PHP Search Engine

PHP Search Engine

This product will reach end of life on 15 December 2016.

Advanced PHP Search Engine using Bing API system, it gives you results for Web, Images, Videos, also supports lots of operands like “site:”, “link:” etc, have various features like “Safe Search”, and more… the design is based on Metro UI, but you can modify how ever you want, because it uses .html files for template.


  • Safe Search feature (Off, Moderate, Strict)
  • No server load (Results returned from Bing via Bing Search API)
  • Supports various operands (Like “”, “” and so on…)
  • Web, Images, Videos and News Search
  • Filtering system for Images, Videos and News
  • 3 html widget spots
  • Cross Browser compatible
  • and more…


    Update 1.7 [12/3/2015]
  • Updated the background image
  • Added dynamic copyright year
  • Update 1.6 [5/3/2015]
  • Added title tags for the dedicated Web, Images, Videos and News search pages
  • Added sub-folder installation support
  • Migration from MySQL (deprecated in higher PHP versions) to MySQLi
  • Fixed an issue where html tags would be allowed on filters
  • Improved the Admin Panel
  • Other minor improvements
  • Update 1.5 [6/26/2012]
  • Fixed a bug where in some cases the ‘site:’ or other operands would’t work. (files affected: web.php, videos.php, images.php and news.php from ‘sources’ folder.
  • Update 1.4 [6/20/2012]
  • Added back support for cyrillic letters and other types.
  • Update 1.3 [6/19/2012]
  • Migrating the script to Azure Cloud (Microsoft will end Bing API in 1 August, so this was a “must” change as they adviced.
  • Added the following filters to Images: Small, Medium, Large, Square, Wide, Tall, Colored, Monochrome, Photo, Graphics, Face, Portrait, Other.
  • Added the following filters to Videos: Short, Average, Long, Standard, Widescreen, Low – Medium – High Resolutions.
  • Added the following filters to News: Entertainment, Health, Politics, Sports, World, Sci/Tech, Date, Relevance.
  • Improved the design by making it more “Metro” like, also improved the welcome page and fixed several bugs which could appear on high resolution monitors.
  • Update 1.2 [5/15/2012]
  • Added website preview to the web results.
  • Changed the behaviour of the ‘web, images, videos, news’ link on the search results.
  • Fixed some minor bugs.
  • Improved layout.
  • Update 1.1 [5/14/2012]
  • Added News search option.
  • Added running time for Videos search.
  • Fixed some minor bugs.
  • Note: It requires a Bing Search API Key (From Azure Marketplace, it’s free), you can create one for free at, allow_url_fopen enabled, and OpenSSL, also the script must be installed on a domain/subdomain.