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Elboby Purchased

I’m trying to protect a page with the code: include_once(‘classes/check.class.php’); protect(“1,2,3”);

And then try to enter that page with my admin logged in.

But I get the message:

Sorry. We have detected that your user level does not entitle you to view the page requested. Please contact the website administrator if you feel this is in error. What to do now? To see this page you must logout and login with sufficiant privileges.

I can’t protect a page.

Please help


In your provided code – “code: include_once(‘classes/check.class.php’); protect(“1,2,3”);” please use ‘Level name’ for “protect(“1,2,3”)” instead of user names.

Thanks, Jigowatt

Any updates on the next release? Really looking forward to this release!


I’m afraid we don’t have a set date for this.

We’re working hard to make sure that all the features work as seamlessly as possible and we’ve made several improvements to the base of the code as well.

Thanks, Jigowatt.

Hello guys,

I bought your script, and I like it a lot, but I have a question:

-Is there a way to have membership payment feature? like PayPal or something similar, so when a new user wants to register, goes to the payment process based on the membership type?



Currently this feature is available but has been requested so it is something we’ll look into for a future version.

Thanks, Jigowatt.

Please start Demo admin login -

After using your admin username and password get this message-

” Sorry, Hank.

We have detected that your user level does not entitle you to view the page requested.

Please contact the website administrator if you feel this is in error. What to do now?

To see this page you must logout and login with sufficiant privileges. “


Sorry about the delay on this but we have this sorted now.

Thanks, Jigowatt.

Could please help with the code
how to capture new user Nanme and password before encryption

Many Thanks


This sounds like it’d be altering the existing code which is outside the scope of support I’m afraid.

If you’d like us to quote please contact envato@ jigowatt.co.uk

Thanks, Jigowatt.

can I know does this script create can create multiple users and multiple folders protection,

for eg. I have a specific functionality, where I can create clients username and password and I want to give access to that particular client folder, not all the folders

Heya, you will be able to protect certain pages.

You can not protect folders. But, you can create Users and Levels. Assign the user the appropriate access level. And following this instruction: http://phplogin.jigowatt.co.uk/install.php#/install-protect

Thanks, Jigowatt

Hello ! is the script uses Bcrypt for password hashing? What about encrypted cookies, XSS, CSRF attack preventions, protection against SQL injection?


The script uses a lot of security directed methods for password hashing, CSRF and protection against SQL injection.

Thanks ! Jigowatt

Ok i want to buy it but i have a question, Will you add payment options including recurring payments/subscriptions ?


This has been requested before but I’m afraid we can’t promise that we’re going to add it in.

Thanks, Jigowatt.


can you perhaps send german language file? Our german .po and .mo is not working correctly (Windows).


Regards, Olaf

Hi, yes that works, thank you. But where can we find german language file? Ic read something about it.

Btw. Script is fantastic! Thank you.

BTW my Mail immokasi@gmx.de

Hey Olaf,

I’ve emailed you.


Can you please tell me how I can get session data for “level_name” to insert into the code?

I see on the help page under “Functions” you have instructions on how to call: email, username, etc.

I would like to be able to call the “level_name”.

Can you tell me how to do this?

Fantastic product! Thank you!!

Thank you!


You can access to the session data using this method $_SESSION‘jigowatt’

Thanks, Jigowatt.

hi, I’ve just been informed that clients cannot change their password with complex passwords, they get a message “Verification failed”.

is there a fix for this?


Could you please describe in more details, what exaclty was the “compex password” and the order of actions you have taken, that has lead to the “Verification failed” message, so that we can identify an issue.

Thanks, Jigowatt

His example password was D$nGx$UDh3GE6GZaxp#!FDC4m^cEkG

Hi again,

We have created a new user with a simple password, then changed the password to the one from your example above. Re-logged in with the “complex” password – and everything worked.

Supposely the reason of the error was the incorrect password entering due to copypast and  extra spaces, for example.
Could you please re-create a password for this user from scratch?
 Please let us know in case it still doesnt work.

Thanks, Jigowatt

Hi, I am creating a website that will have 2 types of user accounts. Can this script be used for this? I plan to store both of the user types in separate tables on the MySQL database. I will have a password and login input field for both user type’s.



The script generally stores all users within one database tables but the user can have an access level to access content depending on that. It wouldn’t have a password for user levels because of this.



mbxhpvx Purchased

Hi, could you also please send me the German translation? It is not in the codebase yet. My email: martinmichaelbetz@gmail.com

Thank you.


We don’t currently support Germain for this script.

Thanks, Jigowatt.

Hello! I’m having trouble understanding how to implement this into our website. I’m attempting to utilize this script to create a login page on http://freshlevant.com/careers. Is this possible, or will I have to customize the existing .php pages that were pre-created by Jigowatt? Thanks for your time and work!

Heya, The pre-created pages are just samples To implement Jigowatt Login features on any page , you need to install Jigowatt, and set your access levels for your needs using this instruction for PHP developers http://phplogin.jigowatt.co.uk/install.php

Thanks, Jigowatt


Maedrys Purchased

Hello, are u planning to upgrade this script ? :P


We’ve got an update planned at the moment and is going through testing.



set2stun Purchased

Thank you for the php login script. I just purchased the script and installed it on www.imperialdesignusa.com/members but i want to protect imperialdesignusa.com. How do i add a login script to that page? Specifically, what script do i add to the index.php page of www.imperialdesignusa.com to create a login page? Also, i want to restrict this page to users that i add to the backend. So i will manually add the users through the admin. Thank you so much for your time. The Falling Girl


On the http://www.imperialdesignusa.com/ you have auth set up via your own form, with its own styles and language support.

If you would like to use Jigowatt form, you will need to tansfer (possibly substitute the exsiting ) according scripts in the root directory of the site.
Main script of the auth form (login.php) calls other scripts (header.php, footer.php), which in its turn, call many other scripts.

You will need a PHP developer for implementing into the existing auth form or substituting the login.php with Jigowatt’s

After this you will be able to set levels of access for the users, according to this instruction (http://phplogin.jigowatt.co.uk/install.php)

Thanks, Jigowatt