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You write to me, how can I buy this script to the radio? Someone already bought the script?

You answer me, how do I manage partitions and have the ability to add their own radio station? I will buy the script Radio, I can control or change the city or the station or to add? there is present the admin panel?

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Is the API dead? This script is not working in the demo page. ???

Hello, before buying the goods as I see the admin panel? Perhaps there is a screen or a photo !!

Hey there,

At the moment, the script doesn’t have an admin panel since it is a pretty straight forward app, but it is planned for the further versions.

Have a good one!

when the new version comes out?

Hello, Can you tell me when a new version of the script will be available?

Can you create with own database?

Hey there,

Unfortunately, you can not do that for now. We are taking in consideration creating a new product that will do that. Will keep you updated.

Have a good one!

hi is price increased, i guess it was 7

Not sure, it was ~14 all the time.

Hello, Can you tell me when a new version of the script will be available?

how this work? I try yours preview and add my station and nothing..this no working… DB shoutcast ?

Sir, your templates is not working as it announced in description.

Hey, you promissed administration for this PHP Radio script 2 years ago, where this administration, how much time you will fool us all here?

Can we make our own internet radio using this script? If no, can you suggest any internet radio script?


Hey there,

Unfortunately, this is more sort of a radio stations directory, which could be used for promoting a radio for example.

I am not really familiar with any radio scripts, but if you really want that, send us a message via our website/codecanyon and we can have a look to see what we can find.

Have a good one!

I have two questions before buying.

1. Are the stations stored within the script or are they being obtained from another site via scraping or API?

2. The downloadable .pls files do not seem to be working. Is this just because it’s a demo or are those actually working in the purchased script?

Hey there,

Well, let me tell you the story of this little script. The app is based on https://dirble.com – one of the best ( back then it was the only ) streams APIs.

When first released ( 2013 ) the API was free of charge, for unlimited number of requests, but now is limited at (1.5k free reqs/ a month), as you can see there https://dirble.com/plans.

The downloadable .pls should normally work, I think the demo just reached it’s quota limit.

If you really need this script, DM me and we can think about other solutions.

Have a good one!

indian station are very few , aakashvani,104 fm,radio mirchi and many more

if api request were limited this will be hard to buy

hi can i have my money back this script doesn’t work.



yes i have issues with the script. the config.php page that i have to fill in is not the same as in the example page ?



I have tried several times to get the script working but i can’t get it to work.

Hey there,

I have looked over the docs and example conf file and they look the same.

If you already have Dirble API Key, I can help you with the installation if you provide me FTP access.

Will also perform couple fresh installs just to test everything out later, so I will get back with this one on you.

Have a good one!

php 7.x ?

Hey there,

I might be wrong, but the script should run on PHP 7 too, there shouldn’t be any deprecated functions used in there.

why u use dirble??? u ned use shoutcast

I know.. dirble isn’t as good as it used to be.

Will start looking into migrating to another API.

try shoutcast… thanks

Accept my refund request,


Hey George, how about adding Spotify as radio provider? And, how do I change the background from “white” (don’t know exactly if is a #fff or #ffffff) to another color – which file has to be changed: bootstrap_3.css (which line)? Thanks.

Hey there,

Not really sure about which section that uses ‘white’ are you talking about but all of the bootstrap CSS overrides are placed under


About Spotify integration, I would really have had a look over their APIs but they still haven’t launched in Romania, not even for personal use…

We are still looking for other API’s because Drible had some issues last months but now looks to be fine.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to let us know ;)

Ah, let’s go over support. You’ll see why :).

Answered you question in the previous comment.

Salut, acum am observat ca de fapt esti roman :). E vorba despre fundalul alb general. Vreau sa-l schimb si nu stiu care este fisierul css care trebuie schimbat si unde (ce linie). Nu stiam ca Spotify nu au lansat in Romania. Nu vad de ce nu … Multam anticipat.


Can I please get an answer on this? Thanks.

Salut, si scuze de intarziere,

Lipsa de timp ma face sa intru aici cam rar – iar pentru un oricare motiv, envato nu mai imi trimite emailuri de notificare, nici macar pentru mesaje directe.

Daca nu ai gasit raspuns la problema, poti gasii linia care seteaza background-ul in custom.css la linia 5, unde se seteaza background-color folosind un cod rgba.

body {
      font-family: "Dosis", Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif;
      font-size: 17px;
/*      background-image: url("../img/wall-4-light-v1.png");*/
      background-color: rgba(243,243,243, 1);

Deasemenea, imi poti da un email la contact@qwebdev.net daca nu raspund pe DM @ envato.

Perfect! Multumesc frumos inca o data. Thanks.


RCPmedia Purchased

Hi, There is no method other than Dirble? it’s really stressful, the use of these APIs is too limited.


ic0de Author

Hey there,

Indeed, the Dirble API quite limited altough it didn’t use to be like this.

To be honest, I am not aware of any good Radio APIs, if you have any suggestions, please let me know.


RCPmedia Purchased

Yes, very long time ago my websites had all list of radio (click to stream) manually added by some files found on web something like 10 years ago when you can find all source for free on web… so why you don’t convert site to manual list addiction? with a little works you can make a lot of list from arond the world and sell it as addons on codecanyon.