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email activation still automatically activates, even when the box is checked for activation email is required. Any way to solve this issues with this. I do now have a email system working.

The problem I’m having is I’m unable to recreate this. It works as it’s supposed to for me, although I continue to look at it.

What did you change to get emails working?


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http://phplogin.jigowatt.co.uk/install.php#/faq http://envato.jigowatt.co.uk/demos/phplogin/install.php/

These links do not work.

Where are install instructions please?



Sorry, we had an issue with the documentation after the last release and had to change it. This is reflected on the main item page and we’ll get another release out with updated links in the distribution soon.

Sorry. I logged into the live demo as admin and removed admin and special privileges. You may want to update admin user priveledges.

Just testing…


We’ve restored it. Thanks for letting us know.


No worries and thanks for the heads up. We replace the database periodically anyway.

Hey there, just got the user management script but looks like the docs are not available anymore at http://envato.jigowatt.co.uk/demos/phplogin/install.php

This is the URL provided in the readme.txt file

Got the new URL from the other comments!

When will upgrade to v2 reCAPTCHA?

Or how can I upgrade?

We will look at upgrading to V2 for the next release. It may be upwards to a month before that happens though.

Hi, Is it possible to add few more data fields, such as SecurityID, Address (Line 1, City, State, Postcode) in to the table without much effort? (Not restricted) Thanks, Guy.

Certainly it’s possible, but it won’t be `without much effort`. You’ll need to be familiar enough with MySQL and of course, PHP.


I just purchased this as I would like to work with the Google Auth however it appears that you cannot sign up with it and when you do go through the sign in button for Google it redirects you back to the login page once completed.

Some guidance would be great, I thought that the user details would be stored in the DB too but it does not look like they are for Google?

Not sure how much help we can be as we only provide the software ability. It uses ‘hybridauth’ for accessing other social networks such as Facebook and Google. The documentation is here:


And there is a subsection for google.

Hi there,

On your demo site I’m receiving the below error when I attempt to login as admin.

Fatal error: Call to undefined function password_verify() in /var/sites/p/phplogin.jigowatt.co.uk/public_html/classes/generic.class.php on line 598

Just looking at potentially getting this but want to experiment first.

Sorry, seems the version of PHP was downgraded by the hosting service. All fixed now.

Demo is broken when logging in as admin: Fatal error: Call to undefined function password_verify() in /var/sites/p/phplogin.jigowatt.co.uk/public_html/classes/generic.class.php on line 598

Sorry, seems the version of PHP was downgraded by the hosting service. All fixed now.

Yep. Same here. Fatal error: Call to undefined function password_verify() in /var/sites/p/phplogin.jigowatt.co.uk/public_html/classes/generic.class.php on line 598

Sorry, seems the version of PHP was downgraded by the hosting service. All fixed now.

Hello, would i be able to use this script to create a membership where my users can have access to multiple products(levels) but where i can add infos (think login data, as an example) that are different for each user and each product(level)? I expect some php coding might be required, which is ok.

I don’t see why not. You create ‘groups’ (levels) for access to pages. Or even partial info on a page. See the demo site example:


You may have to create a lot of groups, perhaps one for each user if that is your requirement.

Yes, PHP coding on a page to use the `protect` function to limit access to a group.

Hi, I purchased the login script today, but I can’t get it to work. Install didn’t work, so I did a manual install, but it still doesn’t work. Are there any particular server settings I should know about?

Server setup is a normal LAMP stack with php v 5.6.31.

I’ve only recently taken over dev of this software and released the latest 4.1.0 … and upon release noticed that db_restore.sql file. It is now removed for the next release. Please don’t use it. Sorry that it was still there. You may need to drop database and start over if you have.

To reinstall from scratch, in addition to dropping database and creating a new one, you will need to delete `config.php` found in the root directory.

Certainly you should get a full page. Anything blank indicates some sort of error. Have you checked the server logs?

Running on LAMP … do you have a mail server? Perhaps an error from that?

Hi, I tried installing it again, after dropping the tables and deleting the config file. I am still getting a blank page when submitting the form. Error logs are not reporting anything. Also, I have tried to run it on 3 different servers, and am getting the same behaviour everywhere (with and without a mail server running). Do you have any other suggestions?

Otherwise, is it possible to issue a refund?

Thanks for your help so far ! :-)

Hmm, ok. Check server error_log and access_log. Do you have anything separate set up for PHP console errors?

Regardless, where your purchased the software, or perhaps in you CodeCanyon account that lists your purchased software … you can request a refund and that is mailed to us.

None of the demo users seem to work..

Yup, have it fixed now, sorry about that.

Like the module a lot. I have some feature requests to make it even better :-) - can you make the module work with Bootstrap 4? - can you add integration with reCAPTCHA V2? - the integration with Twilio doesn’t seem to work (“Something went wrong”). I think the API has changed. - can you drop support for MD5 and SHA256? SHA256 doesn’t even work due to a PHP version incompatibility.

Thanks for the feedback. Yes, most of those are planned for the next release although that may be a few weeks yet. We’ll investigate the Twilio issue.

Hi, the current demo seems to be broken for the Admin user. It says ‘You’re already logged in.’ when trying to access the control panel

Thanks, noted. We’ll need to replace the database on the demo site, but the fellow that does that is off until Monday 28th.

doesnt seem to work on cloudways. No matter what I make the admin login during the install, it always tells me invalid login attempt. Any idea why?

We are getting ready for another release that will address that we hope. There is a good chance, that when you register the site initially, you are using a complex password. This older software still uses some outdated password schemes that I think we are just going to remove. MD5 and SHA256 shouldn’t be used anyway, but the initial install uses MD5 and when you try to log in with a complex password with special characters and numbers, it will fail as you have observed. Try re-registering the site with a basic password. You’ll need to drop the database and create an empty one again, and remove the `config.php` in the root directory. Then you can change the password mode.

Hi, We need a system to use for managing users, yours seems to fit the bill. Noted no custom support provided so I have a quick question. Our app (html5, php, mysql, JS) basically allows for personal trainers to manage client weight loss (short version). The dev could not complete the Trainer/User creation and we need to pass the Trainer/User credentials in to system so as to filter for the clients under that trainer. Would you be able to provide guidance in this regard?


I’m afraid this level of work is outside of what we’d do under Envato’s terms of support.

Thanks, Jigowatt.


I currently have version 4.01 installed, how would you advise the best way to update to the newest version?


No doubt it’s a little tricky. There are a lot of updates, and a few key changes. The `config.php` file will need to be moved first, out of it’s current folder (classes) and into the top level root directory. Then, you will need to completely replace every file in the installation (except config.php). Delete existing and add in the new. Then, upon logging in, an auto update database script will run and that should take care of everything else. Probably best to have full site and database backups in place first.


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Hi, I just bought the script but i don’t know the admin/pass for admin.

Please help me


bassile Purchased

I got it… I have another question.. How do users will change avatar?


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Okay, so when I set the option for “Allow Custom avatars” checked and I upload an avatar, There’s nothing but a dot as the avatar instead of the actual picture. Any fix for this?

It seems the ‘avatar’ folder doesn’t exist by default in the distribution. If it’s not there, create – `assets/uploads/avatar` and ensure the webserver has write permissions. Then when viewing your profile, the header that is your name has a placeholder image to the left of it. If you click that, you are prompted for a filename on your computer and when submitted, that image will be uploaded to the `avatar` folder and will then show … as shown in my enclosed image: https://s26.postimg.org/f0tn9iowp/Screen_Shot_2017-09-16_at_4.55.20_AM.png


Zeno1996 Purchased

Yep, I’ve done all of that. Still getting a dot next to the username in the nav bar. I have the avatar folder created, it’s been given write permissions, still no change.

Does the uploaded image exist in the `avatar` folder? Can you provide a screenshot; perhaps that will give a clue? For interest, what version of PHP?