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How does this work?

Do you give the script an already created logo to create?

Yes, you need to provide background image, text and text properties. And then script will compose those elements into a new logo image. That’s exactly what it does.

So if I understand this right
– after you converted your image file to php you can use that php-code without the actual image file on your site?

Just to break it down what the benefits are:
- protect my logo from being copied (or at least make it harder)
- speed up loading times of my site (a very good thing)
- maybe also good for SEO (e.g. keywords in slogan) ???
- cross-browser compatible (e.g. transparency issues)

Is this correct and are there any other benefits?

Thank you!

Is there a guide for how to use this? I have it uploaded to my site but where do I go from there?

Is no one manning this? Is anyone out there that can address this issue?

Is no help available for this script?

Please look example.php, and class php file

Hello, with me no image is displayed. When I call the picture comes the following error message: Fatal error: Call to undefined function array_replace_recursive() in / on line 53 Can you please help me with this? Thank you

PHP Version 5.4.25

Any News?

hi, array_replace_recursive is avaiable for (PHP 5 >= 5.3.0) : Please print phpinfo in same script probably php version that installed on your server is older than 5.3.

can you get the example site working? i’m getting 404 errors

Hi, Sorry for this. Demo page active now

Can you use this with multiple images? Like an image on the bottom, then a smaller one on top, then another image centered in them middle for example?

New version is upcoming. Thank you for your purchase

How do you overlay another image over the logo background? For example… a png icon instead of text.

New version is upcoming. Thank you for your purchase

New Version? Doesn´t work on PHP7 !!! :(

Hi Eclipse16V, please write me which error you get it

I found this line:


What does that means? Should i change that path?

Hi arturhaddad, if you open source file, you will see create_logo method and parameter’s meaining.


Virkill Purchased

When I combine into Codeigniter, I can’t make it works. Any suggestion? When calling create_logo method, it just keep loading until finally show 500 error. However nothing shows in the apache log.

Please send me an email, i want to solve your problem.

may you provide sample logos?