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What about graph ?

you call google.load but no inclusion to this library

you should add memory_get_peak_usage

and put time execution on the graph

Nice script, although the graph doesn’t seem to work :(

Pretty damn good, it just can’t be any easier to install it and use it, even someone who learn PHP will do it without any problems. I want to give you 5 star, but please fix the graph first, it doesn’t show :/ Again, extremely useful script, thank you!

Thank you for having purchased it and for the comment. Can you say me where the graph does not show? On the demo I see it shows itself, can you send me a link of a page where the graph doesn’t? Thank you and sorry for the delay.

Ok, solved. You’ve added a link to google script library in your demo, but you haven’t done that in sftimer.php file that is available to download for users that purchased your item. Please check that. Thanks.

This piece needs to be added on top of the sftimer.php file: <script type=’text/javascript’ src=’'></script>