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Hi , Currently I want to integrate the search user search function into my website. can you forward me the documentations to do that? regards

There is no documentation for that, other than the code itself. Not quite sure what you want, but the search user functions are in the admin/classes/add_user.class.php file.

Hi There

I bought this software this morning, it is great by the way so thank you.

It is working on my test server which is UNIX based, however, now I have it all working I have installed it onto our Windows Server (which is the one it was purchased for), this server is running PHP Version 5.3.28 and whilst the database has all set up OK through the install I am getting a 500 server error when trying to operate it, checking the logs the 500 error is 500 0 0 62

I am assuming this will be a PHP extension I need to enable, have you any ideas to assist me?

Thank you for your quick response, I hoped to be able to get away with not upgrading PHP on this Windows web server as its only used as an internal resource, but I guess that was being somewhat lazy. I have upgraded to PHP 7.1.7 and it works fine now.

We do now have an issue with the emails not working from the software though, can you point me to the relevant file I need to apply the settings to point it to use our SMTP server? We have also used Mailgun on some other software and that works great, if there is an option for that then this would be good again if you could point me to the file I need to alter.

Many thanks again for your assistance

`classes/generic.class.php` and the function `sendEmail` ... and it just uses the standard PHP `mail` function:


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Thanks appreciated.

Demo Login, does not work ….


This has been sorted for you.


Hi, I installed the plugin but I don’t understand where and how to do the settings. Thank you for your support

The settings are in the ‘Control Panel’ once you have logged in as an Administrator.

The installation completed without errors, but the settings are not present and neither I can see the plugin in the list of those installed.

Sorry, but you are a little vague and I don’t quite understand.

What do you mean by … “can’t see the plugin in the list of those installed” ?

This is not a plugin. It is stand alone software. Are you referring to something like WordPress and it’s list of plugins?


Your installation should look like that demo site. You can log into the demo with admin:admin as the username and password and see the settings in the Control Panel.


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Hi, I brought this script 4 years ago and now with latest version of PHP the script is giving some issues.

Could you please tell how to update the script ? we have lot of registered members on the script so we can’t reinstall it. is there a way to update the script ?


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Can you please reply? We need to fix the issue asap

There is no easy way I’m afraid. Make a backup, of course. But this depends too much on what sort of edits you have made?

You should be able to replace the Admin, Assets and Install folders … but most of the main root files have had changes to them. Set up a test site, replace all the files and use a copy of your database, and re-enact any edits if you can … it will be a painful process I think.

Perhaps instead, what sort of errors are the current version giving after the PHP upgrade?


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Date: 28 Jan 2018 Invoice No: IVIP23328338 Order No: 76189780

I am not ready for this. Please refund my money. Thanks.

I’m not entirely sure where it is, but somewhere within your Envato account is a facility to submit a refund request. You will need to find and do that please.

Hello. Your itemized features state that one of the integrated captchas your products use is PlayThru.com. I’ve noticed that PlayThru.com has become areyouahuman.com. Do you now use areyouahuman.com as a captcha integration?

Thank you.

Internally, the links already do point to `areyouahuman.com`, it’s just the labelling that still says `PlayThru`. We will look to address this in a future release.


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Broken link: Your site (http://phplogin.jigowattproof.co.uk/home.php) has a link to Documentation, with this href: http://phplogin.jigowatt.co.uk/install.php#/install-home . That doesn’t exist. Your product page release notes (https://codecanyon.net/item/php-login-user-management/49008) points the documentation here: http://phplogin.jigowattproof.co.uk/documentation.php

Thank you, we have recently moved the site and missed that. We’ll get it fixed.

Demo isn’t working at all right now guys!

Thanks, it should be fine now.

Nope, admin still doesn’t work.

We recently moved the demo to a new site and don’t have the auto replace database script set up yet. And someone logs in and messes with the database of the demo which breaks it. I’ve replaced again and it works as of this writing. Will try to get the periodic database replacement automated asap.


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