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I want to buy this software for educational purpose. would you please tell me the scope of this project? I mean who will be the users of this software?


There are different types of users.

1) Admin have access to all. 2) Subscriber with access to company , if admin provide access to a subscriber to a company that user will able to manage everything in that company but will not able to see any other company. 3) Company user and admin can provide task access to a simple user, and that user will able to see only that task and respond to it. so on you will get details on documentation once you purchase thanks.

Is it able o add custom fields in company and user? If not, is able to programming?

There is no option in backend to add new fields in Company and users, but, you can do that in programming,

1) Before installing script >> Go to install.php find company, and users tables creating query, add new fields you need. 2) Go to users, class, add those fields where you want to display

and so on

Thx, for your answer. is CRM multilanguage? I have more questions.

Yes few languages are available like, Dutch, English, French , German, Italian

to make more languages you can copy any file of these languages, and change text to your desired text.


muap1 Purchased

Could you please give me a user manual for this.

Hi on This page https://codecanyon.net/item/php-project-management-system/6971369 you can find How It Works which tells how system works. That’s all available, also you can check the Documentation you got with your package you downloaded from CodeCanyoun.



algmelo Purchased

Hello! I want know if there are a progress bar in project tasks?

There is no progress bar on Seprate Tasks, but there is progress bar on Projects.

Hello, I’m interested in purchasing this item but I had some questions, who can I address them to?

You can ask your Questions here or you can message here: https://twitter.com/webfulcreations


pkouadio Purchased

Hi, How can the admin grant a company level access to a user that will allow that user to add and remove users as members of the company, create and remove projects of his company.

Is it possible to create a company level account?

I like your software. Thank you.


Hi, You can assign a company to a user, and that user will have full access to that company, and while creating a project for company or creating task in project, or creating a to do list in that company the company access holder can assign new users by entering their Email ids access to that project or task.

About delete that is not possible right now i will update you about that. Please open a support request here if we consider your request userful for others we will release a feature thanks. https://www.webfulcreations.com/support/