember seeing it include such keywords in the search. Thanks in advance!

can i place ads on this search engine, does this crawl robots.txt file, does this search engine use any api.

New purchase. Seeing very unusual results. Example:

https://www.ultrawebhosting.com/search.php?search=zend&pg=8 Result is showing: https://my.ultrawebhosting.com/cart.php?language=russian With a title of: Корзина – Ultra Web Hosting

As you can see, when the page is visited that is not the proper title let alone languages have been disabled for a month so and they are not available or linked anywhere and the language files removed altogether. Where could it be getting this information? Is this search script using an api from a search engine like bing or google and these are old results?

When I look at the source code for https://www.ultrawebhosting.com there is no mention of green anywhere on the page. Maybe try only have the “www” in the site config list and update the search index to see if it’s better.

Languages still showing up with the added tag!

strtotime() Warning getting displayed.

Please contact hosting provider and disable warnings.

Do you still support this script? It looks it search all the links found on a particular website. If I publish a link within a minute , would it be possible to find it using this tool ?

This script is very old. I do not support it but it still works for most people.

The script will search for all links, yes, but some people report it is only good if you have less than 50 links on your page. Any more and it gets slow/unrealiable.

It also completely depends on the hosting account. Some slow hosting accounts simply do not work with this script.

I just buy it and it’s not working how to do now ? i have check my sever is linux and have curl enable don’t know what’s going on

Works perfectly as described straight out the zip folder. Just what i needed, a very easy solution indeed


If you could provide me the videos, that will be great help to me, Please provide me if possible.

Works wonderful with PHP7 too. After some adjustments, the script search now only in specific areas.

Dtbaker if you have interest on the changes, say it.

Great to know, welcome to send them through dtbaker – gmail.com

Can I use this script to search in an HTML website?

Yes if the HTML website supports PHP then you can run the PHP search engine against the HTML website and it will show results.

The script does not support my htaccess rules. I rewrite all my content files (index.php) to the folder – example https://www.domain.fqdn/my-content/. If the script is running to get the content, an errror occurred = 301 Moved Permanently. However, my rewrite-rule is absolutely normal. Can you fix the problem, with the “normal” rewrite rules?


utpal Purchased

Please do not buy this script as it is out dated and is vulnerable to attacks; recently used it and my server got hacked.

Thanks, Utpal

All i need is to search for a directory with hundreds of static pages. I haven’t get that result yet. Please advice on how to proceed.

Would there be a working demo somewhere?