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Very useful script, good work jet-black! :)

Thank you! :)

does this work for traditional and simplified Chinese? I want to be able to translate English to Chinese and Chinese to English for sites … can this PHP do it?

Hi ssieloff,

You can add as many language as you want using control panel.
Then you can use translated strings in your site.
If you need help I can help you.

Thanks for your interest!

How does this thing work? I can not get the language selection on the page to work nor do I know how to set up the translation on the website. How do I get the variables in the site?

Hi wasserlasser,

Did you check documentation?
Basically you need to follow these steps:
step 1) install database.
step 2) define translation keys using admin panel
step 3) instantiate the class and call getTranslatedStringsForCurrentLanguage() method. This will return array.
step 4) use the array returned in the step 3.


It did not work for me that way so I had to go with another solution. I read the documentation but it was not helpful in that case.

If you want, send me your login details so I can setup it for you.

Hello, My site needs a similar software like this. Now my questions are: 1. Does your software detect visitor’s browser language or IP? 2. Does it have a built-in language chooser with flags? 3. Can I share one installation of your software across many web sites?


1. The class tries to select language by looking to browser language.
2. It doesn’t have language chooser with flags but I can help you to create a one by giving programming logic.
3. Envato licenses items for single end product. Please check Licensing Page


Hi There Guys!.. Nice Job.. very useful.. But I’m have some problems to make this work.. I tottaly understandy how to call the class and everything else that i read at the documentations.. but I believe I’m doing sometinh wrong.. please could you help to found the solution?.. check this out:

<?php require_once(“PHPMLC/class/PHPMLC.php”);

$ml = new PHPMLC ; $lang_str->getTranslatedString(‘welcome’, ‘it’); ?> <?php echo $lang_str; ?>

I Made this just to check.. and nothing works.. I’m using WAMP server.. And even the example file is not working.. I recived this message:

Fatal error: Call to a member function getTranslatedString() on a non-object in C:\wamp\www\lang_teste\language\teste.php on line 4

Please guys.. could you give some examples to use im my page?! I just wanna know how to call the class right at any page for my website.. Thanks a lot!! See ya!

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There someting wrong with my code?!

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I just purchased your script and I wonder if you can help me with an example of setting translation only for one file on my server.

One example I am sore that it will be enough… now I am getting blank pages :(

Thank you for your purchase!
Please send me your skype id to my email address so we can look together for the solution. (

I purchased your class today, I would like to integrate into management that I’m doing. Question, it also produces files or only works on db?

Hello davideaxo,
Thanks for your purchase!
Currently it only works on db.
Best Regards


Thank you so much for your comment. I appreciate it.

Excellent job, great and fast, I totally recommend it (I tried to rate you but something is wrong with the rating system)

Thank you so much thomasgmou!
I’m so glad that you’re happy with the class.
I really appreciate your comment!