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I am getting the error

Fatal error: Call to undefined function protect() in /home2/####/public_html/VIP/index.php on line 2

Line 1 contains: <?php include_once(‘http://######.com/VIP/VIPs/classes/check.class.php'); ?>

Line 2 contains : <?php protect(“Admin”); ?>

Line 1 probably isn’t executing properly. You really only need the following:

<?php include_once(‘classes/check.class.php’); ?>

You don’t need the whole ‘http’ bit assuming your `index.php` is in the same directory as our `classes` directory.

Hi, It was working .. but now it is not – i tried to reinstall again and right at the home.php load I get:

Warning: session_start(): open(/tmp/sess_kdp65sae44i90k6bsdeqnaigq1, O_RDWR) failed: Permission denied (13) in /classes/translate.class.php on line 34

Please help. txs ps: i have 2 licenses

Your hosting service must support and have enabled PHP Sessions. The fact that the `session_start` command is failing when trying to open a session suggests that your hosting service has it disabled.

How to use this script in a website?


Providing your server allows PHP you should able to use this.

Unfortunately we can’t help with the installation as its outside of the support policy here on CodeCanyon: https://themeforest.net/page/item_support_policy



is it possible to show content related of the user ID (not only the access Level) and mybe show only submitted DB-records from the related user?

Thanks Marco


This would require some custom work to be done to the script which isn’t covered in the terms of support I’m afraid.


Can i get the value from the custom field. I add some City and street adress to login form. I need get this value just like $_SESSION‘jigowatt’. Is there any possible? $_SESSION‘jigowatt’?


Please use the function get_user_field_by_name()

Thanks, Jigowatt

Thank You i will try. I send email in Polish, in e-mail not see ężźó. Where to add a charset parametr?

Hi, presale question, I have install a template on my website folder , example : www.domain.com/folder

The problem is there is no user management like restrict the folder access to certain user only, I could do that with .htaccess but I dont like the popup with blank background, can your script help me with this problem?

Yes it can. It restricts pages based levels. So you could create a specific level name and add the desired users to that level and only they can view it.


i need to echo the user_level.

when doing <?php echo $_SESSION‘jigowatt’; ?>

i get error :

Notice: Array to string conversion in file.php on line 14

You aren’t using correct PHP syntax for arrays. You are missing the open and close square brackets. Try this:

<?php echo $_SESSION[‘jigowatt’]; ?>

You should really be using the function `get_user_field_by_name ()`:

<?php echo get_user_field_by_name( ‘user_level’ ); ?>

Now FB Api is broken … i have to update the Script. Many changes. If i install your script its a jigowatt site … i read jigowatt everywhere. why no there is no variable that set the name of page. Why the HOME button “Jigowatt” lead me to home.php where is the demopage. i have to modify this now. I need a blank page ready to start.


N8BSD Purchased

sent message


bretesque Purchased

Worked fine yesterday but today I am getting extremely slow load times and connection errors. Also your demo site is loading slow for me as well. I am guessing I just purchased a faulty product.


bretesque Purchased

Ive switched hosts and it seems to be working. Maybe it was HostGator. I will keep this post updated. Thanks


Glad you got it sorted.


Not really sure whether this app can work for me. I got installed an app in my website, may i know your membership app can integrate with that?