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Hi, I installed it, but the data it calculates are wrong. Please helpme

Hellp, your url gives me 404 error

I already uploaded it again. How to process the return of money?

I get OK results acording my internet speed


I have uploaded the Speed Tester on Why the tester don’t work?

Purchase code: f7063de3-c053-4149-ac73-e4fba62bc4c9

Cheers Petra

Hi there! You need to enable php_short_tag, see solving this problem on link

Explanaition: Your config is ignoring starting PHP tags with <? and need <?php

Greetings, what is the difference between this script and javascript?

Okay :-) if you have any questions, write me.

Sure thanks!

No problem :)

hello, I want to buy this script but the test results are wrong, and the test passes very quickly.

Hi there, try alternative of this script in Javascript version

Hello, how or where can I make the number of the download be two digits such as 2.3 and not 4 digits as it appears to me (3452.9 Mbps) Thanks!

OK thank you very much!

You can try now JS version of this script if you dont get better results (should be more accurate)

Ok, thanks, do not worry, I already bought this one.


last night my hosting updated my site with the https protocol. Immediately afterwards I noticed that my site in doing the speed test from absolutely wrong values. Can you tell me how I can solve the problem? Thanks Regards – My website is:


vnelic Purchased

Hi, i install on my site but it error


vnelic Purchased

Hi,wrong values ->, please support me.


vnelic Purchased

Hi, no one supported me?


vnelic Purchased

Hi, script not run and no one support me, I want a refund.


vnelic Purchased


I bought your product, but after install it not run and show error:

please support me, thank.

I want to purchase the script. Can I insert the script in my wordpress page?

Hi there, this is not wordpress plugin, but you can customize your template or add external link to this app

Hello Sir how will i use PHP Network Speed Tester in my wordpress site

Hi there, its not wordpress plugin, but alone standing app.

this doesn’t work…. full of bugs… we get 500 internal error when deploying on clean server

Hi there, there is option to enable shot_tags in php. What error do you get?


meetpd Purchased

When I run this script on my server, it shows me download time as 85 MBps, whereas my internet speed is 10 MBps. It shows correctly when I run this script from your site. What could be the issue? My site is:

Hi there, results for me are bigger on you server. You can try to set chmod on your download file or insert bigger file to download by script.


I want to purchase your tool but i preview your toll its not working. Could you please guide me about it performance.

Hi there, speed is based on file where you download it from (i mean server). Now the meter is based on .cz domain (server from czech republic). If you download and place on some international server, results will be better.