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crimafi Purchased

Hi, I installed it, but the data it calculates are wrong. http://ecreativok.com/mt2/ Please helpme

Hellp, your url gives me 404 error


crimafi Purchased

I already uploaded it again. How to process the return of money?

I get OK results acording my internet speed http://www.imgup.cz/image/L43F


I have uploaded the Speed Tester on http://speedtest.trendstudio.it/ Why the tester don’t work?

Purchase code: f7063de3-c053-4149-ac73-e4fba62bc4c9

Cheers Petra

Hi there! You need to enable php_short_tag, see solving this problem on link https://stackoverflow.com/questions/2185320/how-to-enable-php-short-tags

Explanaition: Your config is ignoring starting PHP tags with <? and need <?php

Greetings, what is the difference between this script and javascript?

Okay :-) if you have any questions, write me.

Sure thanks!

No problem :)

hello, I want to buy this script but the test results are wrong, and the test passes very quickly.

Hi there, try alternative of this script in Javascript version https://codecanyon.net/item/javascript-network-speed-tester/19437883

Hello, how or where can I make the number of the download be two digits such as 2.3 and not 4 digits as it appears to me (3452.9 Mbps) Thanks!

OK thank you very much!

You can try now JS version of this script https://codecanyon.net/item/javascript-network-speed-tester/19437883 if you dont get better results (should be more accurate)

Ok, thanks, do not worry, I already bought this one.