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Very good database


Nice. I almost bought this then I realised problems.

1. Cities are not available for most provinces. If I’m to enter them myself, how?

2. Many provinces are spelt wrongly (for not western countries)

3. Auto-detect location does not work.

X. What’s the database structure? (how could I use it with another application?)

If you’ll make an update to fix some or all of the 3 issues, please inform me + answer question “X”. Thanks

Oh.. I see. I just downloaded some free city / province / country databases similar to your package. Seems you built this from that… I wonder if it’s possible to replace the database with the one with “Country Dialing Codes” and “City Postal Codes”. Anyway, I’m buying yours now and we can talk about that later

... bought! One more thing, For provinces where city is not available, could we use province name as default city name rather than “N/A”? thanks

Thanks for purchase. Yep! There will be an additional check to display the province if cities are not there.

“Sorry! New country was not added due to some error!!!” :(

I am on it. Update will be available soon.

“might take a week”, it’s almost a month now. Don’t underestimate customers who only chat with you online

Point noted.

I purchased this database a few weeks ago. I created my own drop down boxes in Symfony. I’m having trouble loading all the correct cities from the region. I’m not seeing the relation between cities and region tables, please advise on how I can populate cities based on region selection. I checked the scripts but didn’t see any sql code I could make use of in my app.

Please see documentation. I have explained it in that.

Hi, can you explain a bit about how your plugin works? What is it drawing from in order to associate an IP address to a city? The way I will be using it is for a restaurant with three locations in the Dallas, TX, USA area and I’d like to present visitors with the closest location page based on their proximity. Is this the right tool for that or should I look elsewhere? Any suggestions?

Nop. This script allows user to set his own location (country/state/city or region) or country can be detected automatically. Just that. It does not automatically suggest location.

Doesn’t work in Canada > Alberta. I’d like a refund.

Did not you try demo before purchase?

I purchased your code yesterday and I am using your code to do a state and city selection.

”$(”#origin_city”).load(“getCities.php?state=” + $(”#origin_state”).val());

The php file has been called randomly. It is not consistent. I put alert message in the Custom.js and also the getCities.php. Sometimes only the alert message in custom.js has been called not the getCities.php.

Sometimes it works fine to show all the cities associated with the state. Certain state like California , Arizona not working. Some other state like Alaska worked.

I can not figure out what is wrong. Please help


I need to see the code.


Are you providing any updates for this? Many countries do not have state and city. Also some special characters are coming some places.

Please advise if any updates can be provided.



Can you tell me which countries do not have states and where are special characters? Any example. B.T.W. System has the admin to edit/add what you need.

First there are some countries with special characters typed coming e.g: Aland Islands, c… ivoire, Reunion etc

I could not check all but some major countries like Bangladesh, Canada does not have cities.

Some countries like Reunion has neither state nor cities.

I bout this is the Badest database ever, do not buy, download it free from the internet.

There are 1122 empty fields in cities names.

This script is based on database that is open source and is growing. Original database is near 90MB but I brought it down to 8 or 9 MB or so because I needed countries, states and regions and not other extra stuff that it had. If there are some missing cities / regions then those were not in the original DB. You can always download the latest DB to use. I have mentioned the source.

Hey there… found the Canada City problem… replace in Regions under Canada – 01/AB-02/BC-03/MB-04/NB-05/NL-07/NS-08/ON-09/PE-10/QC-11/SK-12/YT-13/NT-14/NU and it works fine… Thanks


Hello! this looks great, I have a pre-sales question. I need to give a front end to my wordpress registered users so they can upload a xls or cvs file into a table in my mysql db. Will I be able to give that capability to my users with this system? thanks!


Looks like what we a looking for . I hope .
Using old classifieds software ,
Just paid a php guy to update code for it to work /w php 5.6.
Script has flat country list ( no mysql )
Some paid requests:
Q1. can you help us /w install
Q2 May need some adjustments to your script i.e Country / State/Region , No Cities .
Would prefer user to enter City as text after selection .
Possible ?
Kind Regards

Sorry that needs extra work that i am not able to do right now.

rewrittn in mysqli or pdo?

Abandoned project?