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Can not open configuration file ../include/ Please make sure you have ‘write’ permissions on this path.


Sorry for the delay.

The system cannot create a file, because include/ directory doesn’t writable. Read here more info:


hi, what version is this

Version 3.1.0 like on our site – but if you will buy on our site (Apphp) you will receive version with 1 year free updates!!

When I try to install the script I get the following error

• You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ‘mainadmin’’,’‘admin’‘) CHARACTER SET latin1 COLLATE latin1_general_ci NOT NULL D ’ at line 8 • SQL execution error! Please check carefully a syntax of SQL dump file.

I followed the install guide and tried many times any idea why I am getting this error and how to fix it?

Thank you.

Remove previous installation, database and try again

Are the updates available for those of us that bought it here as well?

1 Year Free updates available if you purchase the script from our web-site:

Can I put News on the frontpage (content) without the Boxes?

You may do it with small customization of the script – it’s open source.

I don´t know anything about PHP etc.

Can paypal shopping cart be added to this progran


Yes you can do it (if you have knowledge in PHP ), you can also buy the Shopping cart from our website.

Hi I installed this script

but no member groups in the administrator panel.

where is it?


We released a new version of CMS it will upgraded here in few days. You can send us your email address and we will send you the new version of CMS . Our email –

Regards, Alex


We released a new version of CMS it will upgraded here in few days. You can send us your email address and we will send you the new version of CMS . Our email –

Regards, Alex


Here on it cost $18.00 but on it is $14.49

Because sometime we make discount campaigns.


it looks good then i bought it but:

when i installed this script it asks me admin username and pass then i create admin username and pass but after installing i cant login it doesnt accept my username and password then i create basic user account it says check your mail box for activate link then i checked my mail box but there is no mail from my web site :( what can i do..? pls help me for that.! and last problem i wanna change language of all this script but where is the lang file for english i didnt find it..! thank you

This issue (with emails) was fixed in the next version (will be released in a couple of days)

In new version you may define SMTP mailer, so it will solve your problems. Please wait a little for the new version.

Dear this cms is pretty good but i want blog plugin in it can i ad blog plugin?

Currently it’s not possible, you may only use them separately – cmns and blog scripts

I have 2 questions : 1. I has created article on moe modul, but when I see it on preview, it says : 404 NOT FOUND. Is that any solution ? 2. Can I make submenu, or article after one main article ? If the answer is YES, how ? Because I dont know how to make it

Thanks before Teguh | Indonesia

Contact our support Center, send them link to your site with detailed description of the problem

i am unable to watch the admin panel demo on your giving password.

Hi, I have my website already, can this cms work with my site without me having to change my design and layout?

Yes, you may change layout and template like on your main site.


I have installed your software and encountered a few problems:

1-I’m logged in in admin but the ‘logout’ is inactive (even after rebooting my PC’ 2- I have set the banners as ‘active’ but no banners are displayed at the front only gray area. 3- the ‘contact us, register and comments’ boxes below the banner are not shown as per ‘Live Preview’ at this site.

please advise thanks

Please contact our support center: and show them this issue online. Also check please you’ve uploaded all files form archive.

Do this script support on all browsers? Thanks

I like the look of cms. I ask, have the option of url seo. example:

What does it mean? Explain please in more detail.


I have installed your script successfully but when accessing the admin section and want to upload images to insert it via the WYSIWYG editor in the ‘Home Page’ I receive a popup windows with the message ‘500 Internal Server Error’ despite having set the permission for ‘images/upload to 777 at one stage and 755 but both CHMODS are same error message.

BTW: your instruction refers to change the write permission to images/uploads but I can see only a directory of images/upload (no plural).

What must be done to get write permission or else one can upload images to the WYSIWYG editor ????


Try to change access permission to this directory images/upload Does it help? What your server error log file says about his error?


This project is still active?

Currently this is the last version we have. We still didn’t release new version, based on MVC Framework.


It does not matter what version it is all I want is to have the uploading of files/images at the home page working without receiving an error message. Can be a previous version (without MVC Framework) where the upload is no issue. It makes the present version useless if one is not able to upload images in the ‘home page’ WYSIWYG editor.


Please contact to our Support Center: and provide them access to yuor site, so they could check and fix this issue online.