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Hi there,

Thanks for a great script. I have used your script without problems, but i have a project that makes use of MySQLi and not PDO. Do you also have a guide for MySQLi? I am not a PHP genius therefore I find it a bit difficult converting PDO to MySqli to get the script working on my other projects.


Hi jmgrafixx,

Thanks you for your support. Are you looking for an example file that walks through the MySQLi extension? Shoot me an email through my CodeCanyon profile, and I can send you the example file. =)

All the best, Imad Jomaa.

Hi Imad. Thanks! Yes, and example for the MySQLi extension would be great. I can then follow the script to make the pagination work with MySQLi as well! I appreciate your assistance!

Perfect, just shoot me an email from the form on the right here so I can send you the file. =)

All the best, Imad Jomaa.

I can’t make this work. $dsn = ‘mysql:dbname=test;host=;port=3306’; or this $dsn = ‘mysql:dbname=test;host=’; Is there some simple connection to MySQL database?

Hi predragstevanovic,

What error are you getting? If you’re not using the PDO extension to connect to the database, then you should use the respective mysqli functions. If you’d like an example file for those functions instead, shoot me an email through the form here and I’ll send it your way.

All the best, Imad Jomaa.

I can customize with my CSS?

Yes, absolutely. =)

Already solved, thanks


I would like to get this script but I have a table with 6.8 million records.

Can this script handle it? I would the MySQLi version please.

Thank You


Erjon Galanxhi

Hi Erjon,

I have not tested this on table with over 1 million records. However, it is worth noting that, in its default form, the script leverages the SQL limit statement, as you paginate and get to a relatively high page number, the query will slow down. There are tricks to maintain speed, albeit, this type of pagination is not recommended for that amount of records.

All the best, Imad.

Hi Imad, Thank you for your reply and all the best.

Hi Jooma,

I purchase your script, very nice btw :)

But Im facing a little problem that I hope you can help me solve, I hace a search engine that generates the pagination with you code, I make it work correctly only for the first page, then on second page all the “searched terms” are gone and the pagination script shows all the data from the table (the $limit works correctly)

thanks for your help

Hi kiketorres3,

It’s hard to see what’s going on without seeing how you implemented it. Can you email me some more details via my profile here:

Thanks, Imad.

Hi Imad,

I am hoping you can help with an issue i have with the pagination on my site, you helped me a couple of years ago

Hi John!

I’ve shot you an email. =)

Cheers, Imad.


lear Purchased

how can i use multiple instances of this on the same page without having to duplicate class and template files (and renaming class and function names in the duplicated class file)? can i use this on more than one table on the same page quickly and easily? how do i do that?

Hi Lear,

You don’t need to duplicate the template file or class files to make the changes you wish to make. When instantiating the pagination class, just make sure they share two different variable names thereby having two different instances. As for the anchors, yes, just set that up in the url parameter of the paginator.

Cheers, Imad.


lear Purchased

don’t know what you mean. what does that look like in php code?

Hi Lear,

Can you shoot me an email via my profile? I’ll send you an example file.

Cheers, Imad.

Hi Can your code use in search mysql database and show with pagination?

Hi winmintun, the pagination class can be used for any select query, so your search query should work just fine. =)

Hi, I am trying to add an anchor to the end of URL string and not sure how to do this with the page number being added dynamically at the end of the string. Thanks!

Hi, I am trying to add an anchor to the end of URL string and not sure how to do this with the page number being added dynamically at the end of the string. Thanks!

Hi realeman,

I’ll be pushing an update to this to accommodate anchors. If you’d like it sooner, feel free to send me an email from my profile and I’ll send you the updated files.

Thanks for your support. =)

Cheers, Imad.


Cubic_IT Purchased

I am trying to purchase additional support for your pagination template. The system is trying to charge me for a new license. How can extend my support without paying for a new license?

Thank you

Hi Cubic_IT,

Thank you for your support. =) There should be a renew support button on the product page when your current support plan has expired.

Cheers, Imad.


bawa904 Purchased

Hi I have purchased this pagination whose purchase code is 3975f5f6-a961-477a-8b30-2b55ef637b7b it works well as far as standalone php application, no issue but when Integrated with my wordpress page, data is displayed css effects displayed, page change on browser url changes on navigation to pages but data of first page is displayed only. Plz. help

my $location is http://localhost:8080/mlm/wp-admin/admin.php?page=test&pages=273

I used this format because my page is associated with action obviously all wordpress pages & posts are based on action.plz. help it doesn’t work for wordpress


bawa904 Purchased

sorry to bother, in the meantime I uploaded the demo file content again and changed the parameters as per my requirement in wordpress and it worked very fine with no bug now. Thanks for this great application

Thanks for your support! =)


Tensmoor Purchased

I’ve managed to get it running using mysqli with one exception – no controls for paging. It shows the first ten records as I request but there are no controls at all and no error messages either. A div is added below the table but the only contents are another empty div with the class set to “pagination purple”.

I’m sure I’ve probably done something wrong but for the life of me I cant see it so any help or advice is much appreciated.

Solved it!!! As I suspected it was entirely my mess up :) I was messing up on getting the total number of rows…

pagination object is working fine for me, but I am little uncomfortable with PDO extension, so kindly send me working demo with mysqli extension. my personal email id is :